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By: Brandon C.
Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic
When I saw Dr. Victor Tsan he proposed acupuncture as the best treatment approach. I told him that I had acupuncture without any positive results. And Victor Tsan, MD said: “It wasn’t me who treated you. My opinion is that you need acupuncture and everything will be good.” After the very first session I understood how important is who is performing acupuncture. During the session, patients feel bio-currents coming from him through the needle right into the patient’s body. Then during the procedure, I felt energy movement. It was completely different from what was done before by another practitioner. And the most important, the result of Dr. Victor’s treatment was above all expectations. Looks like he cured me. I have no symptoms, I feel great. Thanks to doctor Tsan.
By: Vicky B.
Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic
In this medical center, everything is about Dr. Tsan. He founded the clinic, he is leading a team of physicians and he is a great man. He lives his patients' lives. He suffers from pain and discomfort along with each his patient, he takes care of patients' personal stuff... He is everywhere and he does everything. I'm not sure if he ever sleeps. I called once to leave a voice mail at 11:30 PM and Dr. Tsan picked up the phone. He treated my friend who Dr. Tsan called on Sunday at 6:30 PM to find out how she feels after the last session because he used some new technique that he didn't use for a long while. Thanks to the team of Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic and personal thanks to Doctor Victor (that's how patients call him).
By: Sally C.
Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic
I was told by someone that acupuncture is very good to fight alcohol addiction, so I decided to try myself. When I came to Philadelphia addiction center for free consultation, I found out that they have another procedure, called Esperal implant. Its not cheap but manageable ( $1K), giving in consideration the amount of money you spend on alcohol. I decided to take full course, acupuncture with implant together ( never hurts additional help). Overall, I had 5-6 acupuncture sessions and at the end Esperal. So far, so good. Hope, I wouldn’t get back to drinking habit ever again. Thank you for the help, doctor
By: morganfboyle
Renew Acupuncture
Bed side manner was excellent. very comfortable vibe in the office and def worth every penny. i was having issues with a cat allergy. I didn't want to keep taking pills everyday to deal with it so i looked for an alternative. Acupuncture apparently has great success in this realm and i would agree. i went to one session and i noticed a vast improvement. i went one more time about a month later just as a general follow up for this and that. we took some time to focus on allergies again and i hadn't been itchy since. THIS IS AMAZING!!!
By: feeefeee
Diamond Elliot DR
The staff was rude, service was rushed, environment was very chaotic. There were about 15 people in the room all being treated at the same time, with the same treatments. It seemed like a 1 size fits all approach to treatment. Everyone there was encouraged to purchase expensive foot splints. Receipts were not accurate, with incorrect dates, codes, and staff would not return calls to rectify.
By: Julie H.
Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic
You don’t even feel when doctor tsan inserts needles. Acupuncture is absolutely painless procedure and highly effective. I’m happy with the treatment result, and I recommend it.
By: Carol P.
Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic
Beautiful clinic, great service, well-trained personal, and expected positive result. I recommend Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic, directed by Victor Tsan, MD
By: Gene W.
Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic
The team of this clinic is simply the best. Dr. Tsan is a genius. I recommend Philadelphia acupuncture clinic. You will not regret.
By: Melissa S.
Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic
Simply THE BEST and no explanation needed. You’ll be surprised and you will never regret. Thank you Dr. Tsan.

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