• 1.Grocery Advantage

    8084 N Davis Hwy


    6.03 mi

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    the store one Davis has the best quality meat and best prices overall in Pensacola.. Go check for yourself.. Good stuff

  • 2.Grocery Advantage

    4320 Lillian Hwy


    3.16 mi

  • 3.Grocery Advantage

    736 N Highway 29


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By: Amanda C.
Publix Super Markets
I would probably give the store itself 3.5 stars. It is a pleasant place to shop, but their produce and meat are often not fresh and the general prices are not nearly as low as Wally World. The Publix pharmacy, however, is deplorable. My midwife called in a prescription yesterday at noon via an electronic message, and when I went to retrieve it at 8 PM, they claimed to have not received it. I called my midwife back today, and her nurse assured me the request was sent in. The nurse immediately phoned Publix pharmacy and made another request. This happened at 11 AM. When my husband went to pick it up tonight at 7 PM, they said it would take 20 min to fill since they had "just gotten it in". My husband also said they were rude and unprofessional. This is the last time I will use this pharmacy.
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By: nhmisnomer
Greer's Cashsaver
Greer's is conveniently located near my home. The staff is friendly and helpful. The store is clean and stocked with most of what I need and the prices are great. I do wish they had more produce and that the produce was more fresh but to be fair, I think produce is in less demand than other items so the department may suffer for that. I can always make a good meal from it if I use the veggies within a day or two. I love, love, love their music. I get such a kick rolling the cart down the aisle to 'Boogie Fever' or 'I got a Love Jones' so please don't change playlists!
By: pcolagasbuddy
Was once an Albertsons, so the floor plan is not that of a typical Publix. Has everything you need. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Prices can be steep on some items. Has some unusual stock of Cuban foods from downstate, including seasonal ice cream flavors like mamay, plantains, and Badia seasonings. Hooray! They sell gluten free beer! Parking lot is a traffic nightmare. Terrible design, drive carefully. Shop here a lot.
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By: Margot M.
Greer's Cashsaver
I was shopping on Saturday and there was a lady stocking the Meats I asked her if she could assist me, She answered with a smile Sure. She then took me to what I was looking for. Her Name was Rose. What a Friendly and nice person. She should get Kudos from the Manager for going the extra mile to assist me in my shopping needs. Please acknowledge her Miss Rose! She was a sweetheart to me and in Today's world that's a Gift.
By: pcolagasbuddy
Barnes Supermarket
A 1960's style grocery store. Stocked with basic brands and foods. Few specialty items. Nothing organic or gluten free to speak of. Can be pricey. Check out clerks are friendly. Crew in the front office are cold, bricks have more personality. Parking lot and entry sidewalks are filthy, need a pressure washer. A number of shady characters can hang out in the parking lot, lending an atmosphere of being robbed.
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By: Bruce K.
Grocery Advantage
Sometimes the meat can be a little shady, like Sherry was saying, but that seems to have cleared up in the last few months, especially for the chicken since it got cheaper overall so maybe less corners were cut across the board... otherwise, their produce section is really nice and cheap, and some of the selection is from local farmers.
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By: Barb D.
Grocery Outlet
Most stuff is pretty reasonablly priced but their produce can be a bit high. I usually go for thier meats and have never been disappointed with them. While the store is easy to navigate around, the cashiers' line can be long on occassions. Still trying to figure out the best time to shop there.
By: peggy.dickey.7
Publix Super Markets
Jake, at Publix Liquors on 9th Ave., Pensacola, FL is the most pleasant person to work with. He makes you want to come back to his store. He is a most accommodating person. We travel once a month (round trip 230 miles) to do business with him and Publix.
By: wbellyboy
6 B Nephew Groceries Inc 2
The people are very friendly and helpful. It is a good break if you don't like the lines at Tom Thumb. If they had some hot foods I wouldn't go anywhere else. I do recommend their boiled peanuts though. I get a cup just about every night!
By: sandra.moauro.3
Greer's Cashsaver
Greer's is a great addition to our area. Shelves are always stocked, store is neat and clean, dairy & friut & veggies & meat always fresh & good. Most of all--every single employee is polite & helpful. Thank you for good service.

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