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By: bigjolly79
Gulf Coast Tattoos LLC
I'm not sure who 'Angil' is but i am Shane Jolly (manager) at gulf coast tattoo . i do not tolerate price gouging at Gulf Coast Tattoo and I'd like to know where this information was gathered from . as a matter of fact the first person who walks through the door and mentions this post will get their tattoo for 50%off . as for the cab situation goes ; we pay to have our advertisements in their windows . and we do this with multiple cab companies . there always has to be a hater out there but we appreciate our haters because having them means that we are doing something right . I'm sorry if we've stole your business 'Angil' or should i say 'disgruntled ex employee' . i cant help if we treat our customers as important as they are to us . we make sure that every customer is greeted at the door with a smiling face and positive attitude and quality service . if y'all will notice i put my real name on here because i am not scared to be truthful to the people who want to find a nice , professional tattoo shop to get work at . we buy food for our customers on the weekend and provide them with a lounge to hang out in while they're waiting that has 3 plasma screen TVs , play station 3 , Xbox 360 and Netflix . I'd just like to let y'all know that one person saying something bad about us is not something to put any faith into .something to put faith in as after you come check the shop out and receive the type of service that i promise you will get as stated above . thank you from all of us at gulf coast tattoo . everyones opinions are greatly appreciated .
By: Emily S.
Navy Blvd Tattoo Co
I got two pieces from Kevin, and one from LJ, and all of them were fantastic! I plan on getting more pieces from the other artists when I make a trip back down to Pensacola again. Navy Blvd has a super friendly environment and makes you feel like you're an old family best friend coming in each time. The artists take the time to sit down and talk about your wants, needs, and financial needs, then they make sure they accommodate you accordingly. Each artist in there seems to love their job and be eager to work on each client, and truly put their heart into the work they do. I would recommend Navy Blvd to anyone looking for a new piece, whether you be a first timer, or a well covered canvas. They'll wow you with their quality and affordable pricing.
By: Destiny H.
Pensacola Ink Studio
I have recently gotten two tattoos from Chris at Pensacola Studio Tattoo and have me 250% pleased. He is very attentive to your needs and wants and wants to give you the best work you will ever get. I got a finger tattoo first and it has healed and stayed completely with his guideness on tattoo care and my trible turtle i got recently hurt like hell but he made me laugh and feel at ease to where i didnt think too much about the pain. Chris is a sweet and funny guy and i will continue to go to him for future tattoos!!!
By: annaracecar
Black Sheep Tattoos Ltd
In my opinion, one of the three places I would go to get tattooed. Black Sheep would definately be my first choice. They have done 4 large tattoos on me all of which are f-ing rad. I won't even comment on thr prices because you get what you pay for. You might pay more than many nameless other shops but the quality is TOTALLY worth the cash. So suck it up and save up a little more and head on down to Black Sheep and talk to Matt and James because along with a great tattoo you will get some great f-ing laughs.
By: Marcia H.
Pensacola Ink Studio
I have to say that I love the quality work that Jay Moren and Jon Osborne are putting out at a remarkable great price. Jay designed and inked my beloved pet Shih Tzu portrait tat this evening and I must say it turned out better than expected, I don't have any words to describe what he did for me this evening. I will forever have my lost best friend on my arm. Thank you Jay and Jon for the works of art you've given me and I'm only just beginning
By: Tiffany A.
Sin Inc Tattoo Shop
Great place to get a tattoo very nice clean shop really close to the base. I have been to many shops in a lot of different s states over the years and I would have say the guys at sin inc are great and do really good work I really enjoyed getting my tattoo there and will defiantly keep going back as long as I'm in Pensacola. Defiantly a shop to go check out.
By: steven.amador.7
InkSane Asylum
I've been coming to inksane asylum for almost year and the other day I got what I like to call my master pice the best tattoo I have to date and this makes my 8th tattoo from Brandon Price his shop is by far one of then best I've been to and I have never left without being 100% happy with the work I've gotten over all great place to get great tattoos done
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By: tuesdayberning
Besides Dan Franklin being the coolest guy ever he really is a fantastic artist as well. He made me feel so comfortable about everything he was doing. The studio is top notch and super clean. Once you get one piece of art done from Traditions you will definitely not want to go anywhere else. I love my tattoo and I love Traditions!
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By: Rosalind F.
InkSane Asylum
I've had several tattoos done here, each one I have been extremely satisfied with. I will be going back. I recommend this place because you have a great group of guys that do excellent work, you will not be disappointed. I give them five stars.
By: kevi.50
InkSane Asylum
just had some work done . a redo of an older piece . came out great.i will go back. Brandon had a clean nice shop spent a few hrs and had a good time talking.the price was good like i said i found the new artist to lay ink on me

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