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By: Lilli S.
Gordon Chevrolet
I was always taught that you treat others as you would want to be treated. I experienced this lesson first hand on September 1-2, 2015 through your service department and awesome employees. On August 31st, my mother and I left SC on a road trip to visit her older sisters in Philadelphia. When we arrived in Hershey, my mother thought she heard a noise coming from the front passenger side wheel. Initially, I did not hear the noise. After touring the Hershey Chocolate Factory, we hit the road and headed to Lancaster, PA. It was then, that I began to hear some noise. The noise began to gradually get worse and I began to feel it. Of course, I felt frustrated, disheartened and didn't know what to do after trying to seeking assistance from two other dealerships. I knew something major was wrong and didn't know how long it would be before my vehicle would stop operating or become unsafe to drive. After praying, calming myself and determining the next plan of action, I found your dealership and was fortunate/blessed that the operator transferred my call to the service department and the Service Manager, Danny, whom I describe as my angel on earth. I shared the above story with him and he said something that gave me hope that someone was willing to take the time to assist me. He said that he didn't know whether he could help, but if it was his mother, daughter or sister, he wouldn't want them stranded while traveling and asked that I bring the vehicle to the service department to at least be checked to make sure it was safe to drive. I arrived at 6:00 PM and he was assisting another family but made me feel at eased that I was in the right place. I realized while talking to him that Danny was one in a million. He has the gift and skills of excellent customer service and empathy for his customers. These qualities are hard to find in our fast paste and sometimes uncaring, non-flexible and unaccommodating world. Danny contacted me on September 2nd with great news. The problem was the right front hub bearing assembly needed to be replaced. He explained the cost and procedures. While waiting to pick up my vehicle, I observed customers interacting with Danny and realized that his character, personality, attention to detail and rapport with customers and fellow employees has allowed him to establish a community in the service department in which customers feel welcomed and cared for and are not afraid to communicate their needs, give compliments and thanks to the service department employees. What I experienced and observed can only happen when a company/team has established a culture and environment in which all stakeholders are valued, appreciated and respected. My mother and I arrived safely back home in SC. The Equinox sounds and drives great! Once again, I thank your company, the Gordon Chevrolet family, Danny and the entire service department.
By: Nikki W.
Danis Auto
I would just like to say that Dani's Auto Sales is the best dealership I have ever dealt with! I honestly could not believe how well I was treated and how the entire sale was so easy. I had been looking for a vehicle for a few months and was looking for a dealership that wasn't going to waste my time and my money. I made one phone call and spoke with Angel. I told him the car I wanted to look at and what my price range was. I simply went on-line and filled out a simple application. The next day, I was told I could go pick up my car. Angel made sure I had a list of what I needed to bring and never rushed me to get there. I was going to go down Friday night to get it, but was not able to go until Saturday. Angel actually told me that driving into Philly on a Friday night might be a little much and they would be open all day Saturday. He was definitely not like any car salesman I had ever dealt with. I do not like being rushed and he just really made sure he was thinking of me instead of himself. It was one of the hottest days we have had this summer and my husband got delayed, making us late. Not one word was said to us. We were treated as though we had arrived early. The car was everything that was listed on-line and then some! Everyone at the dealership was great! While sitting with Larry to go over the financing, we laughed the entire time! It was so hot that we were sweating in Larry's office. Dani actually brought us in huge slices of watermelon to cool us down some. My son and granddaughter were waiting in the other vehicle and he made sure they got some watermelon too! I think if anyone were looking for a dealership that really thinks of the customer first, they need to check out Dani's Auto Sales! What a great transaction and really great people to deal with.
By: Gary A.
Empire Motors Auto Sales
Their first review is not going to be good. I saw one of their cars in CarGurus and Craigslist. It looked great and appeared to be priced right. It had a clean carfax and was a one owner car. This was rare for a 2006. I test drove it and it seemed to ride good and from outward inspection everything seemed ok. I followed up with 2 local shops. The first was for a "going over" and oil change. The going over was not that good. It needed front brakes and rotors. It had a bad front tire and 2 different sized tires on the back. This visit cost me about $1100. The next was to a Mercedes service center (not a dealer). This is where it gets expensive. It needed a cabin temperature sensor since there was no in between settings of the heat or AC. It was either full AC or full heat. It also needed the outside door handle with the electronics for the keyless Go system. The passenger door worked but the drivers door did not. Both of these parts are on order from Germany for $720 plus installation. The convertible room and power trunk stopped working after 2 days. That needed 2 control relays. That was over $600. All in all, I do love this car. Hopefully, this will be the end of the issues. I just wish I knew about them prior to buying the car. It would have made a difference on how much I was willing to pay for it.
By: jasmine.bossie
Rich's Auto Sales Inc
I have never bothered writing a review for anything before but this place deserves one. In fact, they deserve a standing ovation.I have been ripped off by auto shops before so I was very nervous about this place. My car needed emergency repairs and I happened to break down in front of Rich's. They could have completely scammed me (as Jiffy Lube, among many others would have) but instead they gave me a double oil change (only charging me once) and checked everything that needed checking and found that the only issue was the oil. They tried to charge $30 for the cooling agent they added but were very easy going when I said it needed to be $10.The total wound up at $44 after tax. They easily could have scammed me out of a hundred dollars saying my cooling unit had a major leak and needed replacing, my transmission needed to replaced, and they could have charged twice for the oil.Instead they were fantastic and very nice and easy going. They were a little hard to understand at times but when asked to repeat, all was well.This place was fantastic and if I ever randomly break down in the Philly area again, I know where I'm going!!
