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By: Tam K.
Paul's Driving School
I passed the driver’s exam on my first try thanks to the BEST driving instructor, Chris! He is professional, personable, and extremely knowledgeable about driving. Chris is very patient and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He will kindly clarify or repeat anything you don’t understand. I had little driving experience and in just two lessons I was more than ready for the exam. The first lesson Chris had me drive around the entire city from the wide streets of West Phila, the highway (which wasn’t bad at all), the very narrow streets of South Phila, the congested streets of Center City, and the twists and turns of Kelly drive and Cobbs Creek. After my first lesson, I was more than comfortable driving every area of Philly and, yes, this was my first time driving the city. During my second lesson, I learned to parallel park in less than 15 minutes (seriously)! The day of my exam, I knew EVERYTHING to expect from beginning to end. I knew every instruction the examiner would say before he even instructed me to do it. Chris had me practice the driving exam beforehand so that by the time my exam came around; nothing even surprised me at all. I cannot recommend this school enough and it’s definitely worth every penny if you’re really ready for your license and don’t want to waste money on pointless lessons in a parking lot and taking a bunch of unnecessary lessons. If you’re even a little nervous or scared about driving like I was, one lesson with Chris will have you confident and eager to drive. Chris is truly an outstanding instructor!
By: linzy271
Paul's Driving School
I am 18 years old and desperately needed a driver s license before I went away to school. I contacted Paul s Driving School and Al was my teacher. He is certainly a specialist as his nickname implies. During my first lesson he had me driving on I-95. I was scared to death but he got me all the way through the lesson. During my second lesson he taught me how to parallel park in about 30 minutes. For someone who has never driven before and couldn t even locate the turn signals during their first lesson, these are tremendous accomplishments. He has a great sense of humor and his car is brand new and squeaky clean. When you are with him you drive everywhere. He doesn t take over the wheel after your lesson. He truly believes in hands-on learning. Not to mention you get your money s worth with him. He wastes no time and every experience with him is a learning eperience that is fun and fulfilling. Don t go anyplace else to learn how to drive. Paul s Driving School is the place to go!
By: Cali T.
Paul's Driving School
I had been scared to drive for so long, and I was super reluctant to get lessons...however, when I met my instructor Steve, that all changed. Friendly, down-to-earth and funny, Mr. Robinson made learning how to drive as stress-free and calming as possible. He actually became a friend to me in the process, but he was super knowledgable and professional. It might not seem like a big deal, but learning how to drive and face my fear of being on the road was a huge obstacle in my life because of my anxiety, but I had the best possible person to teach me. The day of my test he encouraged and lifted me up and calmed my nerves. I passed, and I'm really grateful to have my license and a cool person in my life. Thanks so much, Steve. You're the best.
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By: Dottie M.
Pennsylvania Driving School
Went above and beyond ! My daughter s driving test was cancelled due to a blizzard. She was devasted. It takes atleast six weeks to get an appointment - I didn't have the heart to tell her she may have to wait another six weeks. The owner called us that day after it was cancelled the night prior to see if my daughter would be available to take the test. If he could get thru to DMV to see if they were going to open he would call us back to take her AND after shoveling out his car! NOT ONLY DID HE GET AN APPOINTMENT for her but he drove one hour to her job to pick her up and then another hour to the DMV! Worth every penny! AGAIN WENT ABOVE AND BEYOND!I have two other teens and they will be using him!
By: tyannas
Paul's Driving School
Al the Specialist is the best hands down. He teaches you to the drive the right way/safe way. I was so afraid of getting behind the wheel and that has changed today. If you are one who is unsure of yourself when it comes to driving behind the wheel or have never driven before Al the Specialist is your guy. You won't feel like your money is going down the drain he actually teaches you how to drive. I have another lesson scheduled with Al and I know that after this lesson I'll have my license in no time. I can't wait. I'm so excited. I love the car and I appreciate AL the Specialist for what he does. No one could have the patience he has had with me. If you want it done right call Al and nobody else.
By: Davina W.
Paul's Driving School Specialist
Al the specialist is a very good instructor. I passed my test on the first try, and I only needed two lessons. Before him I was very inexperienced and was afraid to drive. Now i am confident and can manage the roads with a lot of ease. He teaches you to be a good driver as well as a safe driver. Most importantly he makes you feel comfortable by making you laugh and by being patient with you as you learn. He finds out what driving skills you struggle with the most and he doesn’t stop helping you until you get it right. As I drove for the driving test I kept thinking of everything Al told me to do, and at the end, the examiner told me that I did a very good job.
By: danielw123
Paul's Driving School Specialist
Let me start by saying Al the Specialist knows what he's talking about. Not only can he back up what he says, he can do it in a way that will keep you feeling comfortable. I took lessons with 3 other instructors previous to finding Al. Each one was mediocre and they did not take me to where I wanted to be, however, Al took it to the next level and taught me what I needed to know.Price was not a problem either. $60 compared to $40. No point in paying less if you're not going to learn as much. You'll end up taking more lessons and in turn spend more money. Thanks Al! Hope everyone gets their license with this miracle man as well.
By: Moumita G.
Paul's Driving School
I had a wonderful experience with Paul's driving school. Steve was my instructor and he was the best instructor ever. He was very patient, really nice, and he always encouraged me to be more confident about driving. He told me he wanted me to WIN, as in, pass my road test. And that is what happened, I passed my road test the first time :)) . I had a different instructor from a different driving school before and I had learned nothing from him, I was a very nervous driver then. But Steve made me more relaxed behind the wheels and because of Steve I actually started enjoying driving and became more confident! :)
By: lash513
Paul's Driving School Specialist
Al the specialist is fantastic !!! When I first had lesson with him, he first taught me how to drive on the normal street and later on the highway. In our next lesson this afternoon, he helped taught me how to make turn properly and how to parallel park correctly. With in short amount of time, I am able to perform the parallel park very well and made me feel much more confident in driving. He taught you trick and skills which aid your driving significantly. In addition, he is very flexible with time and he provides door-to-door service which makes your learning experience much easier and more convenient.
By: Nita D.
Express Driving School Inc.
I pass my driving test and it was all because of Exspress Driving School i am so happy that i called this number. The instructor was nice and he picked me up from my home and allowed me to drive to my test the day b4 and practice and i learned how to parallel park for the first time and i cant park to save my life until i found this school i was so proud of my self when i got the parallel park right and he showed me until i got it right it takes a very good teacher to pass a test and Jai was the best driving instructor i ever had Hands Down and again i thank you so much for helping me pass my test :D !!!!

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