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By: penguinpawn
Penguin Pawn Inc
#1 Joe was not even in the store when this item was sold.#2 Young lady bought the item on 06/22/20013 and came back on 07/23/2013. She had said item in her possession for a month. Then walks in and said that "sales person stated that we would buy the item back at sale price." Not sure how we are suppose to pay our bills based on this thought process.#3 Sales person did state that we'd look at it if she wanted to bring it back when she was done. NEVER offered a price or percentage on said item if for no other reason he didn't know how long customer would have said item.#4 Both people in the store were VERY friendly and tried to explain to customer how it would not make any since on our part to sell and item and take it back for sale price when she chose to be done using said item.#5 Joe did offer to buy back said item for half of sale price which is more than fair considering that the used value of said item had gone down while in customers possession.#6 As you can tell by the title of the store, we are a pawn shop and sell lots of different items such as used tools that we do clean up but are not always able to make look brand new. Other than some surface dirt on used tools not sure what customer means by "the store if filthy". We do not serve food but over all we have a fairly clean store. We wipe down the glass multiple times a day and sweep mop the floors multiple times a week or as needed.Conclusion is that customer misunderstood what was said when she purchased the item. Customer threatened to call police and lawyer to force her misunderstanding. She did not accept offer that was given to please said customer and was unrealistic in expectation of used item that she had possession of for @ a month.We welcome anyone to come in and see for themselves.
By: Joseph S.
Karats Jeweleres
Well to be honest, I had looked at every store in Kansas City before I came here. I live in North Kansas City so the drive south was the reason behind that. After visiting a popular North Kansas City store that consisted of the sales person being rude and saying numerous insulting statements. I decided to listen to a friend and check out Karats. I had sent them an e-mail at 11:30p.m., with the belief that I would get a response in a day or two. Andy sent me a response in 15 minutes. I was very shocked to say the least and after a few emails that night we set up an appointment. When I showed up for the appointment I only had intention to look but left open the possibility of same day purchasing. Andy pulled the 6 rings I had found on the website, and a few that were very similar. He was very down to earth and gave me histories of the various brands. He then asked what I was looking for and kept pulling rings until I was completely happy. I am someone who will always find a fault in any product I try to buy, but Andy didn't seem to mind as he kept pulling rings until the perfect one was found. I got a ring that I never thought I could afford, everyone that sees it is speechless. My fiancee can't stop staring at it and that makes it all worth it.Of all the stores I have went to, this was hands down the best. The staff sends emails every few days to keep you updated. They also seem to care about the details behind the occasion for the purchase, like you are family to them and not a dollar sign. I am glad I listened to my friend and checked out this store instead of looking at how far away it was. For the service and quantity of upper tier jewelry, I would gladly drive any distance.
By: genecullinane
House Of Diamonds
This is in response to a posting on 04/08/2008. I appreciate this venue and the great service it offers to potential Clients, however I am equally concerned about comments and statements with no merit which can prove damaging to one's reputation. As this person indicated, a price was agreed on for a Diamond and custom made ring. However; they had no means to place a deposit on that day. It was agreed, we would create a model through a CAD/CAM process and they would deliver the deposit the following day. Instead of a deposit we were informed she would only pay a smaller amount and if we were not open to renegotiate to their price she would take our model (they still had not paid for the model) and go to a friend in New York to have the ring built. We informed her we were not in a position to renegotiate the price, and this is not how we conduct our business. Since a deposit was not placed on the project or Diamond, we concluded the deal was void. We did sell our Diamond to another appreciative party. We did inform her it would be in her best interest to locate another jeweler to work with. In good faith, we incurred 4 hours of CAD design time for this client without a deposit. I found it disheartening when she implied she would basically steal our design and go to another jeweler after the original agreement. Our intentions were never to offend them. However, there is a need for mutual respect in any transaction.
By: rahim.ali.9022
Karats Jeweleres
If you're shopping around for high quality gemstones and jewelry, at a great value, and want above and beyond service, then Karats is definitely the place to go. I wanted to buy the love of my life a near flawless diamond without having to pay an arm and a leg. I had already spent 5 months searching for the perfect diamond, and shopped with at least 12 high-end diamond vendors. I was referred to Karats by a co-worker who had recently purchased an anniversary gift from them.Andy, the owner, exclusively helped me with my diamond purchase. He not only answered all of my questions within an hour, but he went above and beyond and explained every process. He personally taught me how to read a GI certificate and all the things you want to look for in a diamond. I could tell that Andy is a trustworthy businessman, because he always provided me with an unbiased set of pros and cons for each diamond I was considering. I told him what I was looking for, and he supplied me with several great options. I was able to narrow it down to two. Andy then went through the pros and cons again, which helped me to make my final decision.Karats is stocked with a large variety of gemstones and jewelry. I’m confident that you will find the perfect piece for your loved one, just like how I found the perfect diamond for my new fiancé. We are both extremely happy with my purchase from Karats.
By: Sandi C.
