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By: Beth E.
Publix Pharmacy
Disappointed because I went to get the flu shot, and they had run out of high dose flu serum. They would not give me a rain check for the $10 gift card which was promised with this flu shot even though I came in before the offer ended. Love my Publix, but disappointed in this.
By: Clara D.
Wal-Mart SuperCenter
I was vacationing in Pensacola and needed to grab a few things and saw this place and now I wish I'd continued driving. This is your typical walmart so the selection was what is expected but OMG the service was AWFUL and the store is dirty. I made the mistake of going to the bathroom and backed right out because there was NO WAY I was using that pig sty. Everyone needs to BEWARE of this store. This place should be closed down and burned down.
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By: Michelle Q.
Bat Vapor
I have been to several vape shops in Pensacola. I will not visit any other vape shops but Bat Vapor. Their selection of products is awesome. The prices of their juice blows other shops out of the water. Every employee is knowledgeable of all things having to do with vaping. I'm respected and treated like a friend when I'm there. You can hang out in their lounge relax or play pool. You won't go wrong at Bat Vapor. I made the mistake today of going to a vape shop close to my house and what would cost me 4.99 at Bat was going to cost me 21.99 there. Their heads must be in the "clouds". So, I kept my money and drove on over to Bat Vape. I sure won't be trying to save gas again. Thanks to All at BAT vape!! You guys ROCK!!!!!
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By: No one I.
Publix Pharmacy
I was always a CVS pharmacy person, until I heard such great things about Publix Pharmacy from my mother in law. Because it was at such a convenient location from my home, I figured why not try it. I really wanted to like it, but for a year and a half I put up with subpar pharmacy standards. The people have never once given me a kind greeting at pickup or drop off. I have never gotten any sort of notification when my prescription is available; I always had to call, even when I was promised I would be notified. When I call, the pharmacy techs are always short with me. The icing on the cake was my last encounter with them. I just had knee surgery and come to find out on post up day 5, I have a blood clot in my leg. The treatment is blood thinners in order to prevent the blood clot moving to the lungs. I am told to start the prescription immediately. My mother goes to pick up the prescription only to be told that the prescription was unavailable and had to be ordered and won't be there until the next afternoon, when I should be on my THIRD dose of medication. They didn't even have the decency to call and let me know, or give me the option to have it filled at another publix so that I could start my medication as directed. This was the final straw for me and I hope that they don't endanger future patients lives due to their inconsiderate and borderline unethical behavior when handling prescriptions.
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By: Karen S.
Wal-Mart SuperCenter
I purchased a Money Gram money order needed to pay a bill. I mistakenly put the wrong pay to info in. I went back to Walmart to see if I could exchange for a new one. The cashier was unsure but looked in her Manuel for the process to exchange, but, I had to wait 24 hours. Came back with money order/stub and receipt only for the cashier (Sara) to tell me there's nothing she could do because I had put in the wrong name for whom the money order was going to. I explained to her what the previous cashier stated to me and she still was not TRYING to help me. She called a CSM and they both claimed they couldn't help me. She did give me a form to contact Money Gram. So I went to my car and called Money Gram. I told the rep my issue and she said "you must take it back to the place of purchase with the stub and receipt to get a refund". I explained to her that Walmart states they can't do that because I put the wrong pay to name in. She says no they can refund it back but they must put in the correct code for that issue and they can call Money Gram for any questions about the code. So I go back in and let cashier (Sara) know that i took her advice and called Money Gram and this is what they said. Still not willing to help she called another CSM over that was not willing to help and she called her supervisor (Scottie) about my issue and even he was unwilling to help. I told him I called Money Gram and they said the cashier has to call for the code she would need to complete the transaction. Scottie looked at me confidently and said "ma'am I know Walmart's procedures and store policy and we can't help you. I asked if they could at least call Money Gram for the code as Money Gram stated that was all they had to do. All three said no. Again I went to my car and called Money Gram again. The next rep told me the exact thing the first rep told me. After trying to get help from Scottie and his cashier for an hour, I decided to go to another Walmart out of my way on the other side of town. I went in and told the cashier my issue. She called her supervisor for help, but, he knew exactly what to do. The exact thing the very first cashier at the first Walmart looked in her Manuel and read. She called Money Gram to get the code she needed (a 2 minute call). I was in and out in 10 minutes. It's good for Scottie to confidently know his stores policy and procedures but you gotta be able to back it up and it's ok to say I just don't know or get trained from someone that does.
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By: Angela S.
They are a very friendly staff always smiling and kind to help you no matter what the question is they try to find an answer very efficient very kind and courteous and very smart always try to be on top of things when it comes to the prescriptions and the questions you may have they're just a great bunch of people that work at Walgreens in the pharmacy department and I want to thank them so much they are very very kind thank you for all your help
By: pcolagasbuddy
Publix Pharmacy
Quick, clean, friendly, and convenient Publix on the west side. Entrance and exit system onto Michigan Avenue is a death trap. Beware.
By: Adam W.
This is the WORST WALGREEN'S store in the United States. DO NOT USE! Pharmacy manager is either a MORON or the laziest in the country. The pharmacy staff is incompetent to the point of criminal negligence. I have been to many Walgreens around the country with no problem but this Walgreens is DISGUSTING. Apparently, the pharmacy manager does not know how to order meds because they never have the medication in stock... even though it's the same EVERY MONTH. This guy should be fired. I just learned that he is only there in the morning. I will never use them again. They will tell you your prescription is ready, when THEY KNOW IT IS NOT and they don't have the meds to fill it even though it's the same EVERY MONTH.
By: ro.harve
Walmart - Pharmacy
You need more staff because waiting 4 days to get your meds is not right.
By: judyjones32
Wal-Mart SuperCenter
Rude for me to say so? Ghotto Store. High Crime, strange people approch you asking for money. Store is dirty, employees refuse to help customers. "this isn't my area one told me".

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