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By: penguinpawn
Penguin Pawn Inc
#1 Joe was not even in the store when this item was sold.#2 Young lady bought the item on 06/22/20013 and came back on 07/23/2013. She had said item in her possession for a month. Then walks in and said that "sales person stated that we would buy the item back at sale price." Not sure how we are suppose to pay our bills based on this thought process.#3 Sales person did state that we'd look at it if she wanted to bring it back when she was done. NEVER offered a price or percentage on said item if for no other reason he didn't know how long customer would have said item.#4 Both people in the store were VERY friendly and tried to explain to customer how it would not make any since on our part to sell and item and take it back for sale price when she chose to be done using said item.#5 Joe did offer to buy back said item for half of sale price which is more than fair considering that the used value of said item had gone down while in customers possession.#6 As you can tell by the title of the store, we are a pawn shop and sell lots of different items such as used tools that we do clean up but are not always able to make look brand new. Other than some surface dirt on used tools not sure what customer means by "the store if filthy". We do not serve food but over all we have a fairly clean store. We wipe down the glass multiple times a day and sweep mop the floors multiple times a week or as needed.Conclusion is that customer misunderstood what was said when she purchased the item. Customer threatened to call police and lawyer to force her misunderstanding. She did not accept offer that was given to please said customer and was unrealistic in expectation of used item that she had possession of for @ a month.We welcome anyone to come in and see for themselves.
By: cat.bullard.9
Penguin Pawn Inc
Penguin Pawn is the best pawn shop in the Kansas City Metro area! I have purchased many things from them over the years, including, electronics, DVD's, jewelry, and firearm related items. I have also sold them many things, including, DVD's, electronics, jewelry, and a firearm. Their prices to purchase items are very fair if not above fair & everytime I have sold them an item they have compensated me very well. Every one on Penguin Pawn's staff is very friendly, polite, professional, and well versed in the business they run. I would never ever even think of going anywhere else for what I need to purchase, or what I want to have them look at to buy. I love Penguin Pawn and I have to admit, sometimes I just like to go in there and "talk shop" with them! They are a great bunch of guys running a top notch business! I have, and will keep recommending them to my family & friends!
By: ecsill
Penguin Pawn Inc
I'm glad that Penguin Pawn decided to stay in the neighborhood. I would say that every pawn shops get an inordinate amount of customers hard up on their luck, and although it's a hard business, I've always been treated well and above all, fairly. The great thing about Penguin Pawn is that, if it is at all possible to give you a loan on something, they will. Remember however that like any business it's competitive and they have to minimize their risk. I also enjoy the taxidermy mounted on the walls, I guess they hunt enough to do that.
By: christine.edwardsnino
Penguin Pawn Inc
This is where I buy ALL of my gold jewelry because they always give me a fair price. I even bring my jewelry here to be repaired and cleaned becuase they do a great job. I have been coming here for years and will continue to in the future!
By: Dee R.
Heartland Pawnbrokers-OP
Definitely the place to go for electronics. I bought a refurbed laptop from Colin and his team. They were very helpful, answered my questions and helped me trouble shoot a tech problem. Thank you!!!!!
By: Jessica G.
Heartland Pawnbrokers-OP
Best pawn shop around. Always treated awesome!!!

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