By: kimberly.a.caminos
La Petite Academy
My daughter has attended this La Petite for over a year now and I love it. The thing that really attracted me to this one is the diversity that I saw in the students and staff. As the mother of a biracial, bilingual child I was glad to find a place where I knew teachers would be empathetic to her needs and where she could learn to embrace the diversity of others. Last year her teacher was from Holland and bilingual, this year one of her teachers is Arabic and bilingual, and besides the mainstream American students she has class with Hindi, Nigerian, and European students. I did not want my daughter to grow up believing that she is supposed to be blonde-haired and blue-eyed (like all of the kids in her previous day cares) so now I found a place where I know multicultural education can be started from an early age. This is all aside from the fact that all of the staff has been very caring and kind to her and our family.
By: D. L.
All Around Child Center For Exploration & Development
This is a quality center. We knew we were making the move from in-home daycare to a facility and we toured all of them. The decision was easy. AAC is a decent sized facility but it's also very homey. It's always clean, rooms are big and it has a couple enclosed playgrounds for older and younger kids. We get daily emails with pictures and descriptions of what the kids did that day and it's always something fun and educational. Staff is very likable and management is proactive with communications and billing. Site is secure. Personal passcode is required to enter and there are live camera feeds from every room on monitors in the front lobby. Price is fair. Not the cheapest, but not the most expensive. Daycare is like anything else. You get what you pay for.
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By: bethedge
All Around Child Center For Exploration & Development
The child care center is one of the best in the Kansas City area and the best I have seen in Overland Park. The teachers are focused and comitted to help young children learn and grow. The staff does an excellent job in supporting the teachers by providing them with the tools and time to prepare awesome activities based on the children's interests. The chef make great tasting food from scratch. As for the director, she is committed to helping all of these individual become a well functioning team to support the children and their families.
By: Husker mom A.
All Around Child Center For Exploration & Development
We love All Around Child! Our son has been part of the AAC family since he was 18 months old. As a toddler, he had the opportunity to loop with his teacher who was amazing for him. Now at age 7, he begs me to pick him up late so he can play with his friends in a safe, comfortable environment. Their summer program is outstanding with nearly daily field trip experiences. A parent couldn't ask for more!
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By: Kristen B.
Children's Cottage
this daycare has roaches. BEWARE!

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