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By: Jency J.
Han Dynasty
No, the Broad Street Run didn't go to Han Dynasty but I'm sure for the people that ran the race like my sister, they had quite the appetite afterwards. A classic in University City is Han Dynasty that brings modern life to Chinese food. I was excited not see a General Tso, Sesame Chicken or Chicken Broccoli dish on the menu. Since we were there during the weekend, street parking on the street was free. Otherwise, they do have metered street parking and a parking deck around the corner. If you're using the parking deck, hold on to that ticket stub! Han Dynasty will validate the ticket for you so you don't have to pay. Walking in, you'll be surrounded by a mix of students in the area and families. You can order out from them, sit at the bar or get a table. If you have a large party, they have long, bench-style tables where you can all sit together. It's classical embellishments with a clean, modern feel. You're greeted by a server who will walk you to your designated area; my sister and I went with a table by the window. While we sipped on some hot green tea, we decided to go with an appetizer and two entrees (family style) to share. My sister recommended the spicy, crunchy cucumbers while we waited for the two entrees to come out: black bean chicken and hot sauce style chicken.Spicy, Crunch Cucumbers | At first glance, it looked like cucumbers in liquid so I didn't think it would be crunch. I was wrong. The sauce with hints of vinegar and soy permeated the outer layer of the cucumber leaving the inside nice and crunchy. It was tasty yet refreshing.Black Bean Chicken | I had never had a sauce based on black beans and it seemed like it would have been too thick. The sauce was light and as a great medium to bring out the other spices without it being overwhelming the chicken. It was sauteed in with some chunky onion and bell pepper pieces. Huge fan!Hot Sauce Style | You have your options of eight different concentrations (Chicken, Pork, Beef, Lamb, Fish, Shrimp, Scallops and Fried Tofu). We went with the sliced pieces of chicken stir fried with cabbage, garlic and celery in a szechuan chili oil-based hot sauce. Although the menu notes it as spicy, the dish was not spicy. The chili oil sauce was nice and thick and paired well with the white, sticky rice they provided us. You can taste the use of garlic however it wasn't overwhelming with the hot chili taste.The staff was friendly checking in with us in a timely manner to see if we needed anything. Additionally, they have restrooms for their customers. Overall, it's currently #1 in my category for my Chinese food category. Highly recommend all of the items mentioned above!
By: Rita O.
Country Cookin'
The food was OK as far as the flavor of it, the best part about the food was that it was nice and hot. The wait for your food is extremely long u shouldn't have to wait 1hr for 2 or 3 platters. The platters were also a little pricey, If the ambiance and customers service matched the food I probably wouldn't had a issue with the price.The young ladies behind the counter are OK they lack customer service etiquette, especially when answering the phones. I hate to say this but they're kind of ghetto in the restaurant, but so is the owner. She (the owner) uses profanity entirely to much, especially in front of her customers and on her personal social media account which she advertises her business on. Had I seen that before I went to her restaurant I would not have went. Just because your in the heart of the hood doesn't mean you have to run your business as such.
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By: Rob P.
Liberty Choice
Really not one person left a review? Well I am not the one to write a review for good service and or food,or yet even write a bad review from a bad experience. But I do feel the need to leave a review for this place. They go up and beyond great customer service,prices,selection It is listed here as a restaurant,which is only half true,they are an entire store as well. Great hours as well,super speedy delivery,and they will bring anything the store has if asked. Need cat food and just don't feel like moving,just want to orde some grub and watch tv,no problem they will bring it with your meal,cigs? Not a problem just have your ID ready. Not going to mention the menu,its very large and everything i have had was perfect if not damn near. No body is perfect, but This place is the closest you will ever see.
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By: Alyssa F.
Liberty Choice
I have been ordering from Liberty Choice for quite some time , from when they first opened. The reason why I give the overall rating a 2 is because the customer service is horrible. The employees that answer the phone to take orders are extremely uneducated and rude , they will never give you the amount of total before hanging up. They used to have an All Day Breakfast menu that got rid of cause when I and multiple people I know would call around 11am and the cook or employees would say that it would take too long and that I should order lunch . The food is great but expect no customer appreciation or at least hospitality.
By: deathsquad
This place is a very nice place to go to if you're hungry and you want to eat some good food. Plus, it doesn't take long for the food to be done, even if you place a large order. The food is so good and I come here almost 2 times every week. Its very cheap and well worth the visit. The atmosphere is friendly and you get treated very well. They also offer good deals like "Spend $20, get a free 2 liter of soda." Its really hard to choose what to spend you $20 on because it is so good and you also get a good amount of food. The portions are excellent.
By: mamaknowsitall
Panda Garden
Best Chinese Takeout in Mt. Airy. When it comes to Chinese food, I am VERY particular because of a horrible experience I had once. It took me years until I decided to give another restaurant a try. Panda Garden is consistently good. The food is fresh and the flavors are what you would expect from Chinese takeout...nothing fancy (which I appreciate). They deliver to certain areas, but I have picked up from them enough times to be able to know that the physical restaurant space is clean and well maintained.
By: joe19137
I anticipated the place to be another cramped south Philly establishment,but it did have enough elbow room. And aside from fruit coming with every dish,the food was good and they seemed to have somewhat unique items on the menu. Didn't get the dessert this time but they did have some unique ones there as well. I'm not one for the art shows and wine tasting they talk about having but I'll probably visit this restaurant again in the near future.
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By: Shirley O.
Danny's Wok 3
Best chicken wings ever!!! I have visited each of their restaurants in Philadelphia. I was skeptical of visiting this newest location at Broad & St. Luke because I had only eaten at the Baltimore avenue place. While I had chicken wings from the Olney Plaza location they did not taste as good...but they were still tasty. So I was extremely pleased that this newest location is just as good as the original!!!
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By: Tyrone W.
Main Garden Chinese Restaurant
Pretty clean for a chinese store in the hood.They also got heat in there so thats good when you gotta wait for the food during the winter.So the food is like any other chinese stores but the owner of the store (Sam) is the best chinese cook on this whole street. He will try to make the best food for you. He will ask how would you like them and how did the food taste. A good owner and a good store. 5/5
By: Green L.
Taste King Restaurant
None of the food that I've eaten from Taste King is actually fresh; it is always reheated after being frozen. Even certain of the lowly chicken, seafood, and burger chains serve fresh (never frozen) food. The only real positive is that Taste King does not recycle food (re-serve uneaten food removed from other customers' plates, a common trick in the Chinese restaurant industry.)

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