By: madisonn136
Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital
Best vet ever! I have gone to Claws & Paws for over 11 years. I can not say enough good things about Claws & Paws. They have excellent staff from the office staff, vet assistants, all the way to each of the veterinarians. The doctors are experienced, and take extra special care of each of my cats. Every time I bring my cats there, everyone on the staff treats them like one of their own pets/kids. I have had to bring my cats in for both routine checkups, and emergency visits that required surgery. I have gotten numerous phone calls from Dr. Terrel personally, to make sure my cats are ok after surgery. Dr. Terrel has also called me numerous times to check on my eldest cat, to make sure his medication is helping him. That alone gives me great piece of mind. I can always count on Claws & Paws taking the best possible care of all of my cats, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
By: helenbh-pearland
Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital
Another good trip to Claws & Paws VH! We made the appointment late because I thought our dog might have a urinary track infection. When I got there I also remembered Coup needed some shots. The staff was amazing as usual. We got in, got a sample, Coup got weighed and shots were given. Everyone worked efficiently and carefully with Coup. Best part in Coup's opinion was the dog bone treat for being so good. Best part in my opinion was the care and efficiency that we always get. I wish all businesses remembered what customer service was all about. Of course the smiling faces at the front desk also make for an enjoyable experience too. We never get ignored and are made to wait while the staff talk on their cell phones or to each other like so many place. These folks always make you feel special, give you their attention and provide the help you come in for.
By: nicoleg13
Pearland Pet Cntr 2
I absolutely love this vet! I've seen mainly Dr. Post, but have also seen their other vets. Each time I come in, I am greeted by their front staff and the pleasant attitude and knowledge goes all the way from the front staff to the nurses to the doctors. I've never had a problem with anything at this clinic. Their prices are average (I price shopped around when I first moved here 5 years ago) and I never feel like they are trying to make me do "un-necessary" things. I never feel rushed and I feel like they truly care about me and my "family". I absolutely love everyone here and will never go anywhere else!
By: Gwen H.
Silverlake Animal Hospital
Yesterday i took my basset hound in for neutering and to repair his cherry eye. The office staff was so helpful and a joy to deal with. They gave me a price before the procedure and they stuck to that after all was done. I really appreciate that. They did not try to get to spend more money. My sweet baby came through both his surgeries great and is doing wonderfully. Dr. Stone called me immediately after the procedures and let me know how he did and what I could expect the next few days. I would recommend the office to anyone looking. They are wonderful with the pets and the owners.
By: jerryy395
Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital
I have been using Claws and Paws as my veterinary practice for over 12 years. They have taken wonderful care of my pets, and seen me through some very serious medical issues with my little friends. The technology is state of the art, and they also recommend some more homeopathic approaches as well as acupuncture. It's amazing what modern veterinary medicine can do nowadays, and it's very true that you get what you pay for. I have never felt Claws and Paws to overcharge me for anything. And the staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this place.
By: eandre423
Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital
Claws and Paws is the only place in Pearland that I would take my pet to. Great employees who are so personable. I was on vacation and boarded Abby. She was not eating the way she normaly does, I called and told them about something she really liked to eat and they made sure Abby got it. Everyone there is so professional and caring. The doctors and staff make sure that you are completely informed when you leave. They also make calls to see if the your pet is doing well days after the appointment, you do not find that often.
By: pass172
Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital
This is a first class veterinary hospital. I have been a client since 2002 and have always been satisfied by the outstanding performance of the doctors and staff. The atmosphere is warm and each member of the staff displays a genuine concern for your babies well being. The doctors and staff are thorough in their diagnosis and only recommend what is necessary to keep your babies healthy and in good shape. I would recommend Claws & Paws to anyone who is looking for first class care for their pets.
By: anonymouscustomer10
Pearland Pet Cntr 2
Manley May was the best vet I had experienced. However, with his staff changes came price hikes, and some of the worst (bordering on offensive) service I have experienced. Initially, I thought to mention this to Dr. May, but nothing happened and the staff behavior became even worse. Unfortunately, I no longer have anything positive to say about this office and I have found that there are many caring vets, with helpful, pleasent staff to take my money
By: avaa186
Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital
I can't say enough about this practice and their staff. I am a rescue volunteer in addition to having pets of my own so I spend plenty of time in the office. Customer service starts at the front door in this practice. Everyone at Claws & Paws shows genuine concern for your pet and for you. They are always willing to work me in for emergencies or new rescues and when I leave I always feel like all of my concerns have been addressed.
By: Gm S.
Westside Veterinary Clinic
New to town and was recommended by a friend to this vet clinic. Appointment went well, got all questions answered and estimate for future dental. Staff was friendly and clinic was very clean. Went the extra mile by getting me some meds to try even though they didn't have them on site. Very pleased with experience.
Tips & Advices
Bring medical records and medications that your pet is taking. Also, you should bring your ID and a form of payment.
Yes, there are veterinary clinics that only deal with emergency cases. They generally take walk-ins and referrals from family vets.
Yes, emergency vets treat dental emergencies and dental trauma. Freshly fractured teeth are the main category of dental injury that vets consider an emergency.
To prevent health emergencies, experts recommend supervising one’s pets, and trying to make sure they don’t get into emergency situations. A majority of emergency vet visits happen because animals were struck by cars, bit by other animals, or ingested toxins. Otherwise, the best way to prevent emergencies is by having a go-to vet you can call with any questions, and being vigilant about potential symptoms (i.e. runny stool, or trouble walking) as they appear but before they become extremely serious.
Experts say that the conditions that necessitate an emergency veterinarian visit include collapse, seizures, inability to walk, partial paralysis, and any difficulty breathing (non-stop panting, constant coughing, hyperventilation, or elevated heart rate). Gum color is often an indicator that something is wrong--especially blue gums or very pale gums. Excessive vomiting or a distended abdomen should be considered an emergency situation. Signs of any trauma or excessive bleeding should send your pet straight to the vet. Lastly, for cat owners, urinary obstruction is fatal if not treated, and generally occurs in male cats.

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