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By: Rebecca D.
Camden Fountain Palms
I was renting here over 2 years first year was I was out of a divorce and needed a place close to my sons mother. The lease was drawn up wrong. When I went to give 30 days notice I was told I could not because that month was the last month and I had to renew it or pay all these fees even with the lease agreement I had in hand showing my 14 months she said that did not matter do to her computer. So I singed a new lease. But this is not where it gets bad. I had some things stolem from my aprtment a few months back that were handed down and worth a lot of month and when I went to managment I was told the crew on the team is all new and the old team is gone and they can't do anything about it. Last my lease is finally up. And I am living with my new wife for the past few months and keeping up with our lease to be good tenants and follow through with it and not walk out on it. And yes I have been late a hand full of time 1 day or 2 days in that over 2 year period and i paid those late charges. Well I asked them last week what would I have to pay since my lease is up on the 9th and rent is due on the 1st. She told me last Thursday call me on the 1st. I said sure. And as a person why would I think my last payment would not be do on the 1st if she is asking me to call on the 1st who would come in the day they are asked to call for payment and then pay that day. So I was thinking it would all be do by the end of move out the 9th. And she said she did not have amount since they charge here water usage un like other places. Other apartments dont charge this so pay attention on that. I was told to pay over 350 for 9 days when we have 30 days in April and my most rent payment was 1140 and last 3 payments were 1130, 1100 and under 1110 and she said I am to pay 362 does that make sense. Prorated should be most with water 38 a day for 9 days if my rent at most was 1140 and it has not been in a long time. And they charged me 100 for late charges and would not take my payment today because I would not pay late charges with out talking to management higher up. Vina is rude and needs to take a class on management and respect for people and compassion. I pay 1520 for my mortgage and 1140 for this rent rt now. And she has enough nerve to tell me to pay my rent on time I should know to pay. When I was never given the amount in any way shape or form or even
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By: Angela C.
Villas At Montebella Clubhouse
This place is a slum, and there are drugs dealers everywhere. The management tried to make me lose my housing. I was in the hospital and could not pay a fine for a window broken by someone who was not even my guest at the time. They were over charging for a 15 dollar window they wanted 225. I got the money together, but I had a medical emergency, so I had my sister try to take the money in. Management refused the payment, and they evicted me and tried to charge me thousands of dollars. I even had paperwork that I was deathly ill in the hospital and could not make it to court. I lived there for six years and the new owners evicted me for absolutely nothing. When I appealed my housing they found the owners at fault for the eviction, but if I did not appeal, I would have lost it. This place is a horrible the staff is mean and the place is crawling with bed bugs and roaches.
By: Mary W.
Sun Wood Apartments
HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. They ran our credit & took our deposit to HOLD an apt. They confirmed we had a 1st flr apt for Nov 1st, then they called & said the 1st flr won't be available any longer, we have a 2nd flr, then they call & say they can't rent to us at all only 2 weeks before we move from another state !! We've lost all our other deposits for the move from out of state and now have nowhere to move ! HORRIBLE to do to a family of seniors and disabled people ! Most likely just don't want disabled people living there since it's a 55+ community. WOW thanks a lot, life doesn't suck enough.
By: Lacey S.
Villas At Montebella Clubhouse
If you value yourself and your wellbeing do not move into these apartments. •cockroaches •maintenance never comes when u need something fixed, and if they do come they leave the job unfinished...•rude, I mean extremely rude managementYou are better off hitching a tent in the middle of nowhere surrounded by coyotes that want to eat you alive than living here
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By: Jay H.
Cedar Meadows
I have lived here for 6 years and sinse the new managment took over its been a nightmare there are drug dealers every other apt and the place is run down now the kitchen cabinets fell off the wall 9 months ago and it's still not fixed,any time I try to complain to D. of anything the manager won't alow you to speak and she will threaten to give you a 10 day notice if you push your complaint,my truck has been burglerized and vandelized costing many thousands of dollars in damages,the children are just as scary as the various thugs and drug dealers that are clearly doing business,so keep your children away! I'm moving after her last few threats from her, I hope this helps.
By: deana.todd
Villas At Montebella Clubhouse
This place has got to be 1 of the WORST apartments I've ever been to. We went to try to sign a lease but when we got there the sign on office said be back in an hour. 2 HOURS later she still hadn't shown up. Saw maintenance man and asked him for help, he called the manager who said she was on the way, ANOTHER HOUR later she showed up, no apology. Then when I asked for property owners name and number she pushed my paperwork but at me and told me they dont want ppl like me to rent there, this is after I did app and was told I could sign lease. Then talking to other tenants who live there they said the have bed bug infestation and they are doing nothing to fix it!!
By: lenalee213
Park on Olive
The staff is rude the apartments look nice but are infested with scorpions and they have roaches too. Do if you report it to the office they will tell you that they can't do anything. The residence are rude and will key up your car for no good reasons.
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By: 5felines
The Lodge at Arrowhead
The apartment we rented at the The Lodge at Arrowhead was very nice. The grounds were very nice and everything seemed to be kept up nicely; however, choosing this apartment was one of the biggest mistakes we ever made. First of all, they force you to use Qwest and take Direct TV; however, they never upgraded their satellites so we did not get HDTV. Qwest was absolutely horrible. We could not get bills from them, so I had to call every month to find out the balance and pay over the phone. After we moved and closed the account they started to send bills!The worst of it is just hitting us, 4 months after we moved out. We signed a 13 month lease for an apartment last October. My husband then obtained a job in Huntsville, AL and we moved in June. The penalties of breaking the lease were more than the cost of paying the rent through October 31, so we decided to pay the remaining months. I had given my checking account information on the website for paying monthly. I did not sign up for recurring payments. When I tried to pay my July 1 payment, the website would not allow me to pay that way. It was already the end of June, so I called to say that the check might be late. They agreed to wave the late fee. I then sent the check for August 1 in mid July to make certain it got there on time. I did the same in mid August for September. This check was not from the same account I'd saved to the website. Much to my surprise, they deducted the rent from my other account, also in mid August. I talked to them, and they told me that they could not put the rent payment back into my account. They could send my check back, but that was all they could do. I told them to keep the check and credit October 1 so that I would then be done with my rent obligation. I had to move money from my savings account to cover the deduction they made, but I was glad that I no longer had an obligation to pay rent. Then, last week, I received a call telling me that they had again deducted a payment from my checking account. They suggested that I put a stop payment on it ($30). I did not feel this was right since it was their mistake, but I attempted to do it. It was too late as the payment had already gone through.Now they are holding this rent payment (for November 1, after the end of our lease) until I prove that the payment went through. When we tried to deal with them, they were rude. They blamed me for not cutting off the recurring payment on the website. It is not possible to do that because it does not show that I have signed up for a recurring payment. They should have been able to tell that I didn't have recurring payments by problems in June and July.

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