By: dansela
Collision Decision
I recently got into a car accident on Spring Garden few weeks ago. A gentleman named Andy approached my vehicle and asked of I was ok. He then asked me if I needed a tow. I then arrived at collision decisions auto body shop at 7373 state road. I then walked into such a beautiful office and spoke to Mr. And Mrs. Padilla. They were such a pleasure to talk to. They reassured me that my car would be well taken care of and that it would be done in no time. I also received a rental for the time my car was being worked on. Few weeks later I got the call my car was ready. I picked up my car and was so pleased with the work that was done. There was not a dent or scratch on my car. I recommend anyone to take their vehicle to Collison decision auto body shop because they do such good work. I'm sure anyone would be pleased, not only for accidents but if your car needs any work done Collision Decision is the place.
By: danielle.kellogg37
Kabbots Towing & Junk Cars
I was stranded at the impound with my daughter for over 4 hours and after waiting for two different two trucks, each of them showing up with no tow license at all. I started to lose hope and a guy at the impound gave me Kabbots Towing card. I called immediately and Octavius answered. He not only showed up within 10 mins but he recommended an excellent repair shop to take my car to (Central City's Auto Body). Within 30 mins my car was out of the impound, Octavius had all of his required documents and my car was dropped off at the repair shop. Because my daughter and I caught the bus and was at the impound for HOURS, he gave us a ride home. Octavius is truly a life saver and I'll only recommend his towing services to any and everyone. Thank You Octavius & choose Kabbot's Towing, you will not be disappointed.Sincerely, Danielle & Elyse
By: rachellifeisgreat
VIP Towing & Recovery
GIRLS NIGHT OUT ALMOST RUINED!On my way down center city to celebrate a girls night out stuck on the shoulder of an on ramp to I-95. Being a female we thought we would be out back on the road in no time. That wasn't the case a couple of random people offered to help, of course we had to tools or spar, neither did the people that stopped by. Almost a hour later a VIP truck and pulled over asked if everything was alright. Thought it was nice of them considering they already had a car loaded on back, and still stopped .The driver checked out our tire, nothing major just a nail, driver plugged us up and & charged us only $20 and threw in a can of fix a flat. We were back on the road to continue our night.Thanks for helping us out VIP Towing and you guys definitely have some of the nicest trucks in Philly, by far. Keep up the good work
By: melanie87
VIP Towing & Recovery
HATE PHILADELPHIA, LOVE THIS COMPANYRecently moved to Philadelphia, landed an awesome job, only to my luck coming out of work my first day and noticed my car wasn't there. Calling all around city, to then find out these people called the “PPA”, in which are infamous for towing at no mercy had taken my vehicle. Google referred me to a couple of companies, most which the wait time was too long, or the only response was an answer machine. I then got ahold of VIP, owner/ dispatch told me all trucks were out and about, until I got a call right back from the owner himself. Owner, actually came down to the area in which I was at, drove me to Spring Garden, then to the PPA to help get my vehicle released. Who knew, it was such a process, but VIP was more than happy to help me out.
By: Norbert E.
Collision Decision
Collision decision is the place to go I took my 2014 Maserati to Collision decision It was hit so bad I didn't think it had a fix. Andy and his employees did a phenomenal job on my car when I got it back it was an incredible feeling and experience with these guys because everything that I was promised I received my car looked excellent like it was never touch if I had to rate these guys it would definitely be a time they even help me save my thousand dollar deductible which was very helpful because I didn't have it I highly recommend this body shop to everyone everyone that I've ever sent there was all outstanding by they work I can never thank you guys enough
By: Craig T.
VIP Towing & Recovery
Awesome company and friendly. VIP definitely stands behind their name. Help cleaning out a family members home after a death. We needed a junk car removed from the back of the house that been there forever, gave VIP a call, guy on the phone was cool, said he would take care of us & even gave us a couple of bucks for the piece of crap. Quick service, nice trucks and him & his crew were in & out.Owner has a an club in lower Northeast, The Clubhouse, great hangout & great people. PHILLY'S #1 TOW COMPANY HANDS DOWN!
By: Bill R.
Collision Decision
These guys were great. I got hit by a guy coming the wrong way down a one way. These guys got there before the police and immediately asked if everyone was okay and offered water to everyone at the scene. After being towed to the shop at about 2 in the morning, Andy helped me finish all of my paperwork and put me in a rental that night! The customer service was phenomenal from everyone there, and the car came out looking brand new. I can't recommend Collision Decision highly enough.
By: Alishia R.
K Dot's Angels Towing & Recovery
This is the only towing company I use. Anytime I need a lift or pulled out snow because of these horrible philly streets. I called the company and they was right there in a timely manner. The owner is a very professional person and very prompt and precise when it comes to cars and whats necessary to get your car back running again..... This is definiately an A1 towing company!!!!!
By: runiealenayieu
Stirling Towing & Transport
I found them on craigslist under "services". I am very please with the fast and very profssional pick-up of my baby, my bmw. After my car was fixed he picked it back up and brought her home to me at a discounted rate and i will continue to use this company for all my vehicles and tows. Thank you, Mrs. Alenayieu
By: gvm123
VIP Towing & Recovery
VIP Towing & Recovery prove to be the best once again, I called, they answered, they were really nice on the phone, helpful, reassuring and straight forward. When my car gave up on me, found out that my transmission was out, they showed up to tow my car to the mechanic. Thank you VIP for saving the day.

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