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By: Ian H.
Zin American Bistro
We ended up at Zin not so much because we wanted to go there, but because it was there. The service was quite good as was the people watching, but honestly the food was extremely mediocre and forgettable. My partner who is vegetarian ordered the Adult Macaroni and Cheese. His dish was a horror. Imagine someone cooking up some macaroni, then grating cheese over it and shoving it under a broiler. Plus it was pretty greasy. A box of Kraft mac and cheese would have been a step up. I really cannot recommend this restaurant and we have not stepped foot in it since.
By: Monica C.
Copleys On Palm Canyon
Celebrated our anniversary here 3 years ago, but what a change! Service was not good--not even told the specials until we asked, plus had to ask 3 times for bread--and this was on a slow Sunday evening. Bill was screwed up, too, although we didn't mention that we were charged for a more expensive port, instead of the one we requested--our bad--just wanted to get out of there, since we were so disappointed. Food was good though, so worth 3 stars. Maybe we hit them on a bad night. Probably won't return.
By: Elizabeth H.
Jensen's Finest Foods
Overall store is great. However, I have an issue with one deli item that spoils the image of the store completely. I am speaking about the Lobster Pot Pie. The first time I had this, it was ambrosia. Second time, I was very disappointed. Third time, angry that this item is nothing short of being a fraud. Could not find anything resembling a piece of lobster or taste thereof. All I could find was peas, corn, carrots and gravy for the price of $9.99. A complete ripoff!
By: Laura R.
We have been taking our cars to Downtown Shell for most of the past 20 years BECAUSE we have received consistently honest and thorough work on all our vehcles, old or new. I can't say enough good things about the honesty and reliability of the staff, particularly Glenn, the service manager, who always stands by his word and does the best job possible for his customers. The facility itself isn't much, but the staff and service are so good it doesn't matter.
By: Amy F.
Palm Springs Aerial Tramway
Go swimming and snow sledding in Palm Springs on the same day! In the winter, there can be more than a foot of snow at the top of the mountain. You'll want to get here as soon as the tramway opens to avoid the snarl of traffic that occurs by mid-morning. It's a scenic ride up in the tram to a lodge where there's a restaurant (which I did not try). To get to the snow, you have to walk down a sometimes icy/treacherous pathway from the lodge, so be advised.
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By: Ian H.
Lulu's California Bistro
I know this place is often busy but honestly I don't see what all the fuss is about. The food was just middling and the service was indifferent. My partner is a vegetarian and the waitress could care less that the "vegetarian" dish she brought him had chicken in it. Not even an apology. Frankly, the only thing missing was curlers in her hair and a cigarette dangling from her lips.
By: paulanzane
Billy Reed's Restaurant
Old reviews of the restaurant do not reflect the current operation. After 25 years away, Billy reed is back with his ability to manage a top notch operation. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, the food is very good and you have to see the deserts to appreciate them. We stayed away for years but we and our friends enjoy Billy Reeds regularly.
By: Monica C.
Le Vallauris
Celebrated our 29th anniversary here, and our daughters joined us for the occasion. The service was top-notch, and the food was delicious. All of us enjoyed our food--had appetizers, salads, soups, and entrees--and you can't go wrong with the ambiance. Hey, we spent a long time there, and never felt rushed--a perfect evening!
By: Gerardo E.
Cafe Europa
My Girlfriend Maribel and I we have the best breakfast in town . I had the Omelet Spanish /Espanol it was good ,they have organic ingredients love that and the have too Orange juice fresh the made there . Thanks the service it was great too. The owner is there he is great and take care all the customers. Gerardo Q.
By: Carol G.
Smokin Burgers & Lounge
Went to one of our favorite places in Palm Springs and it looked like the secret is out. The place was packed but we got great service and they still have my favorite burger - the Ben Stein. It turns out SB got all kinds of "best of" awards this year. They deserve it. I love this place!
Tips & Advices
Driver can find the cheapest gas prices by using an app to search for the lowest prices in their area.  Some apps such as Gas Guru take note of your location, and provide a list of gas stations nearby, along with the cost of gas currently being sold at each station.
There are things you can do to slightly improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Make sure your car's tires are properly inflated, and treat your engine to regular tune-ups. Check your engine's air filter, since a dirty air filter will compromise fuel economy.
Drivers must shut their engine off before pumping gas because it's illegal to fuel with the engine running, even though this law isn't always aggressively enforced. Pumping gas with the engine running can compromise your safety. When your car's engine is running, it's possible for its catalytic converters to generate heat that could ignite gasoline, and start a fire.
Even though many gas stations have warnings advising you not to use your cell phone while fueling, the chances of cell phones igniting a gasoline vapor fire are extremely remote. However, fires at the gas pump may be caused by static electricity discharge. For safe fueling, it's recommended that you turn off your car's engine and avoid smoking at the pump. Also, you should never re-enter your vehicle while refueling.
Many factors contribute to the lack of uniformity in gas prices. Retailers consider their tax responsibilities when setting gas prices. States place varying taxes on gasoline retailers, and a state with higher taxes will have higher gas prices than a state in which the taxes are lower. Also, if a gas station is located in an especially competitive area, a branded operator may receive wholesale discounts that allow the station to sell gas at a lower price. This is done by brands to keep their gas competitive in tight markets.

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