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By: mattenater
A Call We Haul
It goes like this! I have never seen anybody be so polite and totally efficient when removing my junk. I have had junk stored for a few years and never thought I would be able to have it move out of my home. I just kept adding to it in the garage instead of cleaning it up, but it finally hit me that I wouldn't be able to put my car in there this winter because of the pile of junk I have created. When I called A Call We Haul they were very nice on the phone and knew exactly where I was coming from. When I made arrangements for them to come and get it I was so amazed on how fast and efficient they were in cleaning up the mess. These guys are great. I would recommend them to anyone .
Tips & Advices
The cost of trash pickup often depends on the size of the garbage container and whether the service is being handled by the city or a private company. The monthly rate for weekly pickup of a 48- gallon garbage container can run around $20 if this service is handled by a local municipality, while pickup for a 96-gallon cart can cost roughly $22. Rates are often higher when working with a private company.
A compost cart is used for the pickup of compostable items. The list of compostable items includes yard debris, such as branches and plant trimmings; a wide variety of food products, including everything from baked goods to poultry to fruits, grains, and sauces; non-recyclable paper products such as used paper plates and cups; and miscellaneous items, such as cotton balls, hair, and wooden toothpicks.
Trash should always be placed in a trash container when possible. However, if you have more trash than you're able to fit into your trash container, some trash pickup companies will accept the trash if it is bagged and placed next to the full container. Many trash pickup companies will accept up to five extra bags at no charge.
The most common residential trash container size is 96 gallons. A 96-gallon container is large enough to meet the needs of the average family, and it's generally able to handle weekly collection cycles without overflow. This is the largest residential trash container that a garbage truck's automated side loader can accommodate.
Paint cans should not be placed in regular trash bins. Paint and paint thinners can be hazardous to the environment, and these items require special handling when it comes to disposal. If you have paint cans that need to be disposed off, call your trash pickup company to make special arrangement to have them removed.

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