By: Nathan N.
Stonewood Tavern
Food was very good. Our waiter stuggled in multitasking. The worst was the end of the night when a group of us had spent over $300.00 and we decided to check the bar out for one last drink. We entered the bar and I believe what was the manager stood with the bartender talking on our side of the bar with no acknowledge to us standing ten feet from them. Then when the bartender was done with what must have been a very important conversation i asked how late they were open. She replied well last call is at 10:45, witch gave us 15 min until last call so I guess a simple yes would have done.Then she says that we would have time for just one drink if we stayed. Now I'm pretty sure we could have done a shot and still had ten min. until last call to think about a drink me might want. So because of her tone I asked are you sure we should stay because I was not feeling that way at all and she proceeded to with well we want to go home too. Then she proceeded to get more attitude as did I when I explained to her that I had a problem with being ignored when our group first aproached the bar. That's when she thought it would be a good idea to threaten me with maybe not getting served at all. Now keep in mind i've had only two drinks dinner and desert. At this point someone else in our group had heard enough and decided to get up and say we where leaving and didn't want to stay and spend another hundred or so. This was on a Sunday night so maybe the best employees are not working but this was enough for me not to go back. There are plenty of places I drive by and live near that have just as good food if not better with a much better staff. We stood outside chating for five or so minutes and do you think the manager might want to know why we left abruptly or say goodnight and thanks come again, Nope! Big place they have a lot of overhead might want to find staff that atleast puts an effort forward to be nice to the guests.
By: Rick S.
Red's Kitchen & Tavern
Just tried this place out Sunday 8/9/2014 on our way to Boston Comic Con. The Breakfast was simply great. Perfect Waffles. A 5-10 minute wait but well worth it. I am bringing my wife for her birthday to try out their Dinner menu.Very busy place, but very enjoyable.Thanks for a great breakfast at a very reasonable price.Rick From NH
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By: Ronnie B.
Kayla`s Diner
1950's diner very clean and great food and servicethey have home made yankee pot roast stuffed peppers spinach pie plenty of parking i liked the combo vrey well priced
By: Casey M.
Black Sheep Pub

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