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By: Steven M.
Jewish Federation of Peoria
The Jewish Federation Of Peoria lists Chabad of Peoria on its website as one of the institutions it recommends and this is a review of Chabad of Peoria. My 4 stars are for Chabad--I have no knowledge of other Jewish institutions in Peoria. I attended Yom Kippur services at Chabad of Peoria in 2014. I had to travel from Bloomingon, IL, where I live, as there's only a Reform synagogue here. I thought the rabbi (Rabbi Eli Langsam) did an outstanding job and I'm glad that he's persevering even though he could barely get a minyan even on Yom Kippur. He is a helpful, pleasant, and fairly efficient person (although his Chabad website contained numerous errors about the dates of events, etc.) The best thing about his davening was that he explained to the congregation what was going on in the service a it went along. Usually at an Orthodox service a lot of us who don't have years of training have no idea what is going on. Also, he brought in an excellent chazzan from Chicago. I wish all the Chabad rabbis were as competent as Rabbi Eli Langsam.
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By: Ruth S.
Children & Family Svc
I am the great grandmother of two children who are in custody of the state.. I just found out today about one of them.. so far any information about them has been withheld from me by request of the parents.. who don't even have custody.. I find it off that any family who is interested in the welfare of these children cannot be allowed any information on them.. they are Daniel and Lauren Hale children of Allen and Ashleey Hale. I found out about Daniel through court records online.. I don't know when Lauren was born and only know about her via a letter to Ashleey that was delivered here by mistake.. Is there any way that I can legally be allowed information about my great grandchildren? I am their mother's grandmother and she is alienated from the family because of her husband..
By: abelard108
Associates In Mental Health SC
Very nice facilty. Wating room is large with nice view. Staff could be a little bit friendlier. Been going there nearly three years and they still never recognize me. It seems like all of the therapists are outstandingl; at least mine is.
Tips & Advices
A child psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in issues that affect the mental and emotional health of children and teens. Child psychiatrists can provide treatment for children and teenagers who suffer from depression, autism, anxiety disorders, attention disorders, drug addictions, eating disorders, mood disorders, and a wide range of behavioral problems.
Psychiatrists typically ask questions that focus  on the issues that are having a negative effect on your life. In an initial visit with a psychiatrist, you may be asked about symptoms you've experienced, and ways in which you've tried to deal with them. You might be asked about current and past medical conditions, as well asa family health history.
A referral is an authorization from your doctor saying that a certain type of treatment is medically necessary, and it's usually required if you want your insurance company to cover the costs associated with a visit to a psychiatrist. If you don't have insurance, a referral is not required to schedule a psychiatrist visit.
Psychiatrists and psychologists sometimes collaborate, and this typically takes place when working with patients who have serious mental health problems. In cases like this, a psychologist will treat the patient from a behavioral perspective. A psychiatrist will complement this treatment with care that handles issues concerning biology, neurology, and the prescription of drugs.
Many psychiatrists specialize in treating certain conditions. Some psychiatrists focus on substance abuse therapy, and this is the treatment of addiction to substances like alcohol, narcotics, and tobacco. Others specialize in biological psychiatry, which is the treatment of brain chemistry disorders like depression and schizophrenia. Psychiatrists might also specialize in treating elderly patients or children and adolescents.

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