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By: Clinton K.
GunForALL went through a personal crisis in the first half of 2014 and has only just begun to attempt recovery. A crushing blow to Clintons business and reputation were the result of a nasty and very public divorce which literally left the company without power or lights for a period of three months and financial struggles have been a good summery of the past 12 months. In no way however and at no time is it true that any such fraud be a practice that takes place herein. How would it even be a rational mans thinking that a firearms dealer who with constant oversight by various justice departments think this would be a good biz to engage in if intending on such unscrupulous activities. The fact is that a terrible divorce following a previous moving the entire company to a better newer location wiped the companies liquid and for a duration of the new zoning restrictions made it impossible to get city approval for this kind of business to be approved and even a cease and desist had to be dismantled by lawyers just to get all Licance requirements back. Add to that the ex wife and pain of watching all that was accomplished in the previous eight years fall apart emotionally and physically there simply were blockades and assaults from so many angles at the same time that in deed when the dust settled a variety of orders did not ship as promised or fell apart altogether and a variety of stock alerts or back orders months old lost connection or a way even to get the owner on the phone. This led to charge backs and bad press and then it exploded in what I imagine was just two or three relentless individuals left hanging who as a means of retribution or perhaps retaliation for what they understandably would have seen as a plain rip off, then took it upon themselves to write review after review across the net and when done do it again only this time create a fictitious story to support the out of context legit one. I know of this tactic because the ex actually used it too and let me tell u from expiriance two very real quotes u can pass on with confidance... He'll have no fury like a women scorn and it is cheaper to keep her. It's been a year now and a vision is becoming clear again but what can also be seen is the damage left after the storm this company had a six month long hell on earth and those affected were compensated either by their card provider or by way of refund. The monetary damage and blemish to our reputation will surely be felt for years to come but I ask those who consider calling up and judging for yourself your expiriance to consider not our six month hell on earth but the eight years of heaven on earth which is what we will continue to prasue www.GunForALL.com
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By: Craig E.
Shooter's World Peoria
Awesome personnel and a great, automated indoor 25 yard range. Have taken a few classes with them and the instructors are top shelf.!
By: Richard K.
Shooter's World Peoria
Nice people, but they do not allow high powered pistols on the range. Rifles, but not pistols. Go figure

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