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By: jilashli
Stubby's Dog & Car Wash
Went here for the dog wash. I picked a good place!! The only real problem I had was getting my dog to use the ramp (ended up having to pick her up and place her in the bin)Love that it takes credit cards! Many different options for shampoo I used the oatmeal shampoo for her body, and the tearless shampoo for her head, my dog is fluffy so i was glad to see there was an option for a conditioner! Drying options were great! I used the water vacuum first! It worked wonders! I found the gentle dry to be ineffective with my dog (a husky) but the super dry was AWESOME, I could see the remaining water flying off of her (watching the mist was cool lol) and even fluffed her fur in the process. Just a few suggestions....Suggestion #1: I saw that there was an option for disinfectant tub rinse (or something...) the tub i used was clean so I didn't worry too much about it, I would have LIKED to use it, but I didn't feel I should have to use my time and money to use it. Maybe give someone a free 30-45 seconds to rinse the tub with the disinfectant in the event that the person before did not clean the tub out, just as a courtesy....I don't know if the machine technology would allow you to do that though. Suggestion #2: I would've preferred if each bathing area was enclosed so that I could lock the door during the bathing process without locking other customers out. My dog will run if she somehow gets off her leash. In the event that she got loose inside and another person happen to walk in or have the door open, the risk of her running off is possible. I am very careful to have her on a leash at all times, but accidents happen, (leash could slip from my hand or has happened before lol)My only complaint was adding time using my card. The instructions said to swipe your card before time ran out. I tried multiple times and it didn't work. I still needed to dry my dog so I just swiped it again after the time ran out hoping I wouldn't get charged twice. (I don't think it charged me full price the second time because I didn't get the same amount of time as the first time)If i was from here I would recommend this dog wash to anyone looking for a good dog wash. Was very impressed!!! Hope it is still there if I ever come through Overland Park again! I would definitely be a repeat customer!
By: terri.shirley1
Paradise Bay Car Wash
Since there is no photo with the carwash on this website, I am guessing it is the one I am writing about. The carwash I had this experience with on on the north side of 95th across from Paul Mitchell Beauty School. I went there after Christmas 2012. I had a lot of bird poop on hood and driver's door. Then went to grocery store. Then I noticed there was still poop on the arm of driver's mirror and some under the driver's window. I went back about an hour later with receipt. The attendant (wearing a bill cap) helped me. When I showed him my receipt and told him there was still poop on car and that I paid extra for a good cleaning and underblast. He smiled and asked how I would like to fix that. I said I could have went home and wiped it off but it would be nice if you could get rid of the poop for me. He said he did remember me (woman with the poopy car, I guess). He told me to just go right through again and he waited by the machine to make sure I did not have to pay twice. My experience was excellent. I must compliment them for a nice customer service they did for me that day. I went there recently around Jan 5th and sorry to see the $3 wash is no longer available. But it is a good car wash. We go there all the time with our cars.
By: amron4
Big Splash Car Wash
I was concerned about the previous review and "scratches" on her glass. I just took my car through "groupon" for the first time and there are no brushes that could have caused the damage stated by the previous reviewer. I wonder if they didn't have some tree sap smeared by windshield wipers that the car wash will not remove.My car came out fairly clean except for the front bumper and grill area. They do not have a brush or strips that even touch this area and thus all the bug mess was still there. One young man did a quick once over on wiping off the drips. I also took a towel and cleaned all my door openings and wheels which he was not going to do or even help with. He just stood waiting for his tip while I continued cleaning the doors and wheels. The manager was very personable and helpful and the first attendant was thorough in prepping the car prior to entering the automatic wash.
By: Terry S.
Stubby's Dog & Car Wash
Used the brushless wash and did a fair job. The bird poop on my back window and roof was not totally removed, on the third to the last cycle the soap was NOT washed completely off the passenger side, the windshield has a hazy film, the dryer doesn't do a very good drying job. Luckily I only paid $8 and my car is a bit cleaner but I won't waste my money on this again. I'll spend a little more for a better wash elsewhere. It was just convenient to my office.
By: abernaki
Big Splash Car Wash
3 reviews this morning of 5 stars when they happen to have a Groupon that started today? All three reviewers as of 10:51am CDT only have the one review. Pretty shady... Seriously doubt the one star review is that of an employee. I'll pass. Don't like the idea of doing business with a place that tries to deceive its customers from the start.
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By: Ted B.
Travel Clean Car Wash
I have been going here for years. Car wash has always done a good job, as well as the do-it-yourself vacuum system. It is apparent they try to keep the equipment working and the facility clean. Reasonable rates too.
By: zanzibear0916
Big Splash Car Wash
The people are friendly and my car looks fabulous. They even shampooed my mats which has probably never been done before. I'll be back for sure.

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