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By: Carol G.
Left my job on lunch break. Ordered boneless wings meal. At the window I ask if the extra sauce and ketchup was in the bag. Employee hands me the bag says"everything is in the bag". I drive back to work. I have dry boneless wings. I was on hold 10 min. . I had to tell the complaint 3 times to 3 different people.I had to leave my job unexcused, lose pay off the clock, burn my gas, got an occurance for being late to work. Wasted an 8.00 meal( dry boneless wings that I cannot eat). I was told they do not usually replace the meal. Really? All I want is the drive thru window employee to check the order if she tells you everything is in the bag. You know the most important part of the job to satisfy customers. I am sure she was clueless as to how much inconvience she caused the customer. Just letting you know it is not about just replacing the sauce. This happened on 03/25/17 around 2:30 if the manager cares. It has happened before. Just check the order please before you give it to the customer.
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By: Bill B.
Hartz Chicken Buffet
This is second sunday in a row when got their around 12 30 they were out of chicken putting everybody inside and at drive thru to fill a to go order was their 25 minutes never got any chicken people getting mad and some leaving poor mgmt.not to be able to take care of customers and fill call in orders you know they probably caked in those big to go orders early use to come their 2 to 3 times a week now not interested in coming at all
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By: Matt T.
Hot Wings Express
Regardless of what that person below me says, the wings and the service my mother & I received does not mirror that of what the prior reviewer says. The wings are lovely. I imagine the staff are just as caring and mild-mannered as the cashier. Please consider visiting this place for lunch or dinner, or even for your game days. Thank you for listening.Signed,Matthew Maddox
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By: Steve J.
Zeb's Seafood and Chicken
Hush puppies are terrible. Use them for bait. Overpriced for the meal. Won't be back. No oysters except some fried. That's not how to do it. They were better last year.
By: Vicki L.
Great atmosphere and customer service. Fried Grouper was delicious. We will definitely drive to PHENIX City to eat here.
By: Panama J.
Dixie Wings
always great food and fast service!

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