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By: keith d.
Pain Clinic of Northwest Florida
Incredible and Utmost Professional Family of Medical ProvidersDr. Joseph, M.D. and his assistant, Mr. Drake Lindsey will spend all the time necessary with you to know exactly what you need, what will make you feel better and will come to an agreement with you as to your treatment and continued care, for a lifetime if you so choose. You do not have to be in pain to come to see these wonderful medical providers. Suppose you just need some time in their rehab center adjusting your posture or making adjustment to some muscles or other body functions. If they cannot help your particular problem they will find you someone who can. I have been driving over 700 miles every 3 months to see a pain management specialist in Atlanta for 8 years. It was a hard decision to change, especially after Emory's Chief of Staff telling me it would be hard to find a pain management specialist in a small town like Panama City who would understand the large amount of medication I have been on for over 6 years to give me my life back. But after reviewing my case, so far they have kept my medication as it has been and life-wonderful continues. If you really need a pain management physician go in and see Drake and Dr. Joseph and be completely honest with them about your needs, your goals and your life; personal and all. You will soon find yourself a part of their pain management clinic; and trust me, they do treat their deserving patients like family. Keith Dove: Ebro, Florida
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By: Stephen G.
Pain Clinic of Northwest Florida
I was in a motorcycle wreck q few years ago that made my right shoulder injury worse,from and accident at work q feeks before . A recent doctor told me I have some type of arthritis in it,he gave an appointment for an exray,and gabe me something like ibeprofen. My main level aof pain is about a 4, after working all day doing the job I do ,ot becomes I want itb,and I wanna pick ng own assistance
By: Gabby F.
Spine & Neuro Pain Specialist
"Do Good"Do all the good you can by all means you can, In all the ways you can, In all the places you can, At all the times you can, To all the people you can, as long as ever you can!You are an excellent Doctor who clearly cares for each patient as we were your only patient. Thank you for your passionate care.
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By: Michelle F.
Pain Clinic of Northwest Florida
Dr. Joseph is a compassionate person who always tries to find ways to get results... he has helped me with my leg and foot tremendously!! He has also worked with helping my migraines! So glad I found him!!
By: Fred H.
Pain Clinic of Northwest Florida
Dr Joseph is the best Dr. very kind and friendly. I have the bests regards for his work. He an his staff are very friendly.
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By: Jeremy G.
Consult Care Pain Medicine
Good app it was really helpful and the review were very helpful too.I would definitely recommend this to a friend
By: Samantha S.
Consult Care Pain Medicine
Fabulous doctor, always listens and takes extra time when needed.
Tips & Advices
Several forms of pain management exist that are not approved typically treated by physicians or covered by health insurance plans. These include therapies like acupuncture, for example, or herbal preparations sold in stores. Before beginning any form of treatment or medication not approved by a doctor, it’s a good idea to still reach out to a physician or expert in alternative medicine for advice, or conduct some research online first.
Managing pain in children can be complicated, as kids may have more difficulty communicating their pain to doctors. Children also need to be more carefully monitored when taking most medications.
Health insurance might cover a selection of approved pain management therapies. Every insurance plan is different, so patients should check with their provider to make sure.
Patients might be instructed to continue therapy at home, either through regular exercise or specific treatment. Some people also find that getting frequent rest, taking warm baths or avoiding certain foods, for example, can help manage pain.
Side effects depend on the exact drugs and dosages used, as well as the disease being treated and many other factors. Some pain-relieving drugs, especially opioids, are known to cause drowsiness. Many antidepressants also cause a variety of adverse effects. Doctors must work closely with patients to minimize these side effects in the course of treatment.

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