By: Catherine S.
La Nouvelle Medical Spa
I just had to write about my liposuction procedure at La Nouvelle Medical Spa. I am so incredibly happy with my results! I keep asking myself, why have I not done that sooner?? I've been debating a liposuction for a several years now and I guess I was a bit concerned about doing elective surgery.... But I have finally got my courage and I am so glad I did it! That is why I am writing this review so that other ladies could read this. If you are like me and the diets and exercise don't bring you the results you really desire - then I highly recommend you La Nouvelle Medical Spa and their liposuction treatment. You'll be a happy customer too!
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By: Martha S.
La Nouvelle Medical Spa
When I turned 43, I made my very first appointment with Dr Hanna after finding the most suitable liposuction clinic for me. Within few weeks I was having liposuction to remove the wings and banana roll and hopefully correct the cellulite. Dr Hanna made sure I had no pain and that I was very relaxed during the surgery. I had no regrets about my decision. Well I am now 9 weeks down the track and I should have done this several years ago! My legs are now in a better shape, no banana roll and no wings. Thank you Dr Hanna.
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By: Cherry B.
La Nouvelle Medical Spa
After years of irregular painful wax and shaving before vacation, I finally decided to undergo a laser hair removal. I found La Nouvelle Medical Spa in Oxnard and called them and got an appointment the next day. Dr. Hanna's personality and knowledge/expertise with the procedure took away any anxiety I had about getting this treatment done. There was no pain or sensitivity after the treatment and the results after the first session are amazing!!! I highly recommend La Nouvelle Medical Spa for laser hair removal.
By: Joanna W.
La Nouvelle Medical Spa
My body really distressed me. I had fat arm and big tummy and I envy people that are so skinny. I used to exercise and do dieting but that's not the way I wanted. So what I did,I made a phone call to La Nouvelle Medical Spa and made an arrangement and schedule my Liposuction surgery. It’s been 2 months now and I already saw and feel the changes. My tummy looks flatter and my fat arm looks nice. I like the results and this is all I’ve ever wanted. Thank you for making my dreams come true :)
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By: Jennifer D.
Euphoria Nails & Spa
I really love this salon. It's so beautiful and their spa chairs look so luxury. Their services are good with friendly and technicians and professional jobs. I came here and got my nails and toe nails done many times with many different technicians, and they all friendly, they talked to me while doing their job, that kept me out of feeling bored. I tried each different color each time I visited and they all came out so pretty. Plus, their colors stayed for a very long time.
By: Alexa R.
La Nouvelle Medical Spa
I am very pleased with my results and the service I received from La Nouvelle Medical Spa in Oxnard. I've had Voluma injections done here about a month ago and the results are fabulous. My 47th birthday is coming up at the end of May and I decided to treat myself. Thank you! I get tons of compliments from everyone. How nice is that!! What a great experience. Every single person at La Nouvelle Medical Spa is absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend this place.
By: Melissa O.
La Nouvelle Medical Spa
I have recently had a breasts augmentation procedure performed at LA Nouvelle Medical Spa, and I am So Happy with with results. And my boyfriend too!!!! From the first day I visited the office, meeting all wonderful staff, I knew I was in the right place. Everybody at the spa are not only very warm and friendly, but thorough, from questions, appointments, beginning and end of the actual surgery. I LOVE the results and it was definitely worth the price.
By: Cheryl W.
La Nouvelle Medical Spa
I would like to thank everyone at La Nouvelle for everything you did for me before, during, and after my lipo surgery. I was very terrified of having this procedure done, but after meeting with Dr. Hanna and his staff, I really felt an assurance of my safety. I highly recommend Dr. Hanna for any aesthetics surgery needs. My experience was like I am his VIP patient. The high level of customer service is beyond compare… and my results are impressive!!!
By: Vickie B.
La Nouvelle Medical Spa
I've been coming to La Nouvelle Medical Spa for about two years now and I love it. Dr. Hanna and his staff has helped me clear up my skin and keeping it in order. No, it didn't take two years for my skin to get clear, the reason why I keep on going back is because I want to maintain my clear skin (and also the great customer service that they provide). I would recommend La Nouvelle Medical Spa in Oxnard, CA.
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By: Maria A.
La Nouvelle Medical Spa
La Nouvelle Medical Spa IS amazing. Every time I go there the service is exceptional. Facilities are awesome. I've been to many spas in Los Angeles and La Nouvelle Medical Spa is hands down THE BEST. I've had botox and laser hair removal done there and couldn't be happier with the results! Everybody there just went over and beyond to accommodate our needs. I will definitely be back again!

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