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By: Carl W.
Your Home Medical Prescription Shop
On our trip to Maine in the Fall, on our trip with Marge's sister Rosanne to a Gators' basketball game, and on our week in Key West to join Biff Wilson for Fantasy Fest week, I was able to use a "loaner" oxygen concentrator. Last month when we tried to reserve a machine, we were told that they no longer would provide it "free." Now it costs $75 for a week (even if you only use it for a day or two).So today Marge was looking around for another provider. We found one who had a system where the portable part is only about 4 to 5 pounds, and sounds great. Marge had heard about something like this before, but when we inquired of Your Home Medical, our provider in Palatka, Florida, we were told that a unit like that would be too expensive.So I called the outfit, and Medicare would pay for 80% - since I don't have supplemental. That's what I'm currently paying. Unfortunately the equipment I'm using now I started using 12/29/2011. He said that medicare pays for 5 years basically overr three years, and then the provider doe no further bulling the last 2 years. He said I'm right at 30 months right now. Technically I could transfer providers, but there'd only be like 6 months more of payments that Medicare would pay, and that I couldn't get replacement equipment until the account "resets" 12/29/2016!So I said, "So if a person gets medical support equipment and during a five-year span something comes out that is better and able to help the patient more, they are just out of luck until the five years is up, or they die?" He said, "Yes, that' just about it."Thanks so much, Medicate. The oxygen concentrator and unit that sits on top to recharge two portable tanks I can carry with me is just too bulky for travel, and the bottles only last about two hours each.So if we wanted to go out of town, say to Grandson Ben's birthday party, and I was having breathing difficulties that day, it would be very difficult.I think when our five years is up, if I'm still alive, I'll contact someone other than Your Home Medical to provide my new equipment. The new provider may be no better, but I just don't care for those who get you used to what basically is a kindness or a good-will (like their loaners), and then pulls the plug on you. Their explanation was that it cost too much too clean and prepare the units each time they came back.Okay.
By: morinleah
A-1 Pharmacy
The staff here are very courteous. The pharmacist is very knowledgeable and I can tell he cares about my needs. They have discount prescriptions that compete with other pharmacies in the areas. Very Highly Recommended!!!
By: Madonna C.
CVS Pharmacy
Always clean great customer service support from staff and pharmacy..when prescriptions are ready they text you promptly.

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