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By: h3g29wd8
Lincoln Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
Over the years, I have bought Original Mopar parts from this dealer. The parts counter has always been helpful; the employees there are generally very nice. I replaced multiple sensors on my Dodge Dakota 5.9 R/T, and needed my fuel sync reset because my idle seemed off and I thought this was the culprit. This dealer had done this exact procedure for me two years prior, when I replaced just a crank sensor. The dealer can reset the fuel sync, other shops can too, but it requires a special diagnostic tool that happens to be expensive. Since I don't want to spend thousands of dollars for this diagnostic tool, taking it in for $100 or so it the logical answer. I took the truck to the dealer and spoke to a service manager about it. He was a fellow about 50 years old, glasses, dark hair and mustache. Since he did not really understand what I was asking him to do, he went and talked to somebody who knew the procedure I explained to him. Then he came back to me and said, NO, we will not reset your fuel sync. When I asked further, why, he claimed it was because my truck did not meet "Federal Emissions". Now this guy had not looked under my hood, asked me any questions about emissions, nothing. After a further set of questions concerning how he had come to that conclusion and reminding him they had done this for me once before, I told him that was a BS answer. At this, he got quite offended and then became inflammatory. He ordered me off the property. So I stayed right there and calmly called my wife, who was enroute to pick me up while the truck was supposed to be worked on, and she asked me why they would not work on it, so I repeated his words to her, loud enough for him to hear, and he got even more infuriated... Again, he ordered me off the property and then he picked up the phone and threatened to call the cops. OK, so just so you can get this into perspective, I am an Engineer by trade, I am 46 years old-not some kid, and I have never been in trouble with the cops. My take on this is that this little tree-hugger guy got intimidated because I knew more about his job than he did. He got mad when I repeated his reasoning to my wife on the phone, and his reason sounded stupid. He was embarrassed because he had a lady walk up and some mechanics too, they heard this exchange and I was not doing exactly what he wanted, when he wanted it. In conclusion, I give this dealership, prior to this experience, a 5 star rating.I give the pin-head service manager with the lack of experience and knowledge, with the school boy brat mentality, with the Al Gore diploma in his office, a 0 star. My overall rating for this dealership goes to a 2 because I will NEVER go back to this place again because of this guy!PS-I think the mechanics that were standing behind the service manager, laughing at how he was handling this situation, would silently agree with me, that this guy was over-reacting and using poor judgement!
By: ame12393
Honda-Volkswagen of Panama City
I went to Honda of Panama City because I knew that I could expect to find integrity and that's what I found. When I did h ave a problem they listened to my concerns and worked with me to resolve that problem. That quality alone makes this dealership stand out. The dealership has resolved the problem to my satisfaction and I feel whole again. Hopefully those looking at this review will feel like they are working with professionals that will do what they can to make sure that you, as the customer, will leave satisfied with the dealership and the way they conduct business. I do recommend Honda of Panama City to anyone looking for a new or used vehicle!!!
By: Vernon B.
Yamaha Motor
Before buying a Honda be aware that the Service Maintenance costs can be significant. My sisters 2001 Honda CR-V developed a slow leak around the oil pan gasket. We took it to Honda of Bay County (Panama City, Florida) and were quoted close to $500 to replace the oil pan Gasket. $500 – I was shocked. I expected it would be high due to being a dealership but $500 for an oil pan gasket, a job a back yard mechanic could do in an hour? This was beyond high… it was outrageous. Honda may be a good car to buy but stay away from their service departmentsand be sure to take service costs into account when purchasing any new vehicle
By: Henry M.
Bubba Hill Auto Plaza Inc
Great place to buy a vehicle, especially if you are not looking to buy brand new. Not sure what buying parts from a car lot has to do with a review, but it seems that dolphingrad is just an ornery internet troll that goes around blaming their personal problems on small businesses. This staff has been nothing but helpful over the last 10 years that I have done business with them. I have established my credit with their help and have had 3 great vehicle purchases. Thanks Bubba.
By: Andrew N.
John Lee Nissan
Went to John Lee Nissan yesterday after going to few other places looking for a new SUV for my wife. Was not really planning on buying anything but after walking the lot Patrick Colbert was able to show us a used Nissan Pathfinder that she fell in love with. Before we knew it thanks to Pat we drove away in her new car and have been incredibly happy. Great staff and service. Will definitely return and suggest John lee to my friends!!!!
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By: Jennifer H.
Bubba Hill Auto Plaza Inc
I purchased A 2006 Suzuki from this company. they have been really great as far as customer service. I have had a couple repairs needed to the vehicle which they did without headache or complaints I would really recommend this company to anyone their service department was great and Daryl kept us up to date on the repairs that no one could have foreseen the car needing.
By: carexpert8739
Bubba Hill Auto Plaza Inc
Best Buy Here / Pay Here around that I have found. Actually service their vehicles prior to selling and back up their product with a good faith 1000 mile warranty just to make sure vehicle is in good mechanical shape. Very friendly and professional staff. Will do business again and will refer family members.
By: pc_baldeagle
Yamaha Motor
They did a great job with my Yamaha RSTD. It rides better and shifts smoother than it ever did. They worked on my two other bikes, Suzuki S40 and Honda Aero 750. I was always pleased with the results and professionalism of the staff. I will continue to take my bikes there.
By: chuckwagonmaster
Bubba Hill Auto Plaza Inc
Got my grandkid a car from these folks. Very friendly. Great cars and trucks. Will be glad to buy from them again but I hope my grandchildren will be on their own before then... They stand by their word. When they say they're going to do something, they do it.
By: brian2343
Honda-Volkswagen of Panama City
Great experience they have nothing but the truth. They had what I was looking for in stock. There customer service is incredible thank you.

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