By: Gilbert M.
Beven & Brock Property Management Company
Our association has been with Beven & Brock for more than 21 years. Sure there have been times when service was not perfect. Yes, I have heard that over those 21 years there were times when one board or another has considered changing management companies. None did. From the Beven & Brock perspective, I am sure some of our owners and board members have been less than helpful. I have listened to some of our owners talk down to the property manager as if that manager were a servant, or worse.For all of these years, they have stuck with us, and we have stuck with them. I have only been an owner at my association for 12 years. When I was just an owner, and during the few years that I served on the board, I was always treated respectfully, and always received whatever help I needed. Maybe that is because I always tried to treat them respectfully, as that is the way I would want to be treated. I do not mean to question what "David" (see below) wrote, but I found it interesting that he completely mis-quoted Mr. Beven, saying exactly the opposite of what Mr. Beven wrote. I do not know if it was David's intent to be so misleading, but that is what he did. In my work, I try to quote people accurately, to represent what they have said accurately and fairly. I have never spoken with Mr. Beven, but I have always found Mr. Brock to be very hands on about his business, and always willing to help. Whenever there was a problem, and problems did occur, he was always available to correct the problem, at least to my satisfaction.
By: Happy R.
Properties International
As a repeat renter from this company (had to move away and back due to job relocation), I've never had a less than stellar experience with this company. They've consistently been up front with the move-in cost, deposits, etc. They've been quick to respond to my requests for repairs. Sure the apartment lifestyle has some factors that are out of their control (heavy-stepping neighbors, extremely rare car break ins), but they have regularly done their best to accommodate and give all tenants a comfortable tenancy. From the majority of negative reviews I've seen about them, it seems most of these are from ignorant tenants who have neglected reading their lease in full, because most of the alleged "unfair charges, dishonest practices" etc stem from not educating yourself on your contract and on basic tenant/landlord relationships. When I moved out, I was given the option of a pre-inspection, I was told of the potential charges, and I was aware that if I did not leave the unit in it's original move-in condition (per the lease I did sign), it would come out of my security deposit along with the invoices to back up those charges. Before I search with any other company or website for an apartment, I've always checked with them first, knowing I would be more than happy to live in most of their buildings as they all have a great standard of upkeep, no matter who the manager was.
By: Sammi J.
Beven & Brock Property Management Company
I lived in an apartment complex that was managed by 3 property management companies. Beven & Brock eventually took over a year ago. They did a lot of renovation to the apartment in order to update it (new yard, new pipes, etc.). The cons to the renovation was that it was loud, disruptive, and it was continuous. We had an 11% rent increase eventually. Mind you, what we were paying before was very cheap, so the 11% wasn't that bad (even with the increase, we were still paying way below median rents). Also, when our door was kicked in and the door frame was broken (long story, we did it ourselves :/), our apartment manager contacted the property management company, and they had someome come out within the next few days to fix it up. They never billed us for the mishap, so that was nice of them. We had a great manager at our apartment, who was the liason for us and Beven & Brock. The people who worked at the management company were a bit harder to get a hold of, unfortunately. When we moved out, we got all of our deposit back (we were lucky, because they were renovating the interior, so no cleaning fee or anything of that sort was deducted from our deposit. Overall, our experience with them was positive.
By: Sarah S.
Beven & Brock Property Management Company
B&B manages the property next door to mine. That property had a huge bag of trash sitting outside for almost 2 weeks. Nothing smelly, just seemed like someone moved out or something along those lines and had boxes/foam packaging/etc. Since it was too big to fit in a 3-yd trash bin that they have, I guess, the trash company wasn't picking it up. First off, I was very surprised that B&B doesn't drive by their properties often to see this trash, but as an HOA president, I know sometimes managing properties is a thankless job and things get busy. Anyways, eventually this trash bag migrated down to my property. So I did some googling, found out B&B manages that property, specifically Laura Garbo. I gave B&B a call and they were so nice on the phone. They forwarded me to Laura, and I left a message. Later that day, I got a call back from a secretary or someone at B&B calling on behalf of Laura saying she got my message and would get the trash removed ASAP. The next day, it was picked up! I've dealt with trash companies before--they are usually not that fast, so hats off to Laura! :) Thanks for acting so quickly!
By: Garv H.
