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The Leader in Desert Property Rentals.  Over 25 years in business!

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We are dedicated in providing the highest level of vacation rental services and accommodations to each one of our customers. Quite simply, we want your holiday to be perfect and will leave no stone unturned in giving you the best experience. We present exquisite panoply of luxury vacation homes and condo rentals that best defines your vacation get away or business trip to Palm Springs. Select from the range of vacation rental options we have ready for you and enjoy the vacation of your dreams at Palm Springs.

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Palm Springs and surrounding Desert Cities.


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    Aaron S.

    They are trying to keep a $5000 deposit because they claim they need to clean a small stain from the carpet. We now have to sue them in small claims. Property was not as advertised and everyone we interacted with has been unprofessional and unethical to say the least. Go anywhere else for your renting/leasing needs!

  • This company is the worst I've...

    This company is the worst I've ever encountered in any type of business, period. My fiance and I wasted six weeks trying to reserve a wedding venue from McLean Company, and long story short, they:

    -couldn't even get it together to send us basic information about the property or coherent paperwork... in six weeks. They spelled the name of their own company wrong in contracts that contained other- important- typos that we had to point out to them.

    -did not bother to call us back and basically acted like they didn't really care about our business, even though we were going to spend a significant amount of money

    -blamed us for everything they did wrong including trusting that the information we received from their own employee on their tour was correct, and accused us of trying to deceive them about our real plans, when in fact we were the ones pointing out all their inconsistencies to make sure our plans were completely within guidelines

    -got SO NASTY and rude it was bizarre, and so defensive of their own errors that they backed themselves into a corner and eventually outright cancelled our reservation - because they didn't want to be bothered with so many questions. Even though our questions were basic and simple, and it was only their gross incompetence that made us have to ask the questions so many times (ie; for the love of god, could you please just tell us what part of the property our guests are allowed to be on, because you've told us massively different things and that is probably the most important piece of info about a venue, seriously, come on.) And truly, if they were still figuring these things out for themselves, that's ok! just be honest and tell us you don't know yet! but to give us one adamant answer one day, change it three weeks later, and obnoxiously blame us for changing OUR plans is just insane.

    What a disgrace to the people who actually own the property we were trying to rent.

    McLean Company Rentals has an F-rating with the BBB and if you read their reviews across the web you'll see repeated themes like "the owner is an outright liar" and "the way they treated us was so horrible it was surreal." It's one thing to make mistakes as a business, those are usually fixable- the reason people have written so many passionately negative reviews of McLean Company Rentals is the comical lack of awareness they have of their own absurd attitude.

  • McLean Made It Right
    Don Ferreira1

    In response to Mr. McLean's response to my letter, my letter was not retroactive nor was it intended to hurt his business. This forum is designed to voice good and bad experiences with any firm. My experience was, unfortunately poor. However, once I finally had Mr. McLean's attention, and was able to bypass those who did not wish for me to speak to him, he DID correct the error. While I was told by his associate that it was a payment error and I would have to a month for funds, it turns out, per Mr. McLean that it was an error whereas the rental client was undercharged. To Mr. McLeans' credit, he paid the difference out of his own pocket, the right thing to do as it was his firm's error. I'm now happy.
    Lastly, I voiced my opinion on a few of these sites out of frustration prior to the situation being corrected, not AFTER the fact, as he stated. Not in retaliation, as he stated, but because I had not been made whole, and until McLean became personally involved, looked like I may not.

  • RE: A Reply to Don Ferreira's Message dated 5/18/2011

    The dispute never involved a trust account issue, rather it was a commission error that when reported, was corrected and the owner was credited back in full. We've been in business in Palm Springs for 27 years, representing hundreds of homeowners and accommodating thousands of guests. I wish I could say that we never make mistakes, but sometimes we do. However we act immediately to correct any oversight, as we did in this case. There has been communication between us and the complainant Reaching a final resolution and agreement for both us to move on.

    The six front door keys, three gate passes, and two garage clickers were returned to the owner's wife on May 18th in our office. Mr. Ferreira meticulously noted in his contract with our company, exactly how many keys, passes and clickers he handed over to us at the time we received the property. Nowhere in his contract is there any mention of our being given a pool key. This is an extremely thorough owner who we doubt would make such an error of omission in a binding contract that he himself filled out.

    In spite of having totally resolved this situation, with assurances that we were dissolving our business relationship in good faith, we

  • Staff is Good

    Anthony & Cleo are helpful in the office. Didn't deal with anyone else.



    Broker Trust Fund Mismanagement

    I just spoke with the person who claims to cut the checks and manage your trust fund, and his rude and indifferent attitude and your firms error in the check I received today in the amount of $312.50, $455 gross for FIVE NIGHTS STAY DURING EASTER WEEK at CCC 272 is the reason that I am writing you, and, if this matter is not resolved forthwith, the DRE Broker Trust fund Division to ask for their assistance.

    When I pointed out the error to your clerk, he blamed a person named KARL who was not available to speak to until tomorrow, Thursday. The clerk stated that all that was collected from the tenant was $455, and, even if the situation could be remedied, you ONLY cut checks at the end of each month, meaning that I must wait another 30 days for my money.

    As a real estate broker since 1992, I have a fairly good understanding of how trust funds should be managed. Money in, money out to the client. If you made an error in accounting, you cannot hold and use the funds for thirty additional days, you, by law, must fix the error and pay me, the client for whom you hold the money in trust. Period.

    More, if you did not collect enough rent, you need to collect or otherwise make good from the tenant, or pay the difference yourself. Understand that I never authorized this unit to rented at $91 per day. We have an agreement as to the rate and terms under which this unit would be rented. I would have had family stay there rahter than collect $312.50 for the five days of Easter weekend.

    I am absolutely furious by the attitude of your clerk who blew me off and said that once this matter is corrected, he would mail me a check at month's end because, ""that's how it's been done for 26 years here"". If you cannot cut a check other than at the end of the month when clearly an error has been made, you are not handling trust monies correctly.

    In summary, I expect a call or email from you today, or my letter the DRE goes out Thursday. Your clerk told me that HE would call me back Thursday, but, with his attitude, I do not wish to speak to him after he hung up on me. More, your clerk stated that you are seldom there and do not speak to clients. Again, if you are this hands off perhaps you are not checking the trust account regularly as required by law. I urge you to help me and get me my money, or I will get you the help that you seem to need from the DRE.

    Lastly, you folks lost my pool key, or never got it back from the folks who rented in March. Please replace it.

    Kindest Regards,


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