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By: Karen S.
Wal-Mart SuperCenter
I purchased a Money Gram money order needed to pay a bill. I mistakenly put the wrong pay to info in. I went back to Walmart to see if I could exchange for a new one. The cashier was unsure but looked in her Manuel for the process to exchange, but, I had to wait 24 hours. Came back with money order/stub and receipt only for the cashier (Sara) to tell me there's nothing she could do because I had put in the wrong name for whom the money order was going to. I explained to her what the previous cashier stated to me and she still was not TRYING to help me. She called a CSM and they both claimed they couldn't help me. She did give me a form to contact Money Gram. So I went to my car and called Money Gram. I told the rep my issue and she said "you must take it back to the place of purchase with the stub and receipt to get a refund". I explained to her that Walmart states they can't do that because I put the wrong pay to name in. She says no they can refund it back but they must put in the correct code for that issue and they can call Money Gram for any questions about the code. So I go back in and let cashier (Sara) know that i took her advice and called Money Gram and this is what they said. Still not willing to help she called another CSM over that was not willing to help and she called her supervisor (Scottie) about my issue and even he was unwilling to help. I told him I called Money Gram and they said the cashier has to call for the code she would need to complete the transaction. Scottie looked at me confidently and said "ma'am I know Walmart's procedures and store policy and we can't help you. I asked if they could at least call Money Gram for the code as Money Gram stated that was all they had to do. All three said no. Again I went to my car and called Money Gram again. The next rep told me the exact thing the first rep told me. After trying to get help from Scottie and his cashier for an hour, I decided to go to another Walmart out of my way on the other side of town. I went in and told the cashier my issue. She called her supervisor for help, but, he knew exactly what to do. The exact thing the very first cashier at the first Walmart looked in her Manuel and read. She called Money Gram to get the code she needed (a 2 minute call). I was in and out in 10 minutes. It's good for Scottie to confidently know his stores policy and procedures but you gotta be able to back it up and it's ok to say I just don't know or get trained from someone that does.
By: Kat S.
Perdido Key Oyster Bar Restaurant & Marina
After a 12 month hiatus, we went back to Oyster Bar last night. From my previous review, I cited poor service & disinterest +incompetency from management as the main reasons for our discontent. Yesterday was my Uncle's birthday & he wanted to go back, so without complaining, we went. We were promptly greeted at the door and shown to our table. The person seating us turned out to the be manager, Leslie. She pointed out our server, Nicole, was busy with a large party and would be with us shortly. Nicole came over promptly and introduced herself. The difference between her approach & attitude was night & day from our last visit. Nicole is personable, efficient, & very sweet. The drinks were quickly served & our food orders taken. The food arrived hot, with a smile. All of our food was great except one of our party had the special, which was a stuffed grouper. The fish was left too long in the oven & the bottom of the filet was so hard we couldn't cut through it with a fork. We informed Nicole & she immediate apologized and as we were mostly done with our meals, offered the person a piece of pie as recompense, which we accepted. After the meal was finished, we called over Nicole & Leslie to share our feedback on our visit that evening, as well as to inform them I would be writing an update today to my review from last year. Both were very grateful. In further discussion, both of them were familiar with my review from last year! Based on other reviews I have read here, I hope that my last review contributed to correcting the course of the restaurant over the last year, as many seemed to have had a similar bad experience last year with the service. I hope that this review contributes to maintaining this corrected course as it is a sure fire win! I hope that all of you with unpleasant experiences will go back & give them another chance. Thank you to Nicole & Leslie. We will be adding Oyster Bar back to our list of favorites
By: Kat S.
