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By: umi-chan
Lambie Funeral Home
I wrote a review for Lambie's on & Google. What I said there STILL stands strong today so I am just going to copy and paste it for everyone to see: A family-run business that treat you like family. I adore these people. I had the misfortune of losing a lot of my family and we turned to Lambie's because they were in the neighborhood, but we really didn't know a lot about them back then (talking twenty years ago). We were amazed. They took care of EVERYTHING and handled everything smoothly. Loved ones who had an open casket service were done beautifully, and looked like themselves. Loved ones who were closed casket and loved ones who were cremated were handled with the up most care. The funeral home directors were extremely compassionate, and comforting. We have turned to them time and time again, and ALWAYS been treated with dignity, respect, and compassion. They have always taken care of each and every family member as if it were one of their own. And they aren't too busy to answer questions, or help you figure out things you had not considered. They even remembered one of the first people I had to bury nineteen years ago, everything from the whole name, to how he was buried. I had people die suddenly, with no plans or preparation for it, and Lambie came through and made sure they were taken care of, with the love and respect they deserved. I also had members who were not treated right at other funeral homes, and turned to Lambie. They were able to step in and make things right for that family member, helping to heal us after the ordeal of the first place. If you ever have to suffer loss, these are people you can trust and turn to in your darkest hours.
By: Deb P.
Deborah L Wilson Funeral Home
Deborah L. Wilson Funeral Home is a one of the best "businesses" I have ever come into contact with. I hesitate to use the word "business" since she and her staff do not make you feel like a customer or that you represent a transaction. Our family recently experienced a profound and unexpected loss. To complicate the issue we needed the service to take place in a matter of days and their were many other challenges that stood in the way of making that happen. Mrs, Wilson and her staff never made us feel that our wishes could not be honored- they gave us reasonable dates to supply her with the items she needed and she and her staff truly worked magic from there. From the initial arrangements, outstanding preparation of our loved one, program, service and final burial- Deborah L. Wilson more than mt expectations. One touch that we will never forget was the arrangement of the gloves of the pallbearers and the flowers from the family on the casket before it descended into the earth. Mrs. Wilson performed that service personally. For many this is the hardest part of the service. Mrs. Wilson and her staff treated our family like family (part of the reason we selected her again, however she really went above and beyond in this case) and we were able to draw on the comfort that she personally and her staff genuinely offered us. Both my Uncle and Aunt as well as other family members thanked her right after the service. I would recommend her highly- without reservation,
By: gallo4
City Wide Roofing Inc
I called city wide roofing and 2 other companies for an estimate on my roof. I picked city wide because the estimator was very thoro he took before pictures and showed me issues that were present on my roof. The estimator also took his time explaining what needed to be done and wrote out a full estimate for me. While I was speaking to the estimator my neighbor next door came out and asked if he had time could he check his roof as well. My neighbor told me he was very happy with the explaination and what he had to say. So after writing out my estimate and he already gave me a discount my neighbor asked can we have our roofs done together? The estimator said I'll do you one better so not only did they work around our schedule but they also did both of our roofs on the same day they were able to give us an even better discount which was amazing(he explained how he could do that too) I had work that day but my neighbor let me know how hard the guys were working. I was able to get out of work early and I arrived when the roofers were finishing up which included cleaning up any debris from doing our roofs. Once there, they explained it was finished and I asked if they would leave the ladder up so I could see the work on the roof. The work was perfect everything was clean and I also gave the guys a camera to take after photos for me which they did for me and my neighbor. Needless to say both myself and my neighbor were impressed.thank you city wide
By: biscuit12
Rocco& Sons Roof Contract
In 2010 I contacted Rocco & sons to install a new roof on my home. I live in a row home in Phila. They had a reasonable price for what I needed done. I got a rubber roof on my top main and shingles across the front of my home. They did a great professionable job. This past storm Sandy I had 3 shingle's that rocco & sons replaced in 2010 blow off. Of course I called to report the damage. I figured they wuldn't be available for weeks to get to my problem. The very next day after I called they sent a repair truck out and fixed the wind damaged shingles. They also cleared my drain that was clogged with tree debris from y neighbors tree. I was very happy wth the quick response and courtesy from rocco & sons. I've since recommended rocco & sons to 2 coworkers and they were very satisfied with the work they had done. I highly recommend rocco & sons cont, inc. to anyone that needs roofing work.Ms. Lori Twilley
By: pappi55
Locators Inc
I was looking for a very unique place to live. I am an artist and work from home and needed a relaxing and inspirational place to set up my studio. They told me that their specialty was finding just the kind of place I was looking for. The first month, they did have some interesting rentals but nothing that was just right for me. On my 5th week with them, I found the place just like what I had envisioned. It’s a 2 Bedroom old carriage house with big old willow trees around it and a creek out back. The ceilings have the really cool exposed wooden beams & the front door is mostly stained glass! The main bedroom which is what I will use for my studio is huge and the view looks right out to the creek. I can’t wait to start painting in my new place and know that the perfect living and creation space will inspire me much more than where I have been the last few years. Thank you, thank you, thank you Locators !
