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By: italianchic38
Your Choice Financial Solutions
In January of 2011 I went to a local car dealership to purchase a car and I was approved for a car but with a high interest rate, and I mean HIGH. My personal credit score was in the low 400 credit scores. I contacted your office to review my personal credit and help retore my personal credit. After singing up with the services at your choice financial solutions,and after 3 months of their services,On this day my personal credit score is over 710 and I now have the option to purchase a home and/or get loans. It is because of your hard work and dedication this has happened. I would not have been able to do any of this without your company and the hard working and dedicated staff. THANK YOU!!!! I AM DEBT FREE AND CAN JUST ABOUT DO ANYTHING I WANT WITH MY NEW CREDIT REPORT........ THANK YOU JOE AND LOIS AND THE REST OF THE STAFF AT YOUR CHOICE FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS! If anyone needs to contact me to talk more about my GREAT experiance with them, you can email me at Italianchic38@aol.com
By: lashaondabell
Your Choice Financial Solutions
to the comments below, I do agree sometimes Joe himself is hard to get in touch with, but all I ever done is call and set an appointment to review my file and he gave me everything and all updates I needed. he help me and my family get cars, ,and houses. I been using this company for over 3 years now, and I disagree about them "only it it for the money" because there were times we did payment plans, and Joe has given us many tools on how to build my credit, and stay on the right path. and lso the comment about "you can do this yourself" you are 100% right, but its a matter of time for me, and know the right things to do, just like anyother things in life, rather pay a professional to do it, and I did, and they got me where I am today. thanks
By: Adam H.
Blue Horse Business Group LLC
Steven has been our financial advisor for many years. He has taken a keen interest in getting to know us not only as his clients but also on a more personal level. His calm and helpful demeanor made us feel very comfortable with him. He goes beyond the call of duty and is always there to assist with our financial matters and concerns. Our experience with Steven has always been positive. He is reliable and always available. He has immense knowledge and is able to bring important concepts to our level of understanding. We highly recommend Steven for all your financial management needs. John Falsworth
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By: Wanda M.
Pearl B Polto Inc
I am sooooooooo glad my friend introduced me to Pearl Polto! I must admit I was a skeptic at first....for I've been trough many different credit repair companies including 1 year with Lexington Law. ...and sorry folks, no real results or change. But this lady here......hands down, she's the best. Pearl Polto is the best ar what she does. ...and all 3 bureaus was cleared, not just the weak Trans union report....all 3 people, she cleared all 3 credit bureaus in 60 days! Well worth the money!
By: steve19007
Your Choice Financial Solutions
I stated off with ficoscorefreedom about 6 months ago, and since then my score has gone up over 85 points. Since then my sister and a few of my friends went with them, and had same results. They really know what they are doing, the prices are great, the staff is really there for you. They did nothing but help me and my friends and family to get cars, house and few other things. I would HIGHLY recommend them. I want to thank Tony in the office for all his help, and all the staff.
By: jjesuele
Liberty Financial Consultants
Just a quick note...this company is in no way affiliated with Liberty Financial Associates, also in Philadelphia at 620 N Front St. Liberty Financial Consultants is a completely different company. Liberty Financial Associates is a licensed mortgage broker with an impeccable customer service record and A+ rating with the BBB.
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By: Shilah C.
Legal Credit USA Inc.
I was looking to fix my credit and raise my scores to get a house. Legal Credit USA helped me raise my scores so I was able to qualify for a mortgage and I am now a homeowner I feel very blessed to have found them. The process was quick and I started seeing results quickly of my credit improving.
By: Tyrone M.
Legal Credit USA Inc.
Was referred here by my realtor after me and my wife were trying to purchase a house but needed a increase in my score to qualify for a mortgage. Legal Credit USA helped me raise my scores in about 45 days. I recommend them.
By: Debora C.
Legal Credit USA Inc.
My angels Legal Credit USA Inc they helped me fix my credit to purchase a home when I thought it was impossible. The process took about 120 days and my score went up to a 675. Thanks guys!
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By: Dante J.
Legal Credit USA Inc.
Legal Credit USA helped me raise up my credit scores and also got me two credit cards. My score is now a 681 and am pleased with the results they delivered.

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