By: gallo4
City Wide Roofing Inc
I called city wide roofing and 2 other companies for an estimate on my roof. I picked city wide because the estimator was very thoro he took before pictures and showed me issues that were present on my roof. The estimator also took his time explaining what needed to be done and wrote out a full estimate for me. While I was speaking to the estimator my neighbor next door came out and asked if he had time could he check his roof as well. My neighbor told me he was very happy with the explaination and what he had to say. So after writing out my estimate and he already gave me a discount my neighbor asked can we have our roofs done together? The estimator said I'll do you one better so not only did they work around our schedule but they also did both of our roofs on the same day they were able to give us an even better discount which was amazing(he explained how he could do that too) I had work that day but my neighbor let me know how hard the guys were working. I was able to get out of work early and I arrived when the roofers were finishing up which included cleaning up any debris from doing our roofs. Once there, they explained it was finished and I asked if they would leave the ladder up so I could see the work on the roof. The work was perfect everything was clean and I also gave the guys a camera to take after photos for me which they did for me and my neighbor. Needless to say both myself and my neighbor were impressed.thank you city wide
By: marcusgallagher
Bella Brothers Construction
I just got my bathroom remodeled by Bella, and I continue to enjoy it every single day, as well as my children. The tub is finally big enough for the kids to pretend "swim" in, and we thank Tom for suggesting to go with the bigger tub to suite our family needs. If you are a parent, you know how tough bathtime can be, and ever since the guidance I got from Tom and the project manager, bath time with the kids has been so pleasant. The functionality of my bathroom now is just amazing, I have space in the double vanity we got, I have space in the linen closet we got, I have shower in coves (tiled) for all our shampoos and such (which now the kids cant get to). The workmanship from this company and their carpenters is just impeccable. Any issue we came across, they handled immediately and with perfection. There was just one small issue with tile date arrival (partly my fault for picking special order tile), but Tom was able to get the girls in the office to research and track down my tile so there was absolutely NO delay! I was very impressed with everyones work ethic from start to finish. The finish is great and we are so happy. If you want your bathroom done in a timely manner, with all the great design details and functionality for your family, then contact these guys. I kid you not, it was such a pleasure! Thank you to Tom, Eric, and all the staff at Bella!
By: my2centstoo
Lorenc Construction
It's difficult to find a good contractor- either someone recommends one or you look in the telephone book and take your chances, or nowadays on the internet. I selected Lorenc based on the favorable reviews I had read online. After the latest snowstorm I had water leaking down through the roof and through my kitchen ceiling and into the basement. Lorenc came out fully prepared to go up on my 3rd story roof and he did. He was able to tell me what the problem was and what was needed to correct it. This is a very knowledgeable man when it comes to houses and construction. Lorenc and his team of workers were true gentleman and respectful of us and our property. They were careful to cover things with plastic, laid tarps on the floor because of the snow and ice, cleaned up after each phase of the job. The roof and gutter system were repaired, interior walls/ceiling were repaired and painted, basement wall- beautiful.As I said- it is difficult to find a good contractor- and I know one when I find him. Lorenc is a gem and I will have him do any construction /renovation work that is needed here in the future. Trust me- this guy is good!
By: melissalong
Bella Brothers Construction
I'm back again! Although this is my first time leaving a review for Bella!!! I have had both my kitchen and bathroom remodeled by Tom and Bella Brothers. I have nothing but great things to say about this company. I was so happy I decided to call Bella, the girls are so sweet in the office and very accommodating. Tom was prompt on all his appointments scheduled with me, and kept in touch throughout all my remodels (both kitchen and bathroom renovations). I was really scared I was going to be out of the loop and not understand what was going on during construction, but the men were so nice to explain things to me, and their processes. I'm sure I was a pain, but they never showed it on their faces :) I chose to have Bella remodel my bathroom after my kitchen because of their diligence while working on my kitchen. I couldnt imagine a better company to tackle such big jobs for me. so thank you again guys and look forward to that basement renovations we've been discussing! Sincerely,Melisssa!!!
By: Chichi N.
A.R. Sinclair General Contracting
Before I listed my house in Fairmount for sale, I hired AR Sinclair General Contracting and Building (aka ARS GCB). Adam first arrived for our estimate appointment promptly. He made audio notes and also took pictures for reference. I had a itemized estimate within 24 hours. I decided to hire his company because of past referrals and how easily accessible he was. From Day 1, him and his team arrived on time. The renovations ranged from minor work like touch up painting, fixing knobs to major work including a new down spout and gutter system, drywalling, and basement drylocking. At the end of each day, the team cleaned up well. Adam did well to notify me of any changes or problems. What stood out for me the most was his dedication and attention to detail. There was no mediocrity with his work. His "doing his best work" attitude was unexpected in a contractor. If you're looking for a general contractor that is experienced, has a trusted team and is reasonable in price, consider ARS GCB.