By: Oni A.
PA Auto Sales
In early October 2016 i found a 2008 Ford F250 on Cargurus. I sent an email stating that I was interested in the vehicle and i was contacted the very next morning by Rob. The entire staff was very friendly and accommodating. Between Robs friendly service and Igor really going the distance to get me not only financed but to really work with my lousy credit and figure out a way to get me a damn good rate for the position i was in. I drove away in the truck in under two hours total. They said the vehicle had been at one of the storage areas and hadnt been detailed fully yet but if i brought it back the next day they could get it cleaned up while i waited. Being a used vehicle it did have a few minor problems over the next two months but the staff at PA auto stood by me and the vehicle and worked to have all problems resolved fast and easy. Not only would i recommend going here but i plan to return for myself and have referred friends and family. Start to finish just a great place and extremely professional staff.
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By: Jason G.
Danis Auto
I am going to start by saying that I am extremely surprised by how fun my car buying experience was at Danis Auto. I waiting for a while until I was approved on my Mercedes and I spent most of the time chatting with the finance guy Chad. It really made the process less stressful for me. Also, on a more serious note, I am shocked to find a dealership that is honest about known problems in cars. Angel actually steered me away from a different Mercedes that was parked in the back of the lot stating that it had "air bag and possible transmission issues." I still wanted to see what kind of deal he would cut me considering the known issues (hey! I had to try!) The owner, Will, actually REFUSED to sell me the car saying that he couldn't in could faith sell a car to anyone unless he knew it was safe! WOW! Is this for real Yup! Go see these guys-they are a diamond in the rough! I love my new Mercedes E-Class! Thanks!! I'm putting this review anywhere i can on the net cause these people deserve it!!
By: alexdfjgh02
I went to so many car lots looking for the right car and someone that would finance me for what I was needed. I spent hours and hours in diffrent dealers and everyone was rude and wouldnt listen to what I needed and only wanted to sell me vehicles that would put the most money in their pockets. I know my credit wasnt the best to be dictating what I was asking for but I do have a family of 6 and needed somehting reliable that would last for a few years. At Autopros everyone was understanding and more than a pleasure to work with. They made the process so easy too!!! I was in and out withing just 2 hours!!! Compared to many other dealers which were 6-7 hour long process. I ended up buying a 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan, which fit my family comfortably, Provided me with service records and a accident free car fax :) best of all the van only had 37k miles on it!!! I plan on keeping this car untill it is paid off and then comming back and trading it in for something even better!!!!!
By: John S.
Ameri Motors, Incorporated
I am graduate student with a limited budget and a family. I went to Ameri Motors and told the owner that I only had so much money to buy a minivan and can he find me something for that price. Moreover, I wanted foreign car, in particular a Nissan Quest only 2005 and up. Although the dealership mostly deals with high end cars, the owner searched in the auctions for me for several weeks until he found me a 2007 Nissan Quest for the price that I stipulated which was much cheaper than really it could have sold for in the market. This was even better then I had hoped for since I only expected to get a 2005 Quest for the price I stipulated. I was very happy with the service I received from them. They were kind and very considerate of my situation and did all they could to meet my needs. They even processed the paper work for the title on the new car and lost title for my previous car so I can sell it. Any one looking for used cars, I highly recommend this place.
By: Ceg K.
Gordon Chevrolet
I came in to lease a chevy trax because at this time financialy I cannot afford the payments of a new car and did not want to purchase a used car,so my daughter who leases her vehicle convinced me to try leasing, my car was 14 years old and was starting to cost me money every time I had inspection and as a single women breaking down once on the ac expressway was enough. I found the salesman Sam to be extremley helpful in trying to get me to a price I can afford but ran into trouble when my credit score was low , I left disappointed but did come back on Monday to ask if my mother could co sign for my lease , Sam did get his boss involved and Steve found out that the finance dept had my mortgage payment mixed up with my monthly salary, if he didn t take the extra time to check this I would have left disappointed again but instead I drove out of the dealership with a new car and good price!! Thank You,Kathleen
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By: Tamra S.
Roll's Auto Sales
Paid almost 8400 to walk off with the car we loved. We told them the oil change was on in which he said it was fine but it'd be recommended to change it once we got home. Ok, fine. During the process of the paperwork we assumed the inspection would be done. Once being rushed through the paperwork, it's time to go. No inspection once we were already on the highway back home. I contacted the sales man who started his reply with "well duh". Not even an option to reimburse me. So 80$ oil change and 60$ inspection after putting 8400 down. Car is great, service was great. I was just uneasy on the money I had to spend to finish being legal AND keeping the car in top shape. I would recommend once everything is done to ofcourse give the car another drive and inspect for yourself. Because once all is said and done, "it isn't their problem anymore."

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