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By: Eva P.
Without question a true artist, Lisa is the most sincere web developer I have ever dealt with. Her expertise in website design, development and SEO strategy is breathtaking. I've talked to a bunch of SEO “experts” in the past and none of them can compare. I don't know if it's because she's been creating websites for a while or because she's just super smart, but this gal is a beast when it comes to making your site number one on Google’s organic searches. 

My site is so simple yet beautiful. It's also super Google friendly (which I care a lot about since I don't like to use Google Adwords a lot- it can get extremely expensive).

What I like a lot about EVOLVE is that they do QUALITY work. They are really detail oriented and they care about EVERY aspect of the site- logo, color scheme, pictures, overall look/feel, you name it. 

I personally know almost nothing about coding and was reluctant to work with a web developer because I was afraid that I would have to email them for constant changes to the site ("move the logo here", "I don't like this button", "I want that picture there") and then be imprisoned to my web developers moods, so I took a leap of faith with Lisa because she was super nice, easy to talk to and her portfolio is amazing. She's not only patient, but also she answers my questions in a very logical manner, which I can understand. She is quick to respond to emails, speedy with changes and extremely professional. 

The ONE thing that separates Lisa from every other web company I've talked to is that she is super passionate about her works of art. You can tell she absolutely loves what she does and it shows in the finished product. Lisa also keeps me abreast with the rapid changes in technology and services available on the web and is open enough to recommend the ones she uses herself. 

