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By: mpratt69
Fritz's Chili
I just don't get it. I see the guy who posted after me saying that if I didn't like it, the problem is with me, not my choice of restaraunts because I just don't "understand". I've never been compelled to write a restaraunt review before untilI I went here. I've lived close to the restaraunt for years now. Always walking by, seeing the neat, 50's style atmosphere and told myself I would try it soon. So, I went in today with my two year old son to have lunch today. It was rainy and cold and I thought chili would be perfect, because I love chili. Well, I wanted a menu, but all they serve is 1 dish, which is "chili"? The only customization you can get is the size of plate.So I eagerly ordered a large to share with my 2 year old son. What I received can simply be described as unseasoned, dry ground beef generously piled on top of red beans. That's it. No seasoning whatsoever. Yes, you may get things on the side to create your own "chili", like jalapenos, ketchup, onions...etc. There wasn't even any salt or pepper on the table to make this plate of bland taste like something. There was a jar of chili powder on the table though. does this place stay in business? Yes, if I was starving, this would sustain me, but why would I spend $10 on it? Where did the cook go to school at? I'm seroious, it was ONLY ground beef and a can of beans. I put everything they had on the side and I could still only get 2 spoons down me before I got up to leave. They also give you a cup of the liquid that the can of beans must have come in to make it "soupy" if I so desired. My son wouldn't even touch it. Even the most simple of brain dead bachelors can make a passable chili. They should change the name from Fritz's Chili to Fritz's Beef and Beans. Under no stretch of the imagination could what I had be classified as "chili". It was just so bad, bland and utterly tasteless. I'm even a bit of a chili connosuir, having gone to chili competitions and frequenting chili parlours all my life. The waitress seemed nice, the establishment was clean, and the decor was classic. I almost feel guilty for writing this, but people just have to know what they are going to be getting. I walked right over to the chinese restaraunt immediately next door. By the way, that place is awesome and I'm a regular.
By: Aj S.
Taco Via
Taco Via at 95th and Antioch is a tradition. It's not that the food is awesome. It's nostalgic. It's home. It's the crushed ice, the big booths, the melted cheese nachos, the steamed sancho, the Galaga game in the corner, the cups of taco sauce you can drink straight on a dare from your friends. it's Debbie the cashier who's worked there for 40 years plus. If you're looking for authentic Mexican or Tex/Mex food, this isn't it. This is Taco Burgers and Taco Dogs and Burritos with Onion Sauce.It's a trip back to a great time. It's home.
By: Devery B.
Torreador Mexican Restaurant
This restaurant is by far my favorite Mexican restaurant to eat at! It has been a family favorite for generations and generations. Their food is to die for!! Especially their nachos (love them). I bring all of my friends here for them to try it out themselves and not once has any of them been upset with the food or service. I would highly recommend going here. The only bad thing about it is you WILL probably get addicted to it. (;
By: Cara S.
Torreador Mexican Restaurant
One of my favorite Mexican restaurants in town. I love the laid back atmosphere and of course, the delicious food. I have had almost everything in their menu and love it all! Their salsa is my favorite. Friendly staff . I love supporting the small family business and this restaurant has been around a long time. Which to me speaks volumes . Thanks for the great food and drinks!
By: Janet H.
Keg and Barrel - Grill and Spirits
Not sure why Scott had a bad experience? This place is great! Love the atmosphere, it's really nice and they have better beer selection on tap than Tanners. Pulled pork nachos, yum! Charred Wings are pretty good as well. Seasoned fries, yep those are good too! Need to work on the wine selection but I already put in a request so hopefully they will make a change.
By: Stephanie B.
Torreador Mexican Restaurant
Torreador has been an amazing find in overland park for my family and I. The staff is excellent and the food is fantastic. I've been going there since I was a child and I have not found another restaurant that is comparable to this one. If you enjoy the cute, quiet, family owned type of restaurants this is one you won't want to miss out on!
By: Sam S.
Fuzzy's Taco Shop
Found this place by accident on my business trip to KC. The chicken tacos where awesome and the salsa was very fresh with a little kick. I did not order the nachos but the table next to me ordered the nachos and they came out with a huge platter piled high with chicken and all the trimmings. Check this place out it will not disappoint.
By: Celeste M.
Torreador Mexican Restaurant
If you are looking for delicious food, comfortable atmosphere, friendly people & courteous service all at a reasonable price then you've found it here! Have been coming here for years & even when I lived out of KC, Torreador was always on my "must visit" list!!
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By: Renee W.
Frida's Restaurant
The food was OK but the service was SLOW. They took away my drink to refill and never came back with it. After 10 plus minutes, I had to ask for another but that was only after I found a server. if you are in a hurry, you may want to choose another.
By: Gregory W.
Tortilla Ranch Mexican Grill
Food was so-so. Better selection than Chipotle, but the food wasn't nearly as good. Also, it was really hot in there--not sure if AC wasn't working or maybe they're just cheap and don't crank it. I was sweating and it wasn't from the food.

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