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By: Erika J.
Kidz Academy
overall my experience was ok. the owners started off nice but became inconsistent. my kids were kicked out via text message because the owner heard I was taking them out and putting them in another center and got mad. she was nasty with the worker from ccis who called on my behalf. she hung up on me me because I caught her in a lie and was very rude and unprofessional. she never asked me if it was true just kicked them out knowing I had to work the next 2 days. she texted me this when she knew I was on my way to get my kids. instead of being a nature professional she handled things like a child. she also makes up things as she goes along to get more money lies about hours and when you tell her you will check with ccis her stories always changes. yes my son learned a lot and overall my kids were treated ok but professionalism is not her best trait. you can't claim to love kids if you would kick them out in the middle of the week and say they are no longer welcome in your center because you are mad because you heard something from someone else instead of verifying with the parent and handling things professionally and allowing the kids to finish the week and the parent can work. even the staff complains about their professionalism and they have gone through a few staff members since my kids started in may..I was told by several staff members at ccis to report them because what they did is not ok and I have the texts to prove everything I said..
By: wendyzw
Bright Horizons
This is the best school with best teachers. Great location in center city Philly. All teachers from Infant class to Pre-school class and administration staffs remember my kids' name. They are so friendly to EACH kid, which means no preference, no discriminations as I've observed so far. I sent my toddler to Bright Horizon center city when he was 16 months, he did cry for few weeks when I dropped him off, but now he doesn't even bother to say bye to me when I'm leaving. He likes his teachers in Toddler class. It's a very new center, so facilities are new. Most toys are made up of safe wooden material, which are also the first choice when I buy toys for my son. Anyway, my second baby is on the way, I have just got the registration form today and my second one will go to the same center as his big brother!
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By: mommy1212
Les Petits Cherubs
I was not happy with this daycare! They tell me my son can't have his bottle for his nap and if he doesn't like what they have for lunch or snack he won't eat and he'll just have to get used to it and eventually eat. He's a picky eater and I was told I have to be firm with him. Plus one day last week I go in there and the door wasn't reven shut~! Anyone could have walked in there. It's not all that clean either, the kiychen area was disgusting and there was a puddle of water on the floor When I brought to the directors attention she kind of blew me off. My son is on the waiting list for Four Seasons. I can't wait to take him back there!!
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By: Chris M.
Summit Children's Program
Summit Children's Program reflects the Mt. Airy community that it has been part of for decades: it is a diverse and inclusive place where kids and parents of all backgrounds are welcomed. Parents are involved with the program volunteering to organize fun-day fundraisers and sharing their skills on the board that directs the program and in the classrooms with the children. I sent two kids here and was especially happy with the caring, dedicated teachers who are the consistent core to the program and the multiple outdoor play areas and activities the children enjoyed all year round.
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By: Pauline T.
Little Charlie's Day Care
Little Charlie's Academy is a wonderful daycare center. As an overprotective parent I don't trust just anyone with my children. I am very happy with this daycare and wouldn't have my children anywhere else. Very friendly and professional staff, great environment, and I love that it is very colorful. They always have creative , educational, fun events. My children always comes home happy and talking about their day at daycare. They have a great before and after care service. I recommend this daycare for anyone looking to enroll their child/children into daycare.
By: Nilda H.
Brightside Academy
Absolutely LOVE this daycare. I have two kids one that will be 3 and another that will be 1 soon i cannot get my son to stop asking me to take him to daycare on the weekends he loves his teachers as well with my daughter. The teachers are very well educated and respectful as well with the director from this Bright side. I was a bit on the fence when i had read the previous comment below but once i step foot in there with my kids we got comfortable fast and my kids are learning a lot from this daycare. Highly recommend this daycare to anyone that is interested.
By: Raghav R.
Grace Neighborhood Academy
My experience with Grace Neighborhood Academy is wonderful. My daughter, Anearah Walker loves her school. She enjoys going to there and is always talking about how fun reading time is. Anearah comes home talking about her new friends, how to spell their names and do shapes and colors. She loves bringing home books from the school library every day. The staff here is friendly. Grace Neighborhood Academy has been a great experience and I recommend sending your children here. They have a lot to offer for the future.SincerelyMickaline Coleman
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By: Shamira S.
Something to Grow Educational Center, Inc.
My daughter stated at something to grow on when she was 1, this was the best decision I've made with child care, I couldn't get her potty trained until I've meet up with, Teacher Gwen. Teacher Gwen and her staff have been so good my daughter she has learned a lot of things with this place . She was counting and learning how numbers when she started, now my daughter who is 5 now is able to read.I just wanted say thank you to all the staff at this place, this place I would recommend to anyone who is looking for child care.
By: domdomsmom
Pumpkin Patch Daycare
My son has been going there on and off since he was about 5 months old. They have always taken good care of him. The only con is that the age groups are not split up that much. I mean the little babies are split from the bigger kids but that is about it. The staff has always been polite and its affordable if you fall into the class of people like my family who makes to much for subsidies but are still very broke due to bills. I like the place and I love my son so that means something.
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By: April V.
Tiny Star Child Care Center
I love this center!!!! My son started about to months and we see a improvement in his talking he's a very active boy and they channel his energy well! He's learning structure and group dynamics at tiny stars! The center is absolutely spotless and well organized! His teacher are so caring they are mature women that and I can tell my son loves them!!!! The own is also a very caring person my experience at tiny stars has been nothing but positive

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