Crab Trap
We own at the Eden Condominium complex. We drive down twice a year and the Crab Trap is always our first dinner in town after our 11 hour drive. With consistently good food, good service, & a value priced menu, it is one of our staples. Last night we came in and had dinner served by Justin. One member of our party ventured beyond her usual meal and was not happy with her choice. Not that the dish wasn't well prepared, it just wasn't to her taste. Justin noticed she had eaten very little of her meal and inquired about it. She explained that it was fine just not to her taste. Justin immediately inquired if he could get her something else. She declined. Unbeknownst to us, Justin went to his manager Angel and told her about the meal. Angel came over and explained she had taken the meal off the bill and asked again if she could get another meal for us. We were shocked. We hadn't asked for the discount and were impressed the staff had taken it upon themselves to ensure we were happy & would come back. We reiterated that the meal choice had been the issue, not the meal itself, but they were insistent they would rather we have no regrets and come back than keep the price of a poor choice. We will be keeping this on the staple list and are very glad that our business is so appreciated :)
By: kimberlynfl
Gene's Lounge
Gene's Lounge was the first bar/lounge I went to 12 yrs ago when I moved to FL. The people I met were friendly( some still go there still)the waitstaff has changed a million and one times but Theresa is still there (best bar waitress yet to be found) We usually make it a point to head out there for Bday Celebrations or just to start the night off for a meeting place. The drinks are good for the prices (not watered down)the old band was good, but I love the change up of the $2 cover charge and new bands weekly ( BUZZCUTT ROCKS) there is a bit of variety of the people from all ages that go there,so the music varies too. The DJ does play more modern stuff on request from the crowd. There is a pool table,darts,several big tv to watch the games/races throughout the bar area, 2 ladies rooms ( which makes the lines go faster ladies ) an nothing will make you laugh more to see someone who has had more then enough get up and dance the pool in the corner hahahahhahaa Keep it upGENES :)
By: S L.
Southpaw Grill
For starters one of the BEST Ribeye steaks I've ever had! Here's the decline I was OVERCHARGE that's the worst...apps are suppose to be 1/2 off m-f 4-7pm I've believe I got 8 buffalo shrimp for $12.95 my waiter Chris was okay I could tell he was still getting the hang everything. I attempted to reach out to management to let him know what Awesome food and service I received (before realizing I was overcharged) however he was too busy to even acknowledge my presence. (Had my waiter not been black too I probably would have made some terrible assumption ����) nonetheless me or my kids had no complaints about the food. Buffalo shrimp appetizer Entrée Ribeye 8oz, baked potatoe, garden salad, and garlic bread, Kids (1) Shrimp and fries (2)) Chicken tenders and fruit
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By: Michelle Q.
Bat Vapor
I have been to several vape shops in Pensacola. I will not visit any other vape shops but Bat Vapor. Their selection of products is awesome. The prices of their juice blows other shops out of the water. Every employee is knowledgeable of all things having to do with vaping. I'm respected and treated like a friend when I'm there. You can hang out in their lounge relax or play pool. You won't go wrong at Bat Vapor. I made the mistake today of going to a vape shop close to my house and what would cost me 4.99 at Bat was going to cost me 21.99 there. Their heads must be in the "clouds". So, I kept my money and drove on over to Bat Vape. I sure won't be trying to save gas again. Thanks to All at BAT vape!! You guys ROCK!!!!!
By: Sharon S.
Southpaw Grill
My daughter and I meet for lunch every Wednesday and I think we found our new favorite place! The menu had such a wide variety it was difficult to pick since everything looked delicious. Our food was wonderful and portion size was perfect. No skimping on any of the ingredients either. Servers were great ~ Chirs rocks! I hope this place really takes off!. Every start-up has it's bumps along the way so I don't doubt whatever experiences the previous diners had will resolves themselves as the staff settles in. The atmosphere was clean, comfortable and relaxing.
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By: Karen P.
The Oar House
This is only the second review I have ever posted. The first was about a bad experience at a store but really came on here to write about the Oar House. First they offer a Military discount which is wonderful. I love the idea that anyone and everyone support our Military every day of the year! Now having said that, the view is spectacular and the food is really good. We usually go here on weekday to avoid crowd and have always had great service and the atmosphere goes from slightly boisterous (friendly comradery) to peaceful and calm - either is always good fun.
By: pcolagasbuddy
Walmart Supercenter
Traffic can be a bear in the parking lot. People drive so silly. Morning hours are elderly hours. The after six crowd takes a step down past dark. I watch for pickpockets carefully. Food supplies are very basic, store does not focus on stocking many unique food products. Pensacola Christian college students shop here a lot on some nights, but they do not proselytize customers, keeping to themselves. If you shop at Wal Mart, this is probably the best one in Pensacola, along with the store on Blue Angel Parkway in terms of cleanliness and overall safety.
By: jsastre
Sunset Grille
My friends and I recently went there for lunch and the first thing we notice was the greeter was all sweaty and on the verge of "passing out" My God what kind of establishment lets their employees stand out in the sun,no enclosure or fan just to lure people in.Moving on,the food was ok and the service was not bad but in my experience if you treat your people like crap it will trickle down to the customers,I for one don't want to find out,there are better places to go to lunch whose employees don't look "distressed".

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