Beven & Brock Property Management Company
Everything was going great. I had been hired by a local engineering firm. I found a great apartment in Alhambra, and it was just a few miles from my new job. I went through all of requirements to check my credit history and I signed a lease. Just before I was supposed to move in, my new employer advised me that my job was being moved to another state. I could move, and they would help me with some of my moving expenses, but I had committed to rent this apartment managed by Bevin & Brock for one year.I went into the Bevin & Brock office and told them what happened. They probably did not have to do this, but they told me that they understood, and offered to cancel the lease if I would pay a small cancellation fee of $95 to cover the cost of the credit check and the time they spent working with me over three days, as they would then have to do this same work all over again. My obligation under that lease would have been $985 each month for 12 months. I got out of that lease for $95. What a relief. I am sorry to have to move, but I am thankful that they helped me to make the move easier.
By: Arlin D.
Beven & Brock Property Management Company
Well, at least this seems fair. When I moved out of my last place, the landlord charged me for cleaning and repairs. Some of this was fair, but I had questions about others, but couldnâ t prove my point. When I recently move in at a Beven & Brock property in South Pasadena I was asked to sign a form indicating the condition of the property when I moved in. There was even a written suggestion to me at the bottom of the form, encouraging me to take photos before my move-in. So, I did, lots of them. With their encouragement, and my photos, there should be no dispute when I move out. I like that. I think that their recommendation that I take photos can only work to my benefit. As they told me, sometimes properties are sold, and the new owner has no proof of how good or bad a property was when a particular tenant moved in. They will, with me, because I have my pictures. Thanks, Beven & Brock, for this good suggestion. I should have thought of it on my own, but thank you anyway.
By: Belicia L.
Beven & Brock Property Management Company
Our building changed over to Beven and Brock about 2 years ago from private ownership. In the past year or so I changed jobs and have been helping family with finances which placed a strain on finances. First off, I had a gentlemans agreement with my old landlord to pay my rent on the 6th of each month to which Beven and Brock accepted and was very appreciative. They didn't have to. They have also been accommodating to my situation as much as they can and for that I really feel grateful. I've been a tenant at my building 10 years this month and those little concessions they have made for me has made a huge impact to where I'm getting set with my finances again. Sure, sometimes you email the property manager and he or she won't respond but that is business today and most of my correspondence really didn't require a reply. I would recommend Beven and Brock based on how they have handled my situation the past few months.
By: Thaine H.
Beven & Brock Property Management Company
I don't know why they're so many negative reviews about this place. I've found 2 of my apartment through Beven & Brock and all my experiences have been really good. It's not the most luxurious service, but if you need to find a place they'll give you the keys to check out a place. The staff is friendly and is willing to work with you in finding a place. Located inside, there is a HUGE wall of listings that is all printed out for you with all the listing info. Just tell you want to check out a place and they'll throw you the keys no problem.The address of this place says its on Lake Ave... but it's really on the street next to it on Hudson Ave. There is a parking lot in the back and the front entrance is accessed from the parking lot. It's free parking on the weekend, but you have to pay $6 if you don't get it validated.
By: Timothe A.
Beven & Brock Property Management Company
I have been involved with Beven and Brock and truly believe they and thier diversified staff are wonderful, honest, hard working people. I have seen them many times go far beyond the norm to satisfy the needs of their clients. When reading some of the negative reviews It makes me wonder if the writers could ever be happy with life in general. It appears Yelp has offered them an opportunity to vent their negativity from a very safe distance. It's also interesting to see that after following up with Fin Beven the facts are much different and its refreshing to see writer retractions. It takes great strength to admit you have acted hastily and I commend them for their ability to do so. I'm sure most of these people have many other issues with life and these issues have left them disappointed and discouraged.
By: Sybil H.
Beven & Brock Property Management Company
Bevin and Brock has been the management company for the complex where I live since 2000. Rick Houser, my manager at Bevin and Brock, has always been courteous to me, and I have never had a problem that they didn't take care of right away, usually on the same day. If there is one thing I don't like it is that Rick doesn't always call back, but he does call back when he needs to. And anyway, I don't need him to hold my hand, I need them to address my problem and they always have. I do know that Rick is genuinely conscientious, and has tried to make things right for me when he didn't have to. Sure, they're a management company, and I don't know about the other reviewers situations, but as far as I'm concerned, I've been treated with consideration and respect.

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