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By: joanne.cox.7374
The decor is good, the food is good. On Mother's Day, I asked the waitress to turn off the TV's in the long dining room that was showing a basketball game and the strongest man contest...mostly bare bodies. No response. I then asked the main door hostesses to do the same...no response. If this is a sport's bar...advertise it as such. I personally will find another place to go with my family and friends. In my "customer relations" course I teach that if one is disappointed...he/she will tell at least six people. I have already exceeded my number. Keep the TV's in the bar!
By: b.whately
Fin Japanese Sush
Fins has an assortment of your normal sushi that you know by heart and also amazing new tastes that you will love. They will add or remove any item from your choices. I have been there for lunch and dinner several times and never been disappointed. My daughter had her 15th birthday there and they did great handling a group of picky teenagers too! You wont want to miss Fins if you love sushi..... and YES very affordable!!!!
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By: Michael F.
Josiah Southern Cooking
Sharon is the first and ONLY person I've ever told cooks like my mother used to cook!!! Found her # too late for fried fish this evening. The desserts are so good I eat some each. Time. I dine there - R - take out, I'm a Martial Artist & fighter...until I dine here. That discipline picks up when I'm leave...quite full & satisfied.#txcowboy
By: Sherry S.
Tatiana's Cafe & Catering
Enjoyable experiences taking visiting family members there. The food is wonderful, especially the crab and artichoke dip and the shrimp and grits. My daughter thought the steak and egg breakfast special was fantastic. We just wish they had more room inside. I would definitely use the catering option for gatherings in my home.
By: Ymous A.
Captain's Table
I've not eaten here, but we arrived before the restaurant opened and started to walk across the street to check out the antique shops. We were promptly interrupted by a woman yelling, telling us they weren't open yet and to park differently. We took our business elsewhere.
By: customerdg
Dollar General
Just wanted to comment on the how well organized this store is compared to others. I shop here about 2 times a week and enjoy my experience everytime. Jennifer is the store manager's name and she seems to really have a handle on her store and what her customers expect.
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By: Benita S.
Josiah Southern Cooking
Today was my first time eating at Josiah's Southern Cooking. Being a country girl and all I was expecting the worse. But I was so wrong. The food was absolutely delicious. I really enjoyed it. So pls stop by for some "good ole southern cooking"!
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By: Tyndall D.
Tyndall Diner
OUR PROMISE TO YOUTo Provide a professional, homey, style of hospitality that makes all guests, feel safe, welcome and happy to be here. A warm meal, a clean and comfortable place to stay, a smile and a pleasant attitude.
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By: Cynthiafloe T.
Josiah Southern Cooking
I went two times the service is great n the food omg is sooooo good reminds you of your own mom cooking for you! please visit you will love it as much as I do the food is season perfect no salt or pepper needed
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By: Enoch W.
Waited over 12 min before even getting noticed for drinks service so far sucks this rating was on service alone since I had all this spare time to post if food is decent I will adjust my 2 star rating
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