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By: Mike S.
Gray Matter Computing
My dad took his HP laptop to gray mater because it had viruses. ( My dad like many people his age in paradise is not computer savvy) they removed the viruses and didn't explain how he got them or how to avoid them. So the problem reoccurred. Then, he got a message saying he had an illegal copy of Windows. So he brought it back. They said it would costs 175. They took longer than they said to "fix" it. Then when my Dad went to pick it up they wanted 250+ , and stated that it wasn't and couldn't be fixed. So when I came to visit, he asked me about it. Using commen sense, I powers up the computer and looked at the errors that occurred on startup. I then looked up the codes on Google, and found that it was caused by a bad update sent by Microsoft. (I would think that the computer gurus from grey matter, would know about such problems) so I backed up his files and reset the computer to factory defaults. ( The way it was when he bought it) this whole

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