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By: Yo G.
DJ Contacto Latino
Really unresponsive people here, not professional at all, alarm not working properly too many problems.
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By: D. R.
Inland Auto Sales
I'd like to know what became of the guy that supposedly took off his catalytic converter from his vehicle which the dealer claims? I've never ever herd of such an allegation of a client taking out a converter from there own car? Sounds like a lemon was sold to this POOR gentleman. I hope there are more responses to find out if this dealership is passing lemons for cars! A concerned blogger.
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By: Robert T.
Inland Auto Sales
bought a car from them about 1yr ago my check engine light kept coming on so at first i went to them and the said they fixed it charged me $49.00 for a part .about 2months later my check engine light is back on so i took it to my guy and to my surprise my repair shop told me there was no catalytic converter on my car .so how were they able to do a smog on my car with no catalytic converter on the car at the time they sold me the car .well went back to dealer they tried to tell me it was on the car so i went to brake master and paid to proof there was no cattalyic converter on the car so now they have committed fraud and its against the law to sell a car in cali without a catalyic converter .so now i have a lawyer i want my money back i paid for the car. they are fast talkers .lets see what happens now
By: Dazhane L.
Payless Auto Sales
I was told that I would get new plates for the car and that never happened, I was pulled over for driving with the paper plates on & the cop told me the plates on the car under the paper plates were valid for the car but not registered to me, the cop let me go because the car insurance was in my name and told me to look into the dealership I bought the car from because it was registered to someone in palm springs. I received my tags for the license plate about 2 months after I bought the car, (the current ones were expired) they told me I'd have them within two weeks. they also asked me to give them a "Good" review on their facebook page. this place is trash all they want is money.
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By: Jr R.
Abel's Auto Customs
Bad service tint was not done right and stereo installed has a constant sound coming out of speakers and wont fix it would give a lower rating if i could
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By: Don Y.
Payless Auto Sales
This place is a Rip Off ! Rig cars to run well for awhile, take your cash, Dont Give you your New Lic Plates. Then LIE about it All when you ask whats goin on. Bought vehicle 2 months ago, they said I would have my New Plates in a week or two. 9 weeks later 0, Nada, Zero, Nothing and still more Lies. Plus have found out just how Bad they jury rigged engine. Now it is in Dealer shop for Critical Repairs. DONT TRUST A THING THESE PEOPLE SAY !
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By: Geri L.
Inland Auto Sales
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By: Toni R.
Perris Valley Kia
I recommend Perris Valley Kia for your car purchase. No Hassel! No False Advertisements. Great Customer Service . I have purchased over 20 cars in all my driving experience. I've always wondered. What went on in that glass bubble you know where all sales men and sales managers are talking numbers but you don't talk to them its like a game. After all the years buying cars I can say that when I walked into a Kia for no one rushed me. I actually was able to ask for person I've been speaking to on the phone . I asked for Sean the manager of the store. There he waved in that glass bubble. Well Sean welcomed us into that glass bubble I felt VIP service. Smooth deal. All the sales person are so calm ..its peaceful with relaxing music...make this your next stop! Perris Valley Kia Thank You ! We Appreciate your excellent. Service!! Sean you got this!
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By: Veronica A.
Abel's Auto Customs
Military Discount A+.......After making several calls this shop had the best price for tinting my Chevy Silverado 4 door. Service was great, time was super fast. Looking forward to getting my daughters 2014 Scion tinted soon. Thank you
By: benjaminsanchez
Abel's Auto Customs
This shop installed my stereo and tinted my windows professionally. They totally met my expectations.
Tips & Advices
Depending on the part and its overall quality, a good amount of money can be saved by purchasing aftermarket parts versus OEM parts. But aftermarket parts that are low in price might also be lower in quality and could do more harm than good to your car, or they may need to be replaced more frequently than a more expensive counterpart. This could lead to saving some money in the short term, but spending more than anticipated in the long term.
The type of tires being purchased is the most significant determinant of their price. SUV tires are more costly than average car tires. And high-performance tires are more costly than economy grade tires. On average, standard tires for an average-sized vehicle are around $100 per tire. Standard tires for an SUV are around $150 and pick-up truck tires are about $200 on average. Some dealers offer discounts if purchasing more than one tire.
Car inspections typically take about an hour. However the wait time can be longer depending on how busy the shop is. Call ahead for an appointment to avoid long wait times.
Depending on the manufacturer, certain aftermarket parts can be just as reliable as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. But one item within a vehicle, like oil filters for instance, could have multiple manufacturers and there could be inconsistencies in quality among them.
Costs of replacing a windshield can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors:
  • Vehicle make and model
  • How much of the cost insurance will cover
  • Whether the windshield installers come to your location or you bring the vehicle to them
  • Standard service costs of the windshield installers
Generally, newer and higher-end vehicles cost more to have their windshields replaced because certain manufacturers use modified or proprietary glass types.

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