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By: katydue2
Correale Michael
TMJ patient. He was only one that ever got me right. Drove 70 mi when he moved. Was bad. He said he get me fixed for free, just pay lab costs.went for a year. He had told me he would make my next set of crowns. I called for last apt...he told me to finish up with another Dr. I was already upset. Had a little money put back, but what I was getting charged every time I left there was very upsetting. Then they kept sending me bills. I thought at first it was for a lawsuit he said I had. No those charges were for real. About two years after that. I got a care credit card & had a bridge put in. Had crown lengthening. Had to pay off card, then got the rest of the teeth done. I spent a lot of money, all but the crown lengthening could have been his. If only he hadn't lied to me. My first visit in Leadington MO....we had a background of his treatment. He told me because of thst, there would be no charges.,,just the lab. He did make me a temporary tooth in a machine. Wore it for two years. One time I had to go back home...he had to leave office sick. One of the girls said he was diabetic & was at hospital. Maybe that was the problem. I had a mess because he didn't fix my teeth. I still do. The first bridge the dentist didn't cement the front two teeth holding it in. I thought at first the pain was from being overbuilt. Of course the bridge came out. Had to have another surgery as the two teeth were pushed right up against the bone. It was a painful bunch of years. I could feel the bridge was loose, but other dentists said they didn't see anythinh wrong, without taking xrays until I went to peridontist. Paying again for a 4 peice bridge...just since July. None of this would have happened Michael if you had finished me up. You were my dentist. All these years of spending thousands of dollars, doing without to pay for teeth. No one did it rught but yiu..,although your root canals on me is what caused me to have to get a bridge & have no teeth on other side, first you put plastic teeth in my mouth. Close your office down, get a divorce..,move to Mo right in middle of treating me in Belleville. You did try to take care of me. A couple of your dentist friends treated me when you couldn't but now I know why you kept talking about my long thin roots of my teeth when you were doing the root canals,. You knew I needed a specialist & you performed incomplete root canals on me. I lost all three teeth. I had already spent lots of money, 3 sets of teeth by then, He also told me to find an atty,,,..that I had a lawsuit....then he wrote a letter saying he thought I had an underlying problem. Threw me to the dogs. That was dirty Dr Correale. I guess you didn't want to testify or take a deposition? Wanted to write you a letter for a long time, but this is next best. Maybe you will see it. You really treated me dirty this last time. I drove a long way to see you too. I was by your office in Sept. Looked dirty & closed down. Saw another Dr picture on billboard off the side of highway at your practice. Maybe you are retired.
Tips & Advices
To prevent periodontal disease, it's important to brush your teeth after meals, since this prevents food debris from getting lodged between your teeth and gums and causing plaque. Daily flossing should also be a key part of your oral health regimen, since this removes food particles and plaque that a toothbrush may not be able to reach. Smoking increases the risk of gum disease, so avoid this habit if you want to maintain healthy gums.
Certain periodontal treatments are completely painless and gentle enough to be administered without anesthesia. Treatments such as deep scaling, root planing, and those involving surgery are performed with the help of a local anesthetic or a sedative.
One of the most common types of treatments performed by periodontists is gum grafting. This is a surgical procedure that grafts your gum tissue to reverse gum recession, and it can prevent further recession and bone loss. Periodontists also perform laser treatment for gum disease, dental implant installation, pocket reduction procedures, and dental crown lengthening.
In periodontal treatment that involves surgery, many periodontists use a local anesthetic that works to completely numb the area being treated. Oral or IV sedation can also be used, and with this approach, you'll either be completely asleep, or drift in and out of sleep while the procedure is being performed.
Gum disease can be treated with the help of a dentist or periodontist. If gum disease is in its early stages, a professional cleaning will remove tartar before it leads to infection that can cause a more serious condition. With advanced cases of gum disease, infected gums can be treated with scaling and root planing.

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