By: Maegen M.
Hancock Funeral Home Ltd
I would highly recommend Hancock Funeral Home. The people are amazing. I have spoken with Carol on numerous occassions and she is very nice and well spoken. My mother passed at a hospital in Philadelphia, and since we are in MD we had to jump through all kinds of hoops, so to speak, to get some assisstance to help bury her. Carol did all the leg work for us, and although MD was not willing to help a 48 year old woman with 2 children that have absolutley no money, Hancock quoted me a price that was very reasonable and the cheapest I had heard after calling about 50 funeral homes. They are so nice and willing to help. I am so thankful to have been directed to them! Between Carol and Penn Presbyterian, my faith has been restored in humanity, and there really are good people out there...
By: Charles W.
C Williams 2nd Generation Roofing
Hello, I am the owner of this Roofing Company, and to the 2 last people Samantha Tejeda and Wanda D that left bad reviews about my Roofing Company should be ashamed knowing that my Roofing Company has never did any Roofing work of anykind to there houses, which shouldn't been able to leave a negative impact on my 5 star rating. My Roofing Company consists of 7 to 10 employees and all have the passion for the roofing business. We are the youngest, fastest, most knowledgeable and dedicated roofers around. I treat my customers as I would want to be treated. I always charge a fair price, a price I would be comfortable paying if the shoe was on the other foot that's what keeps me going. So if your looking for a great Roofing don't hesitate to give us a call 215-843-1200.
By: Lilli S.
Best Buy In Town Autos
I recently purchased a 2004 Burgandy Cadillac Deville from them. I read the reviews below and they could NOT BE ANY MORE FALSE!!! Brad, The owner of Best Buy is a sweet and caring gentleman and wasnt worried about the sale OR money! He was more worried about my needs and they type of vehicle I was looking to purchase!And as for Brad's staff, They were ALL VERY helpful and also very very friendly! I would recommend this car dealership to EVERYONE I know whom are looking to purchase a reliable vehicle.AND YES, I DID get a warranty, YES, I did get the tags and ALL of the information ON THE SPOT!I REALLY have NO IDEA what these other NUTS are talking about when they say deceptive, dishonest, and rude!! I DID not see ANY of this when I was there to make my purchase!
By: Karen B.
Geno's Siding & Roofing
Go with GENO!. I have been looking for a siding contractor since March. I wanted to get some work done when the weather broke. The first contractor questioned if I was married, which frightened me. Kept wanting to know when my husband would be there because he needed to make the decision. Others made appointment they did not keep. Others did not return my call. GENO returned my call immediately. GENO did not treat me like a woman who did not know what she wanted. GENO began the work on the day he said and completed it in one day. GENO was polite and courteous. My house looks fabulous. I would recommend GENO without question. P.S. Others are still waiting for my husband to get home. I told them he was a navy seal. GO WITH GENO!!!! You won't be sorry
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By: Wanda I.
Compagnola Funeral Home
Compañola Funeral Home was very sympathetic for the loss of our mother Aida Luz Matos. They worked everything out with the entire family in a very professional and comforting way. They allowed us to stay to view our mother on her viewing night longer than expected, and on the hardest day, the also allowed us to view her longer. I highly recommend this funeral home to anyone that has lost a family member. They really worke with us in everything. My mother, Aida Luz Matos looked like an angel. They truly did a good job. There are two things that I can say bothered me. Aside from they're awesome job, I would have liked if her nails were done better, and parking is horrible. Other than that. I recommend Compañola Funeral Home. With kind regards.~ Wanda Rodriguez
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