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By: shayna.freedman
JK Sedan Service LLC
I just got home from the service ordered for me, took a trip from my home south of Sarasota up to the St Pete area, up and back was around 210 miles round trip. Polite, professional, clean and the most ccomfortable Sedan arrived with the Driver exemplifying the ride. Great conversationalist, as well as feeling safe during the whole trip. I’ve taken taxi/sedan services many times before, and this one was the very best experience I’ve had thus far. Arrived to the court-house a little early, I asked to stop somewhere so I could use a restroom, he knew the area well enough to bring me nearby, curbside to a Renal Lab facility, much nicer bathroom then to suffer at some gas station or fast food joint… How clever was that! The cleanliness of the car, a smooth, sound ride and comfort was far superior then other rides I have encountered, I have to stress this. Plenty of cabin room for a big gal like me, I am tall and weigh over 350 lbs, usually I have to struggle entering and exiting vehicles, plus I had luggage/briefcases and portfolio's on-board too, the trunk space was grand, even the trunk space was spotless! Sitting inside was also far more superior then other experiences I’ve endured in the past… yes endured in the past, where-as this experience was most pleasurable. I had my own mirror in the back to re-apply my make up, control of the AC, music and a center console to place my coffee and cell phone. The ride was smooth enough to redo my eye-lash curler and mascara! “Joe” knew the area I was traveling to quite well, He was an expert driver as I used to be a route driver myself in the past, defensive driving is tactical and he knew his “stuff”! He is also a race car driver, and during the trip I was impressed with his usage of mirrors, keeping his distance from other vehicles and doing the speed limit as I've experienced "slower" drivers milking the meter, but not Joe!I can soundly recommend JK Sedan Services for ANY of your traveling needs, local or long trips, you won’t be sorry. He even gave me a break on the bill, which was unexpected as other services charge quite a bit more, and for far less a pristine ride. You feel like royalty, are treated the same way. I even asked him not to converse with me on the way up, as I had work to do on the way… He respected my wishes, and again, was most professional. He even offered to play music to my likings or opted to not play any music. I said why not, turned my cell phone off for a change and took a moment to relax during the trip even though I had a few things to work on during my ride, I had time and was pleased I could relax for a spell during the trip up. We were able to converse my trip back home, and I can’t express enough how con-jovial, friendly, well spoken and entertaining he was for our ride back. Assistance with my luggage, curb side service with a smile… No annoying hand radio to deal with during the trip, no annoying cell phone ringing from “dispatch” to disturb you unlike the usual services force you to deal with. You are a fool if you do not utilize this service, more-so, you’ll be sorry if you don’t… as maximizing your experience as a positive one vs a negative one, this service “has it”! If you want to impress your clients, if you want to make sure your loved ones arrive safely, this is the service you'll want to order!Thank you for reading my comments… and have a safe trip, as I know you will if you hire him!

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