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    Court H.

    I lived in Perry 15 years ago and moved back. My 14 month Doberman Pinscher is my life. He ate an unknown object (possibly a EXTREMELY toxic cane toad) and ran a high fever followed by 8 grand mal seizures. He had what I call very couture vet care all his life and was very healthy and NOW about to die. I called another local vet and since it was late night who told me to go to Tallahassee Animal ER. HE WOULD HAVE BEEN DEAD! Dr. Fletcher IMMEDIATELY came to his office and worked profusely to save my pet. IT DID NOT LOOK GOOD AT ALL. I was preparing myself for my Zeb's death. Dr Fletcher said "I am not ready to let this pup go". He worked with Zeb and made an early morning visit (on his day off). ZEB LIVED AND IS VERY HEALTHY. This was due to Dr Fletcher's EXPERT CARE AND GENUINE COMPASSION. This is the ONLY vet I will use. We moved to Perry after our visit and CONTINUE to see Dr Fletcher. He and Dr Sapp are the very best. If one wants their pet to be well cared for, this is an excellent place with Doctors who are inspired practictioners of animal care. THANK YOU DR FLETCHER!!!

  • Great Team of Professionals!
    Justin B.

    I've been taking my dog, Darla to Dr Fletcher at the Perry Animal Hospital for ten months now. Dr Fletcher and his crew have all been very knowledgeable and helpful to my wife and I. When you call the office, even during the weekend there's someone willing to help. When Darla was 2 months old, as puppies do, she unknowingly ingested a toxic substance. This was on a Saturday morning. If not for the prompt and caring service of the Perry Animal Hospital, I'm fairly certain my sweet friend would not be with me today! I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Fletcher and the Perry Animal Hospital team to everyone needing veterinary services!

  • sick dog turned away

    I have only seen Dr. Fletcher once before this with my dog. I just moved here to Perry fl and found him to be a delightful man. Knowledgeable. So I found this rude behavior from his staff unexceptable. Especially since I have always been a paying customer in good standing. But when my dog, of 10 years became increasingly ill, I was told, by the receptionist, to give him all sorts of "home remedies" over the phone. The typical Peptobysmol, Imodium, etc . I know my animal, and being a breeder of nine years, I knew something else was up with my dog so I asked for an appointment and was questioned again on when he was wormed last, his shots and vaccinations, and where I purchased such items. . I give my own vacinations, and worm and care for my dog on a monthly basis. Except for rabies, which is the only one required by law to be given by a veterinarian. My dog was given his rabies shot at a clinic held here in Perry , by a veterinarian, Many animal owners use such clinics, and mobile vet units to help with the ever increasing costs of care. These clinics are given by vets who usually do not reside in the area, thus the term "mobile", but offer exceptional pricing. The receptionist then asked me "WHO" gave the shot to my dog. When I responded with the mobile vets name, I was then told , that because Dr. Flethcer did not give the" rabies shot "to my dog and because I did not purchase the wormers from him, that I should see the vet who did. Accussed me of going inbetween vets, and that this made the doctor mad. Her words. Who I get my wormers and flea control from is none of her business, and clinics are a way to help save money, which we all need to do. It does not constitute going "inbetween vets." for a rabies vaccination. It is a good thing I was not visiting from out of town and had a sick dog needing care, and my vet was miles away. Only to be refused by Dr. Fletchers office because my vet lived in "Wyoming,.", and that vet gave my dog a rabies shot., and not Dr. Fletcher. How ridiculous! And how very frightening for me, and my dog, to experience this unprofessionalism, In a time of need for my sick dog. If this is Dr. Fletchers policy, then that is what I and others need to be told on our very first visit. Not in an emergency with our pets. My dog was sick, and a vet in Monticello had no problem in seeing him. I drove the hour drive with my sick pet,. I am grateful for the kind reception I recieved and the caring staff. My dog is doing better because of them.

    I would hate to know that this is the service , the kind I received from Dr. Fletchers office, one can expect to recieve from any vet in any town. Let alone one I live in. I am extremely disappointed in Dr. Fletchers service and staff and hope that improvements can be made in the future. Until then, My service is elsewhere. And so should be yours.

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