Would I hire these guys again? Definitely. In fact, I'm currently sending them the content for my second site. Thank you Lisa you are blessed.
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By: imnobser
This Company is Incredible. Highly technical yet completely artistic, computer graphics blends elements of a computer science major and elements of an art major into one truly exciting company. Evolve Design have been my go to guys since 2009. I first went to them due to me deleting essential software and basically messing up a friend's mac, expecting to pay around $200 based on a few calls to other repair shops and considering the extent of the damage done to the system. I was quoted $50 by Evolve to have all of the iPhoto, iTunes files and software put back into place and they offered me an upgrade to a newest operating system. I Showed up two days later and although it took them a frustrating portion of the day to back everything up (the mac had NO space on it to even download an update) and to free up some space - I was still expecting to pay a little extra for all their work. NOPE! I paid what I was quoted and it was fantastic.I brought the mac home all shiny and new with everything in the right place, a new OS, updated software and a recovery for $50 and my friend was soooo happy!My second trip there was for my new Macs cracked screen - same day repair and no one could beat the price.In 2009 I opened my online business and you guessed it - my site from graphics to SEO all implemented by Evolve.Whatever your Computer related or Website dilemmas may be THEY GOT IT COVERED!
By: physikalila
I'm a physical therapist. I know nothing of web design. I had a company called Kriplex design my site. I was very dissatisfied with the experience. So naturally as I am ready to make some changes to my site I sought out a different studio. I used yelp to find the studio with the highest rating. As this outfit has the highest rating I called Lisa and asked a few questions. She immediately took a look at my site and knew what to do. What needed to be done was very simple. But I did not know this. If she wanted to she could have created some elaborate complicated procedure that needed to be done in order for me to get what I needed, and I would have believed her. But she was very direct, very honest, and very expedient in helping me see that in actuality I needed very little done and of course he could do this. in addition to this she said she would document what needs to be done so that if I choose to do it myself in the future I have the option. Such honesty and respect for the good of the client may cost a little bit of money in the immediate but no doubt creates a reputation that will breed immense success in the future. I will definitely be using her from now on.Evolve is literally,.. As good as it gets.
By: stacyv
OH YEAH THESE FOLKS RULELet's discuss life without a computer when you basically live alone, are on holiday, and are too good for a television. A heroin overdose would be more stimulating. Thanks to me being an idiot and the most expensive cup of coffee ever, this is how I rang in 2013. Meaning the people at Evolve could have hurled gross things at me and I would still give them a 5 star rating for fixing my laptop in an expedient manner. But there were no gross things, they were wonderful- personal, professional, up to and including the timely phone updates. The entire process took less than 4 days even with the ordering and shipping of special parts during the New Year's week. Was it free or close to free? No on the first part Yes on the second, $150 total & it was faster than the Apple store and regardless of the super low expenditure, a working Mac Air that doesn't type out hieroglyphics is a lot better than another night of Hulu Plus on an iPhone.
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By: Abc C.
I needed help designing a website for my new business. I had previously hired another company to do the job but after three months, I still had no website. So, I was a bit leery to hire another company. I had heard about Evolve Design based out of New York and Philadelphia - through word of mouth. One of my business associates had used them to build his website and said they create the best websites in business.I called and spoke to Lisa who came in from Philadelphia. I had explained to her about the troubles I had with the other web-designer in New York City that I had hired. She assured me that her company is professional and would get the job done the right way and on time. So, we went over what our needs were in the website as well as other details. Within a week's time my firm had a great website with all the bells and whistles. Evolve Design in New York has surpassed our expectations.
By: Tara S.
“I was so impressed with this company. I tried calling 5 other computer companies that are closer to my home and received no answers or callbacks. D answered the phone immediately. I explained my computer problem and he explained exactly how he was going to fix it, how long it would take and how much it would be. When I got there, we discussed some other computer problems I was having and again he took the time to explain how he could fix those issues. Pricing was extremely reasonable. Very quick turnaround (It took less than 2 hours for him to call me back to advise that everything was complete). Extremely professional. When I picked up the computer, he took the time to explain what he did and had me test the computer. There was no rushing. I highly recommend this company for all your computer needs!” P.S. They’re a little hard to find but a better experience you will not have.
By: francessca267
Wow! I own many websites and have worked with many web designers in the past but let me tell you none have provided the level of service I received through Evolve!. I had seen Lisa's work in the past and was really impressed and after numerous friends kept referring me to her I finally gave her a call about my latest venture. Lisa sat down with me and really took the time to understand what I envisioned and was able to incorporate everything I wanted into my web site and I was even more impressed than I thought I'd be. All in all Lisa was easy to work with and added helpful insight in which I never thought about. Her passion for her work and helping others definitely shows! I will continue to be doing business with her in the future. She also did an amazing job on my companies business cards. Evolve = 5 Stars
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By: t42and24t
Evolve is just that, honest. I have been using them for 4 years and it's surprising to read negative reviews for this business, funny how those who posted these reviews don't have a picture up = not a credible review. Or how a macbook pro screen replacement job would be only $50 - not even possibleIt's a shame that these reviews have to remain on here and at the top while all the great reviews are filtered - but that's how Yelp works, when as a business owner and you don't pay the monthly advertising fee you don't get as much control who can post about you. Fortunately for Evolve their work ethic will prevail over all negative tides! Take your ailing computers here, and if it's just far gone and not worth the repair price then you'll get an honest diagnosis. :o)
By: thatsamanda
Just Wanted to say thanks for all your hard work over Easter Weekend. :)For anyone looking for reliable Data Recovery Services, this is the place to go to in a time of need. My Company Server went down on Friday, and I found Evolve online. I called them yesterday and they answered right away! An actual Technician got on the phone with our IT Dept, and after a few minutes they were at our door. They recovered everything off our Dell Raid Server.I also gave them my old dusty Mac Book Pro that I gave up on long time ago. Evolve recovered EVERYTHING that I wanted.I didn't think anyone would be opened on this long Easter weekend. Thanks again, for all your help. You guys are the BEST Data Recovery Company! You got my recommendation anytime!Happy Holidays!Amanda Rioche
By: kleenation
Very impressed with Evolve Design, at the start of the project Lisa was extremely thorough with what I needed and with my limited knowledge she excelled at designing a site to suit myself and my customer base. She kept me up to date on the progress and supported and helped me long after the site was finished.Jargon was kept to a minimum and I felt fully involved throughout and I've never had a problem contacting her.The final look of the website totally exceeded my initial ideas on how it would look and have had only positive comments since the launch. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Lisa and will use her again for other or continuing projects.

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