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By: Ashley A.
Vybe Urgent Care Port Richmond
Went on a week night, 2 people ahead of me, waited about an hour to be seen. The girl who does your blood pressure, put the cuff on my elbow and it wouldn't get a reading, so she had to put it on my other arm. Doctor came in and spoke to me for all of 3 minutes. Dr. was more focused on whether or not I was single or married, to see if I could have an STD. I clearly stated I was married and had a possible UTI...I've had them before, I know the symptoms. so a day later I had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic he prescribed me. I called to let the doctor know, so he could prescribe a different one. Was told I need to come in to be re-evaluated. So now I will have to pay for 2 urgent care visits. I've had allergic reactions to medications before and every other dr/urgent care just called me in a new prescription without having to be seen again. I won't be returning here anymore. I should have just gone to CVS Minute Clinic where they seem more professional.
By: Adam J.
Philadelphia Homeopathic Clinic
I was under the impression that if homeopathy is not popular, it does not work. I think I finally understood why it is not popular… Pharmaceutical companies don’t want us to buy homeopathic remedies that can cure us instead of pharmaceutical drugs which we have to buy to the rest of the life. My first visit to Victor Tsan, MD’s clinic made me think different. First of all, I do not remember the doctor’s visit that lasts 2 hours. Probably last time it was 50 years ago when I was 15. I remember in my child age pediatrician examined me with percussion, palpation, and auscultation. We don’t even know these words now. I’m a nurse and never in my practice at different hospitals had I seen that professional and detailed patient’s evaluation. To make a long story shorter, Dr. Victor is a unique practitioner – old school, complete dedication, great experience and inordinate personality.
By: Donna S.
Vybe Urgent Care Port Richmond
Today is 6.30.15 (Urgent care's first day opened) I called this morning and spoke to a wonderfully energized lady by the name of Jennifer. (I had to be sure this was or was not the aramingo diner) I decided immediately after the call to walk in (they only take walk ins) and was again greeted by Jennifer and the staff walking around. SUPER clean establishment. Everyone SO friendly. Everyone. SUPER fast too! I really hope this business stays this way and doesnt fall under the pressure of some uncivilized people bc lets face it, it can happen. I hope the next time I would ever have to walk in here, the white walls wont be filled with dirt marks and people respect the place and staff. Best of luck Urgent Care on Aramingo staff! You guys were great today! Thank you!
By: Blake N.
Philadelphia Homeopathic Clinic
I think all reviews on this clinic will start the same way. I also did not know what is homeopathy and browsed internet for herbal medicine. I found homeopathy on this site and made an appointment for evaluation. Only there I realized that herbal and homeopathy are not the same. To make a long story shorter, I don’t have and I don’t know enough words to say “Thank You” to Dr. Tsan. He is genius. He returned me back to life when all other physicians said “We don’t know”.Dr. Tsan has great associates who work under his supervision and it was a pleasure to work with them, but… Dr. Tsan is simply THE BEST.
By: Kaffy S.
Philadelphia Homeopathic Clinic
I was under impression that homeopathy is the same as herbal medicine and… Yes, I’m kind of skeptic, but I didn’t believe in this treatment. Everything changed when I met Dr. Tsan. First he explained to me what this method is all about, and when I said: “Ok, doctor, let’s try” – he replied: “We never try in this clinic, we do.” Amazing, but after a pretty short period of time my condition improved and after a year I can say that what this doctor did to me was a miracle. I’ve been sick for almost 10 years and I recovered in a matter of few months.Thank you, Dr. Tsan
By: phillyguy10
Parish Jennifer L Doctor of Medicine
I saw Dr. Jennifer today. She is not all warm and fuzzy but who cares? She is not rude or mean, just very down to business. That is her personality. Give the lady a break. Check out her educationally background, that is what matters. Her background is very impressive. I did not go to see her for a social visit. I had very little wait, much less than I expected. The young lady at the front desk was very pleasant. I did not know what to expect and I was impressed.
By: Judith R.
Did not use Minute Clinic so cannot give a review. But this review is for EPIC CLINIC which I did visit. Clinic was at Rhawn & Frankford Avenue. Saw a Dr. Dees because my REGULAR DOCTORcouldn't see me..booked up and I was pissed. First time going to this type..very nice, took care of me and soothed my nerves thinking I might have a blood clot...which my own doctor should have done. If necessary I'd use their services again,,,thanks Epic
By: Mandy S.
Philadelphia Homeopathic Clinic
Many thanks and best wishes to Dr. Tsan for his professionalism and knowledge. I always was big fan of holistic medicine but now happy to find Philadelphia homeopathic clinic as the best place for all my issues. Would strongly recommend full homeopathic evaluation which takes approx... 1.5 hours. It’s definitely something different from traditional medicine and evaluates you different way.Thanks, again. 5 STARS.
By: Virginia P.
Philadelphia Homeopathic Clinic
I want to say “Thank you, Doctor Tsan. You are the best. You saved my life. Homeopathic remedies prescribed by you work like a charm. Unforgettable experience.” We need more practitioners like Victor. I recommend Philadelphia Homeopathic Clinic. Take my advice and you will not regret.
By: Stacie S.
Philadelphia Homeopathic Clinic
In this clinic is all about doctor Victor. He is genius. Nothing else to say. I saw people arrived to his center on stretchers and left on their legs. If by any chance you need holistic medicine for yourself of friends or family member, don’t waste time and money.
Tips & Advices
Emergency care facilities can treat infants and children. Roughly 16 percent of emergency patients are infants and children, so the medical professionals at these facilities typically have strong experience in pediatric emergency care.
The average wait time will depend on the type of emergency care facility.. Wait times typically average less than 20 minutes at an urgent care facility. At a hospital-based emergency care facility that treats life-threatening conditions, wait times can take as long as an hour or more.
Board certification is not required for emergency care facilities. However, the top facilities are often board certified. At hospitals, many emergency care centers require that their physicians be board certified as a qualification for employment. Two boards that handle this type of certification are the American Board of Medical Specialties and the American Osteopathic Board of Emergency Medicine.
Emergency care facilities include those that offer urgent care, and some urgent care facilities offer certain primary care services. At these facilities, patients are usually evaluated upon arrival, and a determination is made as to whether the problem requires emergency care, urgent care, or primary care.
Some medical tests and scans are performed at emergency care facilities. These facilities may perform select X-rays and blood tests if this is deemed necessary to assist your treatment. However, the range of medical tests and scans offered is much more limited than those offered as part of standard hospital care.

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