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By: Robert B.
Electronic Services
I cannot list how happy I have been with Tim and his employees services. I believe this is a family business and everyone there is so kind and their expertise is second to none. I have taken Sony ES gear and then found that they also are experts on Computers and Cameras as well so I will no longer be shipping my Canon Cameras to Canon, they will go to Tim when in need of repairs instead. They are local and the pride they take in their work is really a treasure. I had bad luck with one of their competitors and took a ruined laptop to these guys and they were able to fix it up good as new....really it was just as new once they rid the junk parts and replaced them with correct ones from Dell. I will no longer use the guys on Wornall in Waldo....All of my repair gear will go here and yours should as well. Just wonderful folks as well as wonderful at repairs. Highly, Most Highly Recommended. Rob in KCMO
By: alynnavudang
Mr. Fix It and Appliance Sales
I bought a washer and dyer set at Mr. Fix It, they were very helpful and the price was very reasonable, best customer service, i also asked about the delivery fee, i was told $65 for the distance ( i'm in leavenworth). I had read wnelson review about the delivery fee, so i talked to tom about it and he said that $50 will be paid out to his driver and also $15 for gas so that is how it got to $65.When my washer and dryer set was delivery i had asked the delivery guy the same question and (yes) that is how he was paid $50 for the work and $15 for gas.I would like to tell people who don;t know how a business works or how they do their pay out, please don't make up your own assumption and give the business a bad review.
By: Jon F.
Electronic Services
Samsung TV board got fried with a lighting short. ES is a short drive so I tried them. They called that afternoon and had the parts on hand and gave me a quote of fifty percent of what the last shop charged. Had it ready the next day. They took me back to the shop and showed me the board (the last shop actually put two capacitors in and charged me double the new board cost). Also made sure the TV operated properly and then rolled out to the car on a cart! Honesty and service,,,how unique!
By: murrint
Mr. Fix It and Appliance Sales
Great Prices and Great Selection.They accept trade-ins and always have 5% off everything in the store.I liked that they had new and used vacuums and other small appliances for sale.We saved money and time plus they have a 30 day warranty on used vacuums
By: amberw1982
Mr. Fix It and Appliance Sales
Great Great Store!!! I wouldn't buy a vacuum or appliance from anyone else! Very great, affordable products with awesome warranties. I come from over 2 hours away to get vacuums and appliances here. I wish more businesses were ran like this one!!!!
By: itech93081
Mr. Fix It and Appliance Sales
I recently visited Mr. Fix It on Metcalf, and I must say they have wonderful customer service! Tom was so helpful and friendly! If my vaccum should break down again, I won't have to second guess where to take it!
By: Kacie R.
Main Appliance Center
One of the best places to shop for appliances for your home. I highly recommend this one to anyone who wants nothing less but quality products and services you can trust.
By: shelly.g.cole
Sew Easy Sewing Center
Excellent service. Very friendly and helpful. My sewing machine runs better than ever and yes, it was carried to my car. Accurate quote and quick repair service.

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