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    If you don't mind buying second hand then you should definately come here. There are great finds for both men and women: Charles Davis, Bebe, Urban Outfitters to name a few. Selling or exchanging is a

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By: thealan
I agree. This is a very clean Target. Their empty shelves are especially clean! I bought an Ebson WorkForce 500 Series Four-in-One printer at this store twenty-one months ago (December 20, 20009). An excellent price. An excellent printer. There is only one problem. It uses ink cartridges. I thought this Target would be conveinient as it is located right next to my apartment in the Boulevard Plaza Shopping Center. Well, so much for Target and conveinience. The management at this Target store has frustrated me for all of the twenty-one months. When I need an ink cartridge, it's hit or miss. Out of this color or that color. At 7pm last night I gave them one more chance. NO BLACK INK CARTRIDGE! Customer service called a manager who explained that this is a very popular item and it is difficult to keep it in stock. (A lot of other things are out of stock also, but that is another story). "Why don't you buy a multi-pack?" or "why don't you try one of our other stores?" Yeh, yeh, yeh! Why don't you take a bus? And why is Best Buy and Staples so well stocked? That is where I should have gone in the first place! I'm done with Target but I am giving this store two stars for being clean, especially their empty shelves.
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By: Sabratini S.
Old Navy
Hello, My name is Sabratini Simeon. I am 15 years old and I am very interested in this job for the summer. I have work experience from a work study program at my school. My previous place of employment within that program is Lavin Law and I am currently working at Resource America Inc. until the end of the school year. Working in an office, has exposed me to different people, therefore making me more social and independent. I am very helpful, hardworking and determined. I am also very friendly, which would be convenient when assisting costumers. Please feel free to contact me at my email sabratini2010@live.com and my cell phone number is 267-577-9752. Thank you.
By: colleen.ott
Lighthouse Thrift Shop
I had a wonderful experience! I actually found an item that I made several years ago, it was on of the crosses from the "Old Rugged Cross" collection. I sold it at the only Flea Market (@ St. Luke's @ St. Vincent & Castor Avenue) that SoULed Creations, attended to sell clearance items. This cross was added to the lot of crosses, by mistake. We just moved into the neighborhood and, well "Everything Happens for a Reason."To find "SoULed Creations" go to:https://www.facebook.com/SoULedCreations?ref=hl
By: lisa w.
Old Navy
Hi my name is Lisa Winters-Ross, I would like to work there for part time.I be 15 in August. my school is right the down the street I go to Truebright Science Academy Charter School.I'm in high school next year I will be in 10th grade.I can work Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday-sometime,Friday,Saturday,Sunday.I get out of school 2:25 I can work right after school.I would like to work in the children and infants clothing. I like to work the hours 3:00 to 8:00 you can contact me at winters-ross@st.truebright.org.
By: Armani R.
Old Navy
Hello,my name is Armani Reeves.I am a current student at Olney Charter high school .I am 16 years old. I wanted to know if I could apply here at Old Navy.I am great at taking on tasks and I have a great personality.I can work Mondays,Tuesdays, Wednesdays,and is free on Sundays.I personally need this because soon I need to buy a car and help my family with bills.If you are interested, then please contact me at 267 750 8259 , or armani.reeves720@gmail.com
By: Ian F.
Old Navy
Hello my name is Ian Fusi. I attend North East High School. I am in the Magnet Program and I am highly interested in a summer job at Old Navy. I am highly respectful and willing to assist any and all costumers who have issues or are having trouble finding what they are looking for. I will make it my personal duty to follow all your rules of conduct and general behavior, please contact me at 267-506-2353 if you are interested in hiring me.
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By: Marlene S.
First Fashion
After going to several places including boutiques we finally found this place thanks to my sister. The help from their employees were exceptional. We had 2 girls looking for dresses and they hit a home run with the 1st pick. It was such a great experience along with the dress was so beautiful that we are going back for the junior prom. The cost to the dress was fantastic as well
By: Brionna H.
Old Navy
Hi my name is Brionna Jamela Hearn I am a 14 year old female looking for a job at old navy I shop at old navy all the time so I will be used to the surrounding I am also very nice and will get along with even the most ignorant costumes I also have no criminal records thanks would love to hear back soon contact me at brionnahearn1998@gmail.com or text me at 267-403-4831
By: brianna.coleman.545
Old Navy
Hi my name is Ambriana Bellmon and I am 14 years old. I go to mercy vocational high school and I was wondering if you were hiring because I need a summer job and I was looking but couldn't find anything until I saw old navy. I am good with people and I can help people out with looking for things so I hope you read this you can contact me at bebebellmon@gmail.com
By: cesar p.
Old Navy
Hi my name is Cesar and i got my work permit about a month ago and I'm really looking for a job at a retail store. I'm 16 years old and I'm good with communicating with people (customers, co-workers, etc.) and i just like jobs that involve clothes. please contact me by email at cj_paculan@yahoo.com. or you can call me 215-906-4244. I prefer email but thanks

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