China Moon in Palm Bay, FL with Reviews -
By: canesfan79
Wok Roll
Basically I must qualify this first... I am an overweight person.. we can tell you directions using every major restaurant and fast food chain in town. I love food, and this is why I am overweight! I usually HATE take out Chinese food, but this place is AWESOME. The food is great (my fave is the Crab Rangoon because it is the real deal, and boneless spare ribs mmmmm), and the owners are wonderful people. The hubby does not speak much English, but understands it well, but the wife, now she is a sketch. Get your butts down there and try out there food!!!!
By: Ashley F.
Happy Garden
Ordered delivery Egg drop soup - ok. Not the best but the best part of the mealCurry chicken dinner - prob the worst curry I have had from a Chinese takeout. BlandSalt and pepper shrimp - they were battered with the PEEL still on I had to peel the shrimp myself which In turn removed all the salt and pepper flavor and taste. so I basically ate plain shrimp Overall rating not good - it was also delivered in 45 min as promised it took over an hour and 15 min
By: kxray88
China Moon
I was really shocked to find a chinese foodrestaurant in Paml Bay that I could finally compare to Ft. Lauderdale. I had the Sesame chicken combo, fried dumplings, and crab rangoon. The food was fresh and very tasty. The restaurant was clean and the staff was friendly. I highly recommend trying their food if you are considering. They also deliver which seems to be something the other chinese places here lack.
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By: Michele H.
Siwon Tasty Chinese Restaurant
I have been having bad luck finding good Chinese food in Palm Bay. Last night we ordered and we were very impressed. The food was so good and the person who delivered was very nice. We will definitely be ordering from there in the future.
By: Cookie F.
China Moon
Food is EXCELLENT! We order 2 of the meals and they last us for dinner and lunch! Very generous portions for the price. Service is fantastic! Staff very friendly. They always remember us!
By: tiger.king.39982631
Happy Garden
The food was outstanding and i was very happy that they will deliver. for anyone that loves new york style chinese food, happy garden is the place for you.
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By: Da A.
China Moon
Love this place. I've been going there for 3yr at least 3 times a month. Little lady just great. Never have issues
By: Cyndy L.
Copper Chimney
We went there tonight for the 1st time tonight. The food was excellent and the service was as well. We'll be back!
By: momohegele
China King
Food excellent taste , price, prompt delivery!! Combination plate 2 days worth of food!! (Y)
By: Brad G.
Wok Roll
We eat there once a week and love their general tso chicken

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