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By: justin98
Home Away From Home Learning Center
Parents need to understand centers are not allowed to disclose why a teacher is let go. We are not in the business of firing or letting go of teachers unless there is a very very good reason like stealing or even worse. No school wants to let go of a teacher in the middle of the year unless there is cause of something we simply can not accept for the safety of the children. That being said, we have teachers that have been in our school for over 20 years and very very happy so our staff turnaround is very good. Yes, like any other school and business we have contracts that you must sign which clearly spells out 2 weeks notice necessary. We can't tell you the amount of times a parent will pull out a child simply because they are crying. This child may have never attended preschool and its obvious that if your child is 3 and has never been in the care of anyone other than a grandmother or parents that they will cry so no that's not a good reason to pull a child out all they need is time to adjust therefore, we require a 2 weeks notice. Parents need to understand that we offer them a space in the school and we count on each space to be filled in order to succeed, That being said we only ask for 2 weeks notice so we can call off our waiting list and fill the space up with another child. They are very well aware of this and sign off on it over 4 x. We try our best. We have been in business for over 11 years so we must be doing something right. We are very successful, but also understand that we can't please everyone and childcare is not for everyone. I wish there was a way of having these reviews proven or post with an option for the actual school to give their version of what really happened. Again, our teachers stay forever if we have ever fired a teacher it has been for a very very good reason.
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By: Kim A.
Home Away From Home Learning Center
Love it when parents can call staff out but fail to tell all the truth so on there defense!Annmarie i myself made several complaints about your son hitting my child and several kids daily! Your son smacked you in the face in front of several parents and all you could say was Khalil stop it! They worked with you ample times so your mad about a refund so you want to blast them. What about apologizing for the lack of parenting. How bout a THANK you for putting up with your sons behavior for over a year. Believe me i seen it daily as a parent i dreaded walking in seeing him there daily.
By: mikesmommy
Home Away From Home Learning Center
My son just started the school year in Mrs. Kathi & Mrs. Adela’s Montessori Classroom and is already coming home with a new and improved attitude. After just a few days I have noticed such an amazing difference. He is so excited to go to school every morning and shares something new with me every night. Home Away From Home IS THE WAY TO GO!!!Sincerely, A VERY HAPPY MOMMY
By: Beatriz G.
Home Away From Home Learning Center
Love this school!!!!!My daughter was there for 3 years and she learned so much!!!!Teachers are amazing and very caring!!!!I recommend to every one.
By: welovehafh
Home Away From Home Learning Center
AMAZING teachers, friendly and dedicated administrators, GREAT School!!!

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