By: planetwholesalecigar
Philadelphia Cigar & Tobacco Company
I have known Phialdelphia Cigar & Tobacco since years. The best Cigar Lounge in Philadelphia. Mike is a great guy. Who offers free beers and pizza in the Cigar lounge. None other than Philadelphia Cigar & Tobacco Lounge. We have been doing business with Philadelphia Cigar & Tobacco for years now since we are the largest <a href="http://www.planetwholesalecigar.com/">Philadelphia Cigar Wholesale Distributor</a>.
By: Bailey K.
Philly Smoke Shop
I was walking by yesterday on my way home from getting some keys made and noticed a sign in their window. Philly Smoke Shop is now offering Halo e-cig products. No more going to other shops that don't carry my favorite e-juice or waiting for shipments by ordering online. This is my new go-to shop. Plus its a great location for me. Thank you Philly Smoke Shop for making the decision to carry these products!
By: Chris columbus T.
again with the bad reviews lol wtf , this is my fav shop so it will b hard to sway me just cuz some idiots cant follow the speaking rules within the shop, or your bong didn't work right lol. I like the owner ,he is quiet n nice from what I can see, and the wonderland girls :):):) I love them, id gladly bite any one of those wonderful girls lol
By: jbodor
Holy Smokes
Great place, thee best looking Head/Smoke shop I've been in. The people that work there are very inviting and take time to show you new products. The prices are better than most shops around town. 5 Stars.
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By: jaclynprice
Lou's Wholesale
Love this place, saved lots today :) I would recommend everyone try this place out, it's worth the drive from my neighborhood for the savings
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By: Heather S.
Holt's Cigar Co
Customer courtesy guaranteed and Expertise in a variety of tobacco products is their specialty in the Smoking industry.
By: goletiani
Hello, I want to buy a pipe. Please give me address in Philadelphia, where the pipe is a good shop. Thank you.
By: Laura C.
Smoking Cannons
Nice selection of pipes, vapes, ryo supplies and other cool stuff .. Definitely worth checking out :)
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By: Lindsey W.
Holy Smokes
Best head/vape/smoke shop in philly

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