Joslin's Jewelry Inc
Joslin's Jewelry is a fantastic store! I love the fact it is family owned. The staff is fantastic and Gary Joslin is one of the friendliest and jewelry savvy persons I have met. I have bought several pieces of jewelry from their store and will never go back to the chains. The prices and quality are superb and the staff are super helpful and not overbearing like you find in the chain stores. There are no days or weeks waiting for a rhodium dip or sizing. The turnaround was the same day and I did not expect that. I also love the fact that Gary called me personally that my jewelry was ready. Dave Carpenter introduced me to my favorite piece from Joslins....a stunning 1.73 pear diamond color D Vs2 that I purchased as a loose stone and it was set in my band that my husband had purchased from them for an existing wedding diamond. They also set my original wedding marquise in a pendant with chain necklace at no cost. I was shocked and so happy at the same time. Dave was friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and also appraised all of my jewelry. He also suggested a great insurance carrier which happens to be Joslins carrier. Folks, don't waste time at those 'chains'!! Joslins is your jewelry store!! All of the staff are GREAT! I highly recommend you stop in and meet the staff and check out their jewelry.
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By: chauh009
Karats Jeweleres
My fiancee and me have been looking for engagement ring for more than 6 months in Texas, Minnesota and Kansas. Always found something which did not make it perfect, except when we stopped by here at KARATS. When Andy (owner) says it is family-owned, he means it by all means. Highly knowledgeable staff, ready to help and very patient. We spent hours at one visit, sometimes even beyond store closing time.When Andy says, it is largest engagement ring collection in town, he means it. It is. We were able to see so many, and my fiancee found absolutely what was in her dreams for last year, which no other store in 3 states (we tried dozens of stores) had.More so, the prices were very comparable, and mostly lower than the competitors. He worked with us so many hours, in person as well as over email and phone and so on. It is very personal experience, as he keeps track of everything for you, including regular updates on where the ring is at in the process.Last but not the least, Andy has a great sense of humor and at same time carries a decency of great businessman, who will make you have a lifetime experience for a lifetime process such as engagement rings, or wedding band or even men's band.. We got all three from him! Everything looks stunning, and most importantly my life partner is so happy :)
By: andy.macnair
Karats Jeweleres
The experience I had a Karats Jewelers was amazing. I live about 3 hours away and they were the closest dealer of verragio rings. I made a few phone calls and emails and decided to use them. That was the best choice I made. Everything from that point on was handled perfectly and Andy along with the rest of the staff helped me in any way I asked. The ring I ordered sight unseen came in perfectly. I drove up to pick out the main stone for the engagement ring I purchased and the selection of diamonds was amazing. I ended up with a ring way more beautiful than I ever imagined. The staff and everything they have available in the store are both a step above the rest. Everything I did was kept a secret and that was very much important to me because I wanted to get my girlfriend the ring of her dreams and it to be a surprise. I will say without a doubt that even though they are 3 hours away from where I live. I will never go anywhere else for any jewelry needs. PS- They also repaired and recoated some old jewelry of my sisters and the work that was done to those rings was breathtaking. They look brand new now.
By: nothing_but_the_best
Karats Jeweleres
My girlfriend and I were both excited to start looking for engagement rings but had no clue where to start. A quick search of the area turned up Karats Jewelers, little did we know that this would be not only our first, but also out last stop in the quest for a ring. The reason? Simply put, the people that work there and the lengths they were willing to go to in order to make us happy. We visited many other jewelers... the big box stores, the mall, and other locally owned stores, but found ourselves always comparing each visit to Karats. None even came close to the warm personal experience we received there. I won't even mention that the better prices.Long story short, if you're in the same situation I was, there is a HUGE difference between the jewelers in this area. If you want to overpay for a ring and diamond and get a very impersonal experience, then visit the mall or any other large chain jewelry store where the pressure to sell is more important than the person buying it. If you want great service, before and after the sale, AND want to get a better deal on a ring and diamond... head to Karats!
By: jennaa1
Karats Jeweleres
If you have any questions about where to take your business, I assure you there is no place like Karats Fine Jewelers. Prior to working with Karats, my fiancé and I visited several jewelers, both in-store and online, including Shane Co., Hurst Fine Diamonds, Noble House Jewelry, and Jared, that left us less than excited about our pursuit for the perfect engagement ring. However, our hopes were revived upon discovering the incredible quality, selection, and customer service at Karats. Andy and his team are fully committed to providing exceptional individual care and attention, making this locally-owned business second to none. Thanks to Andy’s knowledge of fine jewelry and dedication to customer satisfaction, my fiancé was able to find the perfect ring, remain on budget, and propose with full confidence. We have since returned to have my ring sized, and continue to be exceedingly satisfied with the quality of care we have received. As a result of the positive experiences we have had, we will definitely be returning to Karats to find the perfect wedding band for my fiancé.
By: Robert M.
Karats Jeweleres
There are few moments in life that are this important. For the longest time Cleo had her heart set on Verragio and of course so did I. We couldn’t have been happier that Karats was the nearest retailer for Verragio! We would had traveled much further and will travel again knowing what a wonderful experience Karats and the team there provide and how experienced Andy is when it comes to fine jewelry. Beyond the expertise, Karats provided a welcoming environment with ease when it came to making such a large purchase! Andy explained all of the details and particulars to me as Cleo and Loni had fun trying on different rings! It was amazing the extra steps they took just to make the experience that much more! Then, when the ring arrived, it was beyond perfect, Cleo and I both loved how it turned out! Thank you for helping to make such a big part of our life that much more enjoyable, and I look forward to Cleo letting me get my watch! We can’t wait and look forward to our next visit to Karats as we made so much more than just a purchase, we made friends!

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