By: biscuit12
Rocco& Sons Roof Contract
In 2010 I contacted Rocco & sons to install a new roof on my home. I live in a row home in Phila. They had a reasonable price for what I needed done. I got a rubber roof on my top main and shingles across the front of my home. They did a great professionable job. This past storm Sandy I had 3 shingle's that rocco & sons replaced in 2010 blow off. Of course I called to report the damage. I figured they wuldn't be available for weeks to get to my problem. The very next day after I called they sent a repair truck out and fixed the wind damaged shingles. They also cleared my drain that was clogged with tree debris from y neighbors tree. I was very happy wth the quick response and courtesy from rocco & sons. I've since recommended rocco & sons to 2 coworkers and they were very satisfied with the work they had done. I highly recommend rocco & sons cont, inc. to anyone that needs roofing work.Ms. Lori Twilley
By: Diana S.
Mr Contractor Inc
We called the company out for an additional bedroom we wanted to build. The man that came over, Ken, was not looking at my old space but envisioning the finished room. He knew exactly what needed to be done in every part of the floor it's on and spent time answering any questions we had. He never made us feel like we were bothersome with our inexperience and many questions about colors and closets and electricity. The job was done from beginning to end with every specification nothing less than perfection! Ken and Mr. Contractor is not just a construction, painting, slapping together a room type of business. At. All! Ken is an artist in his own right seeing beauty and potential where there are old spaces in need of renewal. Thank you for everything Mr. Contractor! Especially the way you treated our family. You're a class act a all the way! 5 STARS!
By: Charles W.
C Williams 2nd Generation Roofing
Hello, I am the owner of this Roofing Company, and to the 2 last people Samantha Tejeda and Wanda D that left bad reviews about my Roofing Company should be ashamed knowing that my Roofing Company has never did any Roofing work of anykind to there houses, which shouldn't been able to leave a negative impact on my 5 star rating. My Roofing Company consists of 7 to 10 employees and all have the passion for the roofing business. We are the youngest, fastest, most knowledgeable and dedicated roofers around. I treat my customers as I would want to be treated. I always charge a fair price, a price I would be comfortable paying if the shoe was on the other foot that's what keeps me going. So if your looking for a great Roofing don't hesitate to give us a call 215-843-1200.
By: Karen B.
Geno's Siding & Roofing
Go with GENO!. I have been looking for a siding contractor since March. I wanted to get some work done when the weather broke. The first contractor questioned if I was married, which frightened me. Kept wanting to know when my husband would be there because he needed to make the decision. Others made appointment they did not keep. Others did not return my call. GENO returned my call immediately. GENO did not treat me like a woman who did not know what she wanted. GENO began the work on the day he said and completed it in one day. GENO was polite and courteous. My house looks fabulous. I would recommend GENO without question. P.S. Others are still waiting for my husband to get home. I told them he was a navy seal. GO WITH GENO!!!! You won't be sorry
By: James S.
A.R. Sinclair General Contracting
I am a real estate agent and A.R. Sinclair (Adam) has done work both in my home and for my clients. His work is truly reliable and exceptional in a field of contractors that can be filled with unpredictability . In addition to that, and perhaps more importantly, Adam was able to have a thorough, intelligent, and informed conversation about the work and the process before we even began. His initial estimate took into account all aspects of the work: structural, aesthetic, timeframe, cleanup, price. And the finished product was beyond our hopes. I know that my clients have had similar experiences as well. If you are looking for high quality work from a contractor that appreciates detailed thought and execution, A.R. Sinclair is your man.
Tips & Advices
The most common types of roofing material are:
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Metal roofing
  • Slate shingles
  • Concrete roofing
Metal roofing material and algae-resistant asphalt shingles are the appropriate roofing material for rainy climates.
Houses located in  areas which are prone to wildfires, should avoid the use of flammable roofing materials such as wood shingles.
Not only should you ask to get in contact with past clients, it is also recommended that  homeowners visit projects currently underway to see how the contractor or company actually performs during a job. You can also go online and check out other customer reviews.
Reputable roofers do offer a warranty against poor workmanship. Additionally, the material used often carries a warranty from the manufacturer against defects (assuming proper installation). It is the homeowner’s responsibility to check on the availability of all such warranties before any work is performed.

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