By: Liberty E.
Discount Groceries
THIS PLACE ROCKS!!! They are in the middle of two other "convenience" stores. Discount has the best prices, the best customer service and ATM fees are like 1.00 or something ridiculously cheap! I have been shopping at the MS and at the other store directly across the street from it for the pas 12 years. I am so thankful that Discount moved into this neighborhood!! And, they don't try to rip you off by charging taxes on EVERYTHING IN THE STORE! MS charges tax for babyfood, food you have to take home to prepare. Try Discount, you will see an immediate difference from the "other two" that have cornered (literally) the convenience food stores in this area. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!
By: Juanita Z.
Tortilleria La Imperio
Tortillas are great!!!! BUT.....their minimum credit purchase is $5.00....most times I buy 1pack but when i don't have cash I'll buy two it comes out to $4.50 and they will sell them to me...today the lady that was there said I had to Purchase two pieces of gum to complete $5 I let her know that tthey usually let me purchase just 2 and she insisted that i had to buy the gum... I asked for the name of the manager and asked him personally and just speak to him and the lady said there is NO MANAGER...I guess I am going to have to drive to TORTILLERIA AZTECA from now on.
By: Candise S.
Don'key's Mexican Food
I'm sad to say that I didn't get to stay as long as I wld have liked. The bartender was awesome! Attentive, friendly and funny! Drinks were on point!! Exactly what we asked for and we didn't have to wait long when we were ready for another. The chips and dip we had was the absolute BEST I've had at any Mexican restaurant! (Was the cheese dip with ground meat and jalape├▒o in it...and they served it with hot fresh tortillas!!) I'll definitely be back to this spot next time in in Pasadena!
user avatar
By: Luis M.
Taqueria Y Refresqueria San Luis
I've been coming to this place almost every week with my family for a few years...can't complain, their prices are really worth the price...huge portions and they make you a dish even if it's outside their menu options...just like the picture I posted...Idk about other reviews ...I'd like guess you can't please everyone...the food at this place hits the spot....I give it 5 stars..plus .they always changing and renovating the place. It's small but family friendly...
By: htownreviews
Taqueria Arandas
You'll notice the waste water processor behind the restaurant in the middle of summer.Food is good and greasy, just like the way momma made it.Not the prettiest location by the gas station, but the service is good, the food is up to par and you get as many chips and E Coli as you can muster.Their imports are expensive so stick with a Bud Lite michelada. If you like salt on everything and aren't worried about the stroke later, ENJOY!
By: resa.mcclurebeaver
Ranchito meseras
I moved here from the valley and have tried many local Mexican restaurants in this area hoping to find the food I fell in love with in Mexico. The closest I have found is The Ranchito. Their food is great and is an excellent value. They will even modify it to your liking. I recommend this place to anyone who wants great Mexican food at a decent price.
By: htownreviews
Don'key's Mexican Food
Food is OK, staff is fast and friendly.They'll keep the Mezcal shots coming, even if you brought your kids.It's the crazy Ritas and eating the worm these people do best.Come on in after work with the strippers and get in the spirit world.You may remember the next day that the entire staff sang "Happy Birthday."
By: 1kittymarie
Taqueria Agave
I highly recommend this Restaurant for their good Mexican Food, Liquios de platano, and good cold Ice Tea. The waitress staff is very friendly and helpful. The only down fall is they need to learn English especially when answering phone orders. Other that, Their food is the BEST!!
By: Tony P.
Taqueria Agave
Service with a gratitude! Excellent food at a moderate price! Atmosphere is cordial, modest, highly friendly and above food a combination of northern Mexico and Tex-Mex flavor - overall delicious. A nice dining area for group setting is available.
By: iwannagofast
Jimmy Changas
If you haven't been here you are missing out! Great atmosphere for the entire family. My three girls love the playground outside, and I am a huge fan of their Bad Daddy Chimi! Great place to eat and the food is always great!
Tips & Advices
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