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By: brodywestbrook
Hybrid Haven
I don’t have a Hybrid, I have a gas hog Toyota Tundra (At least it’s not a ford F250). I used to be in the automotive parts business, Ed used to be my customer several years ago. I had many customers from all over the bay area, but I chose to bring my Truck to one person, Ed. I drove an hour and a half from Castro Valley so that he could fix me up. He knows his stuff; he is a Toyota master tech so even though he loves the hybrids he knows his way around any Toyota and then some. Because we had a work relationship I got to know his style of doing business, before I chose him to work on my cars, he is honest, and does everything with quality. If you have a hybrid of Toyota this place is a no-brainer, f you have something else I would still give him a call.
By: ruthwright925
Hybrid Haven
Ed is the first mechanic I’ve ever had where I could completely relax and be confident that he will be extremely through, very conscious of my tight budget and take wonderful care of my car. That kind of comfort, re auto mechanics, an area where I’m completely ignorant, is priceless. And yet the unbelievable part is that for repairs, maintenance or diagnostics, I’ve shopped around and compared prices. He is always the best deal, by far! I can’t say enough good things about Hybrid Haven. I live in San Francisco and happily make the drive to Petaluma knowing that I am doing the best thing for my car, my wallet, my budget, and my piece of mind. Thank you, Ed!
By: andrewclancy166
Hybrid Haven
I've used The Hybrid Haven for 3 different family cars now and have positive experience every time. I've been impressed with the level of detail when they assess a car and the mechanics I've talked to have explained the issue with the car and helped determine must fix issues to those that can wait for future repair. The non-mechanic help has also been polite and worked with me to get my car in work with my schedule. I found the pricing fair. Overall, I highly recommend the Hybrid Haven and they have become my go to auto mechanic.
By: jeromeg71
Hybrid Haven
I've been bringing both my cars here, even though one is not a hybrid, because since I first brought my Prius here they have proved to be a professional and reliable mechanic shop. It's great to know that the owner is always there overseeing things and you can actually interact with him on a human level as opposed to an absentee owner. Always a very good sign of a quality business. I recommend them no matter what kind of car you have because they have the skills and knowledge to take care of it.
By: landrev514
Hybrid Haven
I have two cars I bring here even though only one is a hybrid. Since the first time I came here they've proven to be reliable and professional. The owner is always there which is a great thing. The fact that he's there and interacting with his customers really means a lot and is a good sign of a high quality shop. They have the skills and knowledge to take care of any car and I recommend you bring yours here too.
By: mackenziegrant37
Hybrid Haven
I can’t thank Ed and the crew at Hybrid Haven enough for getting my daily driver back on the road! This is the very first time my car has ever been in the shop for repairs and I felt the diagnosis and quotes were fair. Repairs were completed in two days and even commuted the day I got my car back. No more issues with starting anymore thanks to Hybrid Haven.
By: richardupper56
Hybrid Haven
I brought in my 95 Quest because I had problems starting it. After Ed looked it over he gave me the bad news that it was time to get a new car. He did what he could to keep it on the road so I can start saving for a new car. I appreciate the time Ed took to explain things to me and he also understood that I was not ready to part with my van.
By: patrickhollis188
Hybrid Haven
Finding a trustworthy mechanic is one of the most fulfilling accomplishments you can have in this life. Take your car to Hybrid Haven and then give yourself a huge pat on the back: you've done it. Incredibly helpful and nice. They do more than just Hybrids because I’ve been taking my Honda there for years. I'll never go anywhere else!
By: hlawrence884
Hybrid Haven
I am very pleased with Ed and his crew at Hybrid Haven. I have an automotive background and their diagnosis and repair was very fair and they didn't try to add any unnecessary repairs. The entire staff was friendly and I am happy to have found our neighborhood shop!
By: thedrewmiester
Hybrid Haven
I appreciate their good service and like having a hybrid mechanic nearby. I know that this is new technology and I dont think most shops can handle the repairs. I like going to a specialist anyway and they are great!

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