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By: ik0kyu
Academy of Okinawan Karate
I have been taking karate from Academy of Okinawan Karate for 5 yrs. I have improved my health, and the desire to exercise has increased incredibly. The discipline one learns from karate is a choice, if you want things to happen to you and not work for it, even after class, than you need to rethink any type of martial arts. Alot of the reviews on this site talk about Mr. Walker not being able to be trusted and the contract being shady. Personally, I have not had any issues with my contract, and I trust him with my life, I mean he's an 8th deg black belt. However, I do encourage everyone to read the contract, and if you are not commited to taking up martial arts for 1yr, than don't sign it, but isn't that true for any contract, don't sign it if you can't live up to it?I think my favorite thing about this dojo is the fact that you learn how to spread your knowledge, its not just what you can learn from "them", its also about what you can teach to others. Most people are into exercising as a weight loss, in karate I went from a size 12 to a size 6. Now was it the classes that helped me lose weight? I think it was more of what was taught in class, that I learned how to take care of myself and desire something more than just what was in class.
By: Sharla M.
Academy of Okinawan Karate
My husband and two kids have attended the academy of okinawan karate for a little over a year now. We started after my son (12 years old at the time) experienced a terrible year at school dealing with bullies. His self esteem had deteriorrated due to constant harassment at school. It wasn't long after starting karate that he started showing signs of improving his self esteem. The school provided much needed encouragement from a source other than mom & dad. The physical aspect help him build muscle and confidence. Recently, my son experienced another opportunity where he could have been bullied, but he now feels very capable of defending himself to the point where others don't bother him anymore. The karate school reinforces not only exercise and confidence, but also respect and excellence in all areas of life. They incorporate fun into the activities and I've watched my kids (hubby too) do things I never thought they could do like break boards with their kicks and learn how to use weapons in a safe way. The instructors are patient and really good with all students - from young to old. It's been a great avenue for my husband and two kids to have an activity to do together
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By: Samantha M.
Academy of Okinawan Karate
My two small children (4 & 6) have only been training for 8 months but the difference I see in their confidence and behavior is amazing. Mr Joseph Johnston and his wonderful staff have become my children's idols. When we walk into the dojo, their little faces light up. Even with the large amount of students the classes are always very organized and very fun to watch. I definitely recommend AOK, I could not ask for a better atmosphere for my children to grow, learn and develop new friendships in.
By: Alex S.
Academy of Okinawan Karate
I started here about 9 years ago. About 4 years ago i was jumped by 3 people and without this training i dont think i would have come out on top. Since coming here my confidence and attention to small details has tremendously increased. Every one here is so friendly and awalys willing to answer questions. ive come to think of it as a second home
By: Jake N.
Academy of Okinawan Karate
i've been training at the academy for over 7 years and i can confidently say that this is the best place to train in the central IL area. the staff is nice and knowledgable and classes are a blast. if you want to get into better shape, learn to defend yourself and/or get a view into another culture, you've found the right place
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By: Todd C.
Academy of Okinawan Karate
My son Alex has been attending AOK for about 18 months. He loves going to class. The instructors are awesome with kids. Great attitudes and the best instructors in Peoria!

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