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By: Samantha S.
Sweet D Nails
I come here all the time and never have a problem with how my nails are actually done.. I've been going there for a few years and haven't had any issues.. BUT the last 2 times I've been the guy who did my mani & pedi overcharged me. The first time I didn't realize it but another woman who works there made him give me a $5 refund. This time I was pretty sure it was too much.. $30 for the pedicure and $35 for a gel French manicure. They don't have any prices posted so it's not like I could really argue it.. Until you go outside and look back at the window it says $25 pedicure.. And another sign said $45 gel manicure and pedicure.. So it was too late at that point to argue it, but I won't return :(
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By: Amanda H.
Majestic Nails
This place is amazing and ran by a knowledgable, nice, and professional family. Their son is awesome! I just moved from MO to KS and have had a hell of a time finding a descent place here. I tried a place off 151 and 69, but they were rude and did my nails half fast. I walked into Majestic nails yesterday and the son checked my nails out. He explained what the previous place did wrong, showed me and explained what I should do and why. He also went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and liked his work. I'm beyond amazed...the place was clean and they all were approachable. This place deserves an award!!!! I will not go anywhere else anymore!
By: alicadenver
Creative Nails
This is salon is probably my favorite beacuse of the friendly envirorment it has. The employees are happy to be there and help you whenever you need something to done. But not only are they friendly but they do a super job on your nails. They can do an excellent job on your nails and the designs always have amazing and gorgeses little details that are soo special to me. The new hot stone pedicures literally make you feel like you are in heaven. I almost fell asleep ! Go to Creative Nails in O.P so they can take care of your nails !!
By: alyssa.marie.121
Princess Nail
I have been going to Princess Nails for years. I have been to many nail salons, but find Princess Nails to be superior in professionalism, and courtesy. The salon exceeded my expectations. I gave five stars because in all the years I have been a customer, I have never been dissatisfied. The technicians take great pride in their work and make sure you like your nails before you leave. They even offer to re-paint them if you are not satisfied. The technicians work hard to please their customers and it shows!! :)
By: antonio12368
Creative Nails
AHHHHHH ......... I have been having a hard time with my ingrown toenail for YEARS !! And today I take my wife get her nails done. And I got a pedicure for the first time. And everybody was so friendly in there and it made me feel very comfortable. They did an AMAZING job. Fantastic massage with hot stones, and now my ingrown toe nail DOESN'T HURT ANYMORE !! Thanks to TINA who is AMAZING . And Anybody that has an ingrown toe nail ? COME TO CREATIVE NAILS ! :) .
By: stephaniesandnes
Polished Nails & Wax
My best friend and I went to this wonderful place to get pedicures done. She is from a different ethnicity, and was in town from the south. Everyone in this place treated us like royalty. They were so caring to what we wanted, and carried conversations with us as we had been friends with them for years as well. They even took our picture for us :) They have 20+ pedi chairs, kid pedi chairs and VERY clean! I would recommend to ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!
By: arianalovesyou
Creative Nails
I got a full set one day, and they came out so pretty. I also got a hot stone pedicure and it felt so sensational and like I was in heaven. The staff were so welcoming and nice. They did my full set and my pedicure really fast too. The whole salon was so clean compared to other salons I've been to. Tina is the best and did an amazing job on my full set. And all of the prices are reasonable compared to other places. Totally reccomend !
By: karin.howar
Princess Nail
I have been a customer for the last 7 years. I am very happy with the service I receive every 3 weeks from them! They even offer me and other customers bottle of water. They are All licensed. No if about that! Look at their licenses at each station! Be real! The staff is very pleasant and nice! They should have called the police for you for not paying for services rendered! I am very very happy with their services.
By: Hanh T.
Creative Nails
In the last minute of my wedding, and i realized i need to get my nail done. But we have 12 people, so we need get all done in time. We were so surprise because the price very reasonable and i get 50% off for my full charge. And all nail tech there are very nice and friendly. They are amazing about take care our nail and toes. They work wonderful! we diffidently highly recommend to come Creative nail!
By: mary29837
Creative Nails
I have been coming to this place for 4 years ! I'm a regular. And I want tell eveyone this is the BEST nail salon in Overland Park, Kansas. They can do any design you want ! And the acrylic is NOT cheap and will last a while and looks very good . And pedicures are AWESOME with the hot stone massage and its all WORTH it ! And this place is soo clean ! And the prices aren't expensive.

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