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By: Minda C.
Aptive Environmental
The people with this company are punctual, friendly, and very professional. Charles initially came to our door and was wonderful! He was able to answer every question I had on the spot & contacted his manager regarding a major health concern for my husband and son. I was informed that they use naturally based ingredients and was very pleased. When the treatment team arrived, I was greeted by two friendly faces; Cat and Tony (the manager himself!) Cat was VERY informative. My children greeted them and told them all about the pests we have seen and Cat/Tony were so patient with my children! I noticed respect of our belongings, furniture and careful placement of product. I was educated well regarding ingredients used,the purpose of each product, and the purpose of the placement of the products. When I inquired if they could spray near and around our swing set for our children they gladly did so! The price, referral program, and people are all wonderful. Would refer to anyone!
By: melvinorangiecalhoun
Alterra Pest Control
I was not totally impressed with the fact that my husband signed up for this service w/out my knowledge. I was further disappointed when the guys would leave and I'd see pest the following day. I guess I just felt like there was more that could have been done. However, I was totally sold on this service the other day when David came out. David was very kind, considerate and professional. I answered the door in my PJ's because I wasn't expecting anyone! David sincerely apologized about the fact that I had not received a service call and asked me was this a bad time? I decided to allow him to go ahead and spray and during his time here he was very informative about the things he was doing, which I can't say the same for the other guys that had been here. Thanks so much David, you totally changed my outlook on this company!
By: jennifer.brownduxbury
Alterra Pest Control
We noticed that there was evidence of mice in our home and notified Alterra right away. They sent someone out immediately to our residence to take care of the problem. Chaz Brantley who was the pest technician showed up early for the appt (which was excellent) was professional and friendly, very thorough in his search for the rodents, extremely knowledgable and offered many solutions to our problem. He set out all of our traps, found where the mice were enter in our home and even located where there would be possible nests. Later that morning he came back with another trap just to ensure we were covering the problem. He made it very clear to call with any questions/concerns. I highly recommend Alterra Pest control and feel very confident in the service they provide and the professionals they send to our home.
By: lynn_in_leawood
Alterra Pest Control
It's clear that Alterra has very high standards for their employees and their quality of work. David Rice and Sean were here this morning to do my initial pest prevention treatment and it was an excellent experience. They showed up right on time and looking clean and professional. I was completely comfortable have them in and around my home. They explained what they were doing an why and what the follow up process would be to ensure my home remains insect/spider free. They were friendly, professional and most importantly - thorough. Sean and David did an excellent job representing the company as did the representative, Mitch, who I met with yesterday to set up the appointment. I am very happy I chose Alterra. I would not hesitate in recommending Alterra to my friends and family.
By: karen.cantu.773
Alterra Pest Control
We have been using Alterra for about a year. When they first came out, we had a problem with ant hills in our yard and with wasps. That has never been a problem since the first visit. Today, David and Law came to our house and I was thrilled since I have been seeing spiders this past week! So, in addition to treating the yard, eaves, and foundation, Law came into the house to spray our downstairs and bathroom where I have been seeing the spiders. He also added some glue strips to help and to identify the type of spiders. David and Law are both very professional. I also appreciated that Law showed concern for my grandson who was visiting and not wanting to put the chemicals around where he was. Thank you for keeping us bug-free!
By: del1964
Alterra Pest Control
On Wednesday our furnace man found a dead and a live brown recluse spider(s) in our basement. Thursday morning Chaz Brantley rang the door bell and said he was here for our quarterly pest treatment. Great timing! How relieved was I after worrying all night! He confirmed that we had brown recluse spiders in our basement and master bedroom and sprayed for said spiders. When we explained we had a brown recluse problem he did a very thorough treatment and was very helpful in explaining what he was going to do to help us eradicate the problem. He encouraged us to contact them immediately if we see any other brown recluse spiders. He was very courteous and professional and did a great job.
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By: Jan K.
Aptive Environmental
Carlos my sales rep. was very professional, courteous and personable. He did a great job sharing with me about how amazing this company is and has been available when I had questions and made sure I was connected to the right people and taken care of. I had some questions and Matt Woodruff and Jeremy came directly over to make sure everything was taken care of and that I was happy with everything. They did a remarkable job remaining professional and courteous at all times, Matt was very impressive and I can't say enough about him and all the young men that have been a team representing this company. Thanks you, Matt, Jeremy, Carlos and Ernesto
By: richardgr
Alterra Pest Control
Marco was the best agent to have serviced our property. He was thorough, knowledgeable, and courteous. He inquired about the interior of the property, which hadn't been done since the first application. In the past we were often unaware that the agent had been here other than finding a bill on the door. Marco, you are a WOW agent! and it sounds like the company is interested in improving service by their installation of this review process and rewarding agents like Marco for their exceptional work ethics and attention to the needs of the customers!!!! written by Mrs.Richard G
By: L M.
Aptive Environmental
Fabulous experience with Aptive. Our service technician arrived right on time and on a Saturday. We live on a heavily-treed, lake lot so exterior spider webs are a HUGE problem! Keith Neemann thoroughly cleaned the eaves, front porch, deck, and patio before doing an extensive outdoor treatment. We can't believe how much better the exterior looks and our ant problem appears to be solved. Can't wait to see if he's solved our millipede issue as well. Really happy with this experience and hopeful that successive interactions go as well as this one.
By: maria91
Alterra Pest Control
Great service and very friendly people. Mitch was by far the least irritating sales person that has knocked on my door (which must have worked as I signed up for service, which I never do). The very next day, David & Lynne came to spray my house and yard. They were extremely nice, informative, professionally dressed and very thorough. To put it another way, my 13 year old said "wow, these are the first bug people who haven't been creepy and they actually can hold a conversation and make eye contact!" Leave it to a teenager! :)
Tips & Advices
Irrigation system advantages:
  • Lowers water bill and maintenance time with scheduled watering
  • Evenly distributes water
Irrigation system disadvantages:
  • Professionally installed systems cost between $3,000-$4,000 for a quarter-acre lot.
  • Some do-it-yourself systems cost up to $1,500 but are difficult to install.
  • You may need to call a professional electrician and plumber, adding $300-$600 to your project.
Some plants can stand up to the cold weather, like kale or pansies. These can be planted in the autumn or early winter. Other plants need to wait until the soil is warm and ready. Plant perennial flowers in mid-autumn or mid-spring. If you're planting from seed or sprout, you can generally find information about planting conditions on the package.
Why get artificial grass?
  • Cuts down on lawn maintenance
  • It's environmentally friendly since there’s no need to water.
  • Artificial grasses may be more attractive than real grass in drought-stricken areas.
Why stick to the real deal?
  • Artificial grass has a high upfront cost - $15 to $20 per square foot.
  • It can be difficult to install.
  • Inexpensive options might look unnatural.
  • It gets hot in the sun.
First, determine which pests you're dealing with. Mounds or tunnels indicate moles or voles. Apply castor oil to your lawn; they'll find another digging spot. Determine which bugs you have by pouring a bucket of soapy water onto the lawn. The bugs will surface so you can identify them. Milky spore and nematodes keep grubs and other bugs at bay. Insecticidal soap also works. The best way to prevent pests is with good yard maintenance. Certain bugs prefer overwatered lawns or yards with thatches. Regular mowing, watering, and dethatching discourage pests from moving in.
Fertilizer isn't always necessary, but it can keep your lawn looking lush and healthy. Use fertilizer with slow release nitrogen so it doesn't encourage weeds to grow. Keep in mind that overfertilizing can spur weed growth. However, under-fertilizing can result in weak grass, which gives weeds more space